SCP Foundation v3.0.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Feb 17, 2024
SCP Foundation:Idle Manager is a pixel art game that simulates the work of SCP branch.
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Feb 17, 2024
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SCP Foundation MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of SCP Foundation MOD APK. An Android Simulation Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available for download Yours Now.

In the realm of interactive simulations, emerges a captivating game that entrusts the player with the intricate task of overseeing an application’s operations. Crafted by the adept hands of the renowned LPC publisher, this gaming venture amalgamates elements of the RPG and simulation genres, boasting a distinctive concept that diverges from the commonplace RPG narratives.

Within this digital domain, your prowess as a manager becomes the linchpin for the app’s survival. Situated amidst the urban tapestry of London, England, the game bestows upon the player the role of a discerning manager. Your responsibilities encompass the orchestration of resource accumulation, facility construction, and the judicious administration of personnel.

Dwelling within the game are two distinct archetypes of individuals: the erudite scientists and the astute administrators. Scientists, constituting the intellectual core, collaborate with objects and creatures of the SCP Foundation, diligently cultivating their potential. On the other hand, administrators wield authority over the comprehensive expanse of the Foundation, shouldering the burden of facility management and personnel oversight.

The game, as is palpable, revels in meticulous intricacies. It furnishes the player with an extensive array of tasks that necessitate consummate execution.

The denizens of this digital microcosm vary in kind, each personage distinguished by idiosyncratic traits. For instance, scientists exhibit an inherent proclivity toward delving into the intricacies of SCP objects.

In stark contrast, administrators harbor a more fervent interest in the infrastructural components of the Foundation. Your knowledge must extend to the minutiae of facilities, individuals, and objects, shaping the contours of your managerial dominion.

Within the confines of the game, each player’s dominion is circumscribed to the facilities and personnel within their designated area. A central office serves as the nerve center, from which one can commandeer laboratories, warehouses, and sundry other facilities.

Multiplicity thrives in the game’s ecosystem; your office can accommodate more than one occupant, and facilities can be as numerous as your strategic foresight dictates. Assigning disparate responsibilities to each individual is within your purview, while the personnel themselves can be harnessed to form specialized teams adept at contending with the enigmatic SCP objects.

The game functions as a font of copious information and data, placing before the player a plethora of choices. In crafting your unique style of play, the onus is on you to determine whether to tread a solitary path or collaborate with others. Even the dissemination of information to external entities becomes a decision that you, as the discerning player, have the autonomy to make.

Features of SCP Foundation MOD APK

Unlock new equipment and items

In the application, one must adeptly govern their temporal resources, exercising caution to mitigate excessive depletion. The primary objective revolves around unveiling novel apparatus and articles, yet vigilance is paramount due to the finite temporal allocation for accomplishing the gaming endeavor.

Should temporal constraints impede the successful culmination of the gaming pursuit, a deduction in accrued points is inevitable, culminating in the cessation of the game.

Explore new facilities to boost your research

Within this application, embark on an exploration of avant-garde facilities designed to elevate your research endeavors. Each facility is endowed with a distinctive array of tasks demanding completion. Your responsibility is to adeptly oversee the day-to-day functioning of these facilities.

Mindful management is imperative as your facilities operate within the confines of finite personnel and resources. Exercise judicious control, ensuring preparedness for unforeseen contingencies. The key lies in astutely overseeing your facilities, and fostering contentment among your staff for optimal operational resilience.

Complete tasks and earn achievements

Immerse yourself in a pixel art gaming experience that intricately replicates the operational dynamics of the SCP branch. The game unfolds with a myriad of tasks awaiting completion, accompanied by an array of achievements to master.

To successfully navigate through these challenges, engage with fellow in-game characters, decipher complex puzzles, and amass financial resources. The acquired funds can be judiciously utilized to procure various items, enhancing your character’s capabilities. Moreover, strategic spending enables the acquisition of upgrades, whether it be augmenting your offensive capabilities or bolstering your character’s cognitive prowess.

Add a variety of items to your inventory

This application provides the capability to augment your inventory with an assortment of items. The crafting system empowers you to create and utilize items strategically, contributing to the resolution of intricate puzzles. The addition of items to your inventory is facilitated through the intricacies of the crafting system.

Moreover, an alternative avenue is presented the option to procure items either from a dedicated shop or through in-game transactions. Noteworthy, the acquisition of items is restricted to those meticulously crafted by your own hands, emphasizing the significance of self-reliance in the pursuit of enhanced capabilities.


Presenting a simulation mirroring the real-life operations of the app, tailored for children aged 6 to 13. The game unfolds across four distinct chapters, each commencing with the imperative task of gathering and organizing requisites for the ongoing mission. Essential items such as food, clothing, and ammunition are paramount for mission success.

Procurement of these items is feasible through shops, where in-game currency earned by mission completion facilitates transactions. The SCP Foundation game encompasses three distinctive modes. In Idle mode, you embody the role of an ordinary agent, restricted to acquiring mission-specific items exclusively.

Transitioning to Exploration mode opens up vistas of diverse locations, enabling the discovery of concealed items and the unraveling of puzzles. This mode allows players to traverse the varied environments within the game.

The final chapter offers a shift in perspective, allowing players to assume the role of a Foundation member. This mode grants access to mission-critical items, while also providing the freedom to explore shops for new acquisitions.

Upon successful mission completion, players are rewarded with a bounty, comprising special items and monetary gains, enriching the gaming experience.

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What's new

-Added research system
-Added 9 new SCP objects
-Store expanded
-bug fixes
-improved graphics and added sound

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