Scuffle officer v213 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

Last Updated on Jan 05, 2024
※Original background automatic combat system, it is not a dream to watch movies while playing games.
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Jan 05, 2024
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Scuffle officer MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

Download The Latest APK Version of Scuffle Officer MOD APK. An Android Card Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Embark upon the Scuffle Officer adventure, a card game that immerses players in the strategic interplay with the game’s distinguished officers, employing cards to orchestrate intricate movements and alter card positions dynamically.

Within this gaming realm lies an authentic backdrop featuring an automated combat system, seamlessly blending the realms of gaming and cinematic experiences, dispelling any notion that one is merely dreaming while indulging in this dual pleasure of gaming and movie-watching.

City conquests within the game bring forth sporadic opportunities for tax collection. Each officer, endowed with a randomly assigned unique talent, demands a specialized skill set for optimum performance, adding an extra layer of complexity to the game.

Officers assume pivotal roles in the capture of cities and the ensuing tax collection endeavors. To amass wealth, one must strategically deploy troops for city capture, with the financial gains directly proportional to the troop strength amassed.

Upon city conquest, players can designate troops for periodic tax collection, subject to possessing a predetermined monetary threshold. The financial coffers swell with each captured city, and the officers, each possessing their distinct talents, directly influence the monetary returns from each conquered city.

The nexus between the number of captured cities and financial prosperity becomes evident, as each city acquisition contributes to the burgeoning wealth. The Scuffle Officer’s financial ascent is propelled by the cumulative effect of city conquests, promising escalating monetary rewards with each additional city under control.

Features of Scuffle Officer MOD APK

Collect taxes and build your army

In the pursuit of assembling your formidable military force, you have the strategic option of extracting tributes from your adversaries. Additionally, you possess the capability to levy taxes on cities that have succumbed to your conquest.

Your military contingent comprises both foot soldiers and commissioned officers. Each foot soldier exhibits distinctive attributes. Empowering them entails allocating varied skills to augment their prowess.

A myriad of soldier classifications abounds.

Each soldier category boasts unique abilities.

Train your officers and get a better class

As officers ascend the hierarchical echelons, they are bestowed with an opportunity to enhance their skills and augment their attributes.

These distinguished officers possess distinctive skills and abilities, with the prospect of transcending into greater power upon elevation to higher classes.

Within the realm of Scuffle Officer, a diverse array of officers awaits acquisition. Each officer boasts a unique talent and belongs to a specific class. The path to excellence involves diligent training to ensure officers attain the most coveted class.

Randomly endowed with unique talents, officers exhibit a bespoke set of requirements. The journey towards mastery demands an alignment of individual officers with their specific requisite talents.

The Scuffle Officer universe thrives on the diversity of officers, each harboring distinct talents and ascending through various classes. The key to unlocking their full potential lies in meticulous training and strategic elevation to the most advantageous class available.

Battle against other officers

Engage in the exhilarating realm of Scuffle Officer, a captivating card battle game teeming with a myriad of characters. Each character within the game possesses distinctive attributes and skills. Triumph awaits through three diverse avenues: the initial approach involves assaulting the adversary’s general, the second entails accruing the most points upon vanquishing the opponent’s general, and the third hinges on accomplishing designated missions.

Moreover, seizing the enemy general not only secures victory but also unlocks additional financial rewards.

Collect weapons, equipment, and supplies

A seamless integration awaits in the acquisition of weapons, equipment, and supplies, effortlessly gathered and at your disposal for unrestricted use. The flexibility to interchange weapons and equipment at will is a prevailing feature, offering freedom in customization.

Cities become the nexus for the acquisition of novel weaponry, equipment, and supplies. This diverse array can be obtained through strategic city captures, with an alternative avenue allowing for the real-money purchase of these resources. Additionally, a barter system exists, enabling the sale of surplus weapons, equipment, and supplies in exchange for coveted gold.

The original backdrop, featuring an automated combat system, intertwines the realms of gaming and cinematic experiences, transcending the conventional notion that one is merely dreaming while engrossed in this dual engagement of gameplay and movie-watching.

Build your base

For enthusiasts of construction-centric games, Scuffle Officer is an absolute delight. This distinctive game sets itself apart from others in the genre with a plethora of unique features.

Beyond the fundamental aspects inherent to building games, such as establishing a foundational base, Scuffle Officer offers the added dimension of personalizing your base to enhance its aesthetic allure. The ability to incorporate new elements into your base adds another layer of engagement. Resource collection within the game facilitates the upgrading of your base.

Moreover, additional items can be acquired to fortify and embellish your burgeoning base. Embark on the journey of enhancing and expanding your stronghold in the captivating world of Scuffle Officer.


Conquering a city proves to be a formidable challenge, requiring the overthrow of the enemy’s military base. Success mandates rigorous training, encompassing both initial preparation and daily drills, paving the way for entry into the battlefield. Victory in battles correlates directly with the accumulation of points.

The urban landscape is intricately structured, with the city tiered into four levels, each comprised of three to five distinct districts, each boasting its unique characteristics. Across the globe, cities offer an array of collectible items for players to amass.

In the expansive Scuffle Officer game, players can assume various roles, embodying the police, army, navy, air force, secret service, or special forces. Each faction possesses distinctive abilities, such as the Secret Service’s capacity to see through walls, the Air Force’s ability to take flight, the Navy’s adeptness at underwater navigation, the police’s proficiency in halting criminals, the Army’s prowess in crushing adversaries, and the special forces’ ability to traverse through fire.

Strength begets new abilities, including superpowers, super speed, and super stamina. Advancement unlocks additional special abilities aligned with corresponding skill levels.

With a roster surpassing 100 officers, each endowed with unique talents, players can explore the full spectrum of characters. The quest involves trying and collecting every officer, fostering a diverse and compelling gaming experience.

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