SCP-354 Episode 2 MOD APK 1.05 (Unlimited Bullets)

Last Updated on Aug 02, 2023
An hour ago, the signal from the observation post for SCP-354 was lost. You are ordered to immediately go to a secret area and report the situation.
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Aug 02, 2023
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SCP-354 Episode 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Bullets)

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SCP-354 Episode 2 MOD APK is a new horror game, which is a sequel to the previous episode. SCP-354 is a strange object, which is classified as dangerous. This is the second episode of SCP-354. This episode will tell the story of the last episode.

The main character is a young girl named Alice. She is a student at school and is the daughter of Dr. Henry Green. It is a game that takes place in a school. Players will explore the school, which is the scene of the incident.

In the game, players will fight against various enemies, and try to escape from the school. The game also uses the third-person perspective to make it more realistic. The enemies in this game are ghosts, ghouls, demons, etc.

SCP-354 Episode 2 MOD APK is a horror game developed by SEGAM. This is a story about a boy who wakes up in the middle of the night and finds himself in a strange environment.

The only thing that he can do is move. He will be guided by the voices and the environment will be controlled by the player. He can escape if he wants to, but his movement will be limited. SCP-354 is a horror game with a touch of the puzzle.

In SCP-354 Episode 2 MOD APK, you will have to play as a person who is stuck in an unknown place. There is no way to escape and you will have to face your fears.

The whole game is like a nightmare. The player needs to find a way to escape. They are not alone, they are surrounded by a group of monsters.

You can use different weapons and traps to kill the monsters. If you want to escape, you have to find a way to open the door and the gate.

The player will have to solve puzzles to escape from the place. There are many different ways to kill the monsters. You can use your weapons to kill them.

You can also use traps to trap the monsters. The game is not difficult to play, but it can be frustrating if you do not know the way to solve the puzzles.

Features of SCP-354 Episode 2 MOD APK

Over 30 different monsters and 3 different weapons

The player can choose between 3 different weapons. Each of them is equipped with a specific skill tree. Each monster is equipped with a specific skill tree. The player can pick the desired skills and upgrade them.

There are a lot of monsters and they all have different statistics. SCP-354 Episode 2 MOD APK offers over 30 different monsters and 3 different weapons. Also, there are several hidden areas that will help you complete the mission.

The game has several endings

SCP-354 Episode 2 MOD APK has several endings depending on the number of kills. When you’ve completed the mission, the game will end in the usual way, but if you don’t manage to kill the monsters, then the game will continue in the “New Game+” mode, where you can play again to achieve a higher score.

2 Difficulty levels

SCP-354 Episode 2 MOD APK will be divided into 2 levels: Novice and Expert. In the first one, you have to kill the number of monsters that will be shown on the screen, while in the second, you have to kill the number of monsters that will be shown on the screen. The player is equipped with a weapon that opens by the number of kills he made.

Unpredictable plot

SCP-354 Episode 2 MOD APK has no predictable plot. The plot changes every time you play. You may be sent to kill the enemies or go to a secret area. Your decisions will determine how the story will develop.

The game has two levels of difficulty. You can not predict when the plot will end. And you can not predict how the plot will develop. You can not predict when the plot will end.


SCP-354 Episode 2 MOD APK is a simple game. The main goal is to survive as long as possible, using all available means. The gameplay is divided into missions and stages.

Each stage consists of a certain number of missions. Each mission is divided into several levels. The level is the number of monsters you have to kill in order to pass.

The missions are divided into several groups. Each group consists of three missions, which are usually not very different. The first mission is the simplest, the second is more difficult, and the third is the hardest.

There is a special weapon for each mission, and it is useful when you need to kill the monsters quickly. This weapon is placed in a certain place.

It is not possible to go to it before the mission. The time is limited and the weapon is not enough to destroy all the monsters, so it is necessary to look for other ways.

SCP-354 Episode 2 is divided into missions. Each mission has a number of levels, each of which is designed to be played separately. Each mission is divided into 3 or 4 stages, depending on the number of missions.

During the gameplay, you will meet a variety of monsters and enemies. These are not necessarily the main enemy. It is possible to get to the end of the game without killing them.

The game has a good plot, and it is interesting to follow it throughout. Each update is accompanied by new monsters, weapons, and gameplay features.

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