Seekers Notes v2.45.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

Last Updated on Jan 09, 2024
Solve puzzles, search for hidden objects & complete game quests! Seeker, are you ready for an exciting adventure in a world of hidden objects, mystery and the beautiful Victorian age? 🔎
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Jan 09, 2024
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Seekers Note MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

Download The Latest APK Version of Seekers Notes MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Diamonds Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of interactive entertainment, behold a clandestine enigma, a cerebral conundrum unfurling within a concealed object pastime. Assume the mantle of an erudite savant, ensnared in the labyrinthine tendrils of memory loss, a casualty of a vehicular calamity that plunged him into the depths of unconsciousness.

Upon reawakening, a panorama of amnesia lay before him, an enigmatic tableau obscuring the path leading back to the embrace of his wife and progeny. The elucidation to this mystifying quandary resides within the recesses of the game, where the protagonist must unravel the skein of clues scattered throughout.

Yet, the chamber is replete with an abundance of occluded artifacts, demanding the discerning eye of the player to ferret them out. To unshackle the door, a symphony of discovered objects must be orchestrated, each a key to the coveted exit.

This virtual odyssey begets a distinctive ambiance, an opulent tapestry of sensory pleasure. The immersive experience unfurls as a soothing sojourn, an idyllic respite for aficionados of cerebral diversions. Whether ensconced at home or traversing the vehicular thoroughfares, the game weaves its beguiling charm.

Behold a grandiose adventure, a crucible where cognitive acumen is tested and myriad enigmas beckon resolution. Traverse the labyrinth of puzzles, an expedition that encompasses the retrieval of notes, cryptic artifacts, and sundry challenges.

Hidden Objects stands as a synthesis of genres, transcending the mundane boundaries of conventional adventure gaming. A cerebral alchemy, requires not only astute problem-solving prowess but an adept ability to scrutinize each challenge from myriad perspectives.

Within this digital tapestry lie an array of elusive entities—notes, concealed artifacts, and clandestine visuals—that demand the shrewd deployment of intellectual faculties. Every undertaking necessitates the unwavering engagement of one’s cognitive faculties, a test that may be undertaken solo or with the aid of a guide.

Features of Seekers Notes MOD APK

Find hidden objects in intriguing locations

In the realm of Seekers Notes, an enthralling endeavor awaits as you revel in the pursuit of concealed artifacts strewn across the gaming expanse. Engage the faculties of your intellect to discern the enigmatic entities portrayed in visual vignettes and embark on a quest to unearth them within the gaming milieu.

The protagonist, a juvenile lad bearing the appellation Jack, shall serve as your sagacious guide throughout this odyssey. Jack’s acumen will proffer subtle cues, steering you toward the identification of obscured articles. As your odyssey unfurls, an entourage of distinct personas shall grace your path, each bestowing its idiosyncratic allure. Engage in a plethora of diverting mini-games and unravel cerebral conundrums as you traverse the diverse tapestry of Seekers Notes.

Unlock achievements and collect cool rewards

Delight abounds for players immersing themselves in this gaming realm.

Embark on a journey to unlock achievements and garner alluring rewards within this gaming sanctuary! Are the intricacies of puzzles your penchant? If so, this game is tailor-made for you!

Conquer every puzzle, unveil every hidden article, and master each mini-game within this enigmatic hidden-object extravaganza. The allure of challenges and the prospect of abundant rewards await your keen participation.

Beautiful hand-drawn graphics

Expect to be enthralled by an incredible journey including hidden objects, where the appeal of captivating visuals and a mysterious story will create a captivating tapestry all around you.

Enter an enigmatic and magical world where a compelling cast of characters, including the young lead Jack, come to life before your own eyes. Explore this enigmatic and enchanted universe while helping Jack solve a plethora of bewildering riddles to get the elusive key that will unlock his mother’s haven.

Collect clues to solve puzzles and uncover the mysteries

Embark on an expedition to unravel enigmas and unravel perplexities, extending your aid to a young lad in his quest to reunite with his estranged progenitors. Within this application, you will traverse a kaleidoscopic array of locales, encountering a vibrant ensemble of characters that will accompany you on this journey of revelation.

Amass a trove of clues, unveil concealed entities, and partake in a diverse array of cerebral challenges. This immersive experience promises a tapestry of discovery, intertwining the threads of mystery, hidden objects, and puzzles to craft a compelling narrative within this digital odyssey.


Introducing a distinctive gameplay mechanic, this game unfolds its narrative in a series of chapters, each comprising a varying number of stages.

Inaugurating the journey in the initial stage, your task is to meticulously unearth every object concealed within the visual tableau. Embracing the timeless essence of a classic Hidden Object game, you’re immersed in a quest where keen observation is requisite to spot objects and discern their nomenclature.

Upon successful discovery, an elucidative description coupled with an arrow guiding you forward beckons you to the subsequent stage. The culmination of your object-finding endeavor paves the way for progression into the next chapter.

Transitioning between chapters introduces an escalating challenge, augmenting the number of objects awaiting your discerning eye. The very objects you uncovered in the antecedent chapter assume the role of the inaugural challenges in the novel segment.

In your quest through the chapters, locate the second, third, and subsequent objects until the ultimate discovery culminates in the current chapter.

Navigating the intricate landscape, hints become your allies – subtle cues manifested as words or phrases, accessible by clicking on designated clues. Alternatively, the hint button positioned in the top left corner of the screen facilitates your quest.

The game imposes a temporal constraint with an omnipresent timer. Failure to unveil an object within the stipulated timeframe triggers a countdown, commencing from 30 seconds and descending to zero. Swift object identification not only advances your gameplay but also contributes to an augmented score.

Upon triumphant completion of the game, your endeavors are commemorated through a high score. This metric enables comparison with the achievements of fellow players, fostering a spirit of healthy competition. Sharing your triumphs with friends on Facebook further enriches the communal gaming experience.

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What's new

Download the update and get energy!
— Location: Square of Masks
— Queen of the Carnival event with unique rewards and creatures
— Guild Top 1,000 for banishing monsters!
— Participate in Air Races multiple times in a row!
— Unique event to honor Darkwood Day!
— New trophy skins! Get the whole collection
— Desk guardian: Charles the Lion
— Darkwood Stories event
— Air Races event
— Ice Cream for Yeti event
— Bloom Festival event
— Magister's Path guild competition

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