SCP Site-19 v2.5a MOD APK (Premium Scps)

Last Updated on Jan 07, 2024
SCP: Site-19 is a mobile multiplayer SCP Foundation based game. Every round map is randomly generated & roles are random. So you never expect who you play as or who you gonna bump into.
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Jan 06, 2024
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SCP Site-19 MOD APK (Premium Scps)

Download The Latest APK Version of SCP: Site-19 MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with Premium Scps Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of dread known as SCP Site-19, an immersive horror survival adventure unfolds against the sinister backdrop of the infamous SCP Foundation. Aksys Games, the visionary developer, stands as the harbinger of this ghastly tale.

This novel and singular gaming experience seamlessly melds the disparate realms of adventure and survival horror. Conceived and brought to life by the adept hands of its developers, SCP Site-19 introduces players to an uncharted domain within the covert confines of the SCP Foundation.

Within this clandestine setting, myriad chambers await exploration, concealing a plethora of objects, intricate puzzles, and veiled secrets. As players embark on their quest for a specific item, the discovery triggers a transcendence to a new locale, compelling them to delve deeper into uncharted territory in pursuit of additional artifacts.

At the core of SCP Site-19 lies a narrative intricately woven around the player’s pursuit of this elusive item. Amidst the quest, revelations unfold, ranging from captivating artworks to chilling remnants of humanity, including unsettling depictions of drawings and human remains.

Each room exploration thrusts players into encounters with formidable monsters. Armed with a repertoire of items and abilities, players must strategically deploy their resources to vanquish these nightmarish foes.

The visual tapestry of SCP Site-19 is adorned with meticulous detail, encompassing realistic environments, characters, and an array of monsters. Varied adversaries demand thoughtful consideration, each boasting distinct attack methodologies.

Preparation becomes paramount as players navigate the diverse attacks. The absence of the requisite tools for an encounter spells doom, underscoring the significance of strategic readiness.

In this eerie landscape, each character possesses a unique personality, accompanied by a nuanced set of strengths and vulnerabilities. Their abilities and skills become tools for players, offering a strategic advantage in their relentless pursuit against the lurking enemies.

Features of SCP Site-19 MOD APK

Choose from over 40 unique characters

In the expansive realm of this virtual gaming domain, a plethora of distinct avatars, numbering over 40, await the discerning player’s selection. These avatars, a testament to the game’s diversity, can be further personalized through the integration of an array of items, allowing players to curate a truly unique appearance. Moreover, participants possess the opportunity to align themselves with disparate teams, engaging in spirited competitions against rival factions.

Within the confines of SCP Site-19, a virtual arena pulsating with digital vitality, an assortment of immersive in-game activities unfolds. These include the regular unveiling of daily quests, exclusive events, and an array of captivating occurrences. Notably, these events undergo weekly updates, ensuring a continuous influx of novel challenges and experiences. If the prospect of immersing oneself in this gaming extravaganza entices you, the expedient course of action involves promptly procuring the game through the download option.

Complete daily missions to earn experience points, and level up

Embark on a journey of daily missions, accruing experience points to ascend the echelons of SCP: Site-19’s mobile multiplayer realm. Elevate your status through leveling up, a gateway to fortifying your in-game statistics. This immersive SCP Foundation-based game promises a dynamic experience on the mobile platform.

Every round within the game unveils a tapestry of randomness, from the map’s generation to the unpredictability of assigned roles. Engage in an enigmatic puzzle where foresight and strategic planning become your allies, as the identities you assume and the encounters you face remain shrouded in mystery.

The stakes are high in this ever-shifting landscape; getting ensnared in a round results in a deduction of precious points. SCP Site-19 thrives on unpredictability, ensuring that each day presents a unique mission, a golden opportunity to amass experience points and propel yourself up the leveling ladder.

Upon reaching the coveted level 10, a new echelon unlocks, broadening the horizons of your gameplay. Optimize your experience point gains by diligently accomplishing daily missions within each round, maximizing your potential for progression.

In SCP: Site-19, the nexus of intrigue lies within the ebb and flow of daily challenges, beckoning players to chart their course through a realm where uncertainty reigns supreme.

Defeat your enemies in PvP battles

Forged through the prowess of Unreal Engine 4, SCP Site-19 emerges as a testament to cutting-edge gaming technology. Developed by the adept hands of its creators and ushered into the gaming realm by a dedicated publisher, this game stands at the forefront of digital innovation.

SCP: Site-19 unfurls its narrative tapestry through three distinctive game modes, each providing a unique perspective for players to navigate the challenges that await. Whether immersing themselves in the pulse-pounding intensity of PvP battles or strategically amassing a collection of items, the game’s diverse modes cater to a spectrum of player preferences, guaranteeing a multifaceted and captivating gaming journey.

Explore the map & collect items

SCP: Site-19 invites daring players to immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of exploration, a sprawling labyrinth brimming with concealed enclaves, elusive treasures, and intricate puzzles. Within the expansive cosmos of the game, a myriad of diverse locations lies in wait, urging players to embark on an unwavering quest for hidden gems.

At the heart of the SCP Site-19 experience pulsates the relentless pursuit of a singular artifact, veiled in enigma. Upon its revelation, players undergo a metaphysical transition, transported to uncharted territories that unravel a cascade of novel challenges and undiscovered items, each demanding meticulous scrutiny.

The essence of SCP Site-19 resonates in the rhythmic pursuit of these artifacts, an unbroken odyssey propelling players through the intricate interplay of interconnected locations. Navigating this enigmatic landscape necessitates unyielding curiosity and a discerning eye, as the game unfurls its secrets across a diverse tapestry of ever-evolving settings.

In SCP: Site-19, the expedition is anything but linear, a dynamic journey through diverse realms where each discovery serves as a gateway to new horizons. The game beckons players to embrace the unknown, where every twist and turn reveals a fresh layer of intrigue waiting to be unraveled.


SCP Site-19 unfolds its gameplay dynamics through a turn-based mobile multiplayer format, where simplicity belies the strategic depth beneath. Triumph in each round is dictated by the elemental principle: the first player or team secures victory if their amassed points surpass those of their adversary.

Initiating a round requires players to make critical decisions, starting with the selection of a role that not only determines their initial position but also influences the unfolding narrative. A card, drawn from a starting deck of four, further shapes their strategic arsenal, with additional cards bestowed upon them as each round unfurls.

Within SCP Site-19, each card is imbued with a specific point value, a currency earned through diverse in-game actions such as vanquishing SCPs, accomplishing objectives, and more. The potency of a card is directly proportional to its point value, establishing a hierarchy of strength among the players’ strategic assets.

Points accrue through a myriad of player actions, including confronting and defeating SCPs, inflicting damage upon these enigmatic entities, and other strategic endeavors. The path to victory is paved with calculated decisions and tactical finesse.

The culmination of a round transpires when players exhaust their card repertoire. The player or team amassing the highest total points at the conclusion emerges as the triumphant force. SCP Site-19, with its nuanced turn-based strategy, invites players into a realm where each decision reverberates through the tapestry of victory and defeat.

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What's new

- New Map
- Text Chat Spam Fixed
- Character Selection Bug Fixed
- SCP-008
- SCP-008-X
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

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