Russian – English phrasebook LITE MOD APK 4.0.2 (All Unlocked)

Last Updated on May 06, 2023
The Russian-English phrasebook - is the one of the best phrasebooks for Android is designed for users who have a basic knowledge of English, and for those who does not speak English, for use in any travel and to learn English via more than thousand nine hundred phrases and thematic words, divided into fifteen major and seven additional topics.
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Jan 31, 2023
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Russian – English phrasebook LITE MOD APK (All Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Russian – English phrasebook LITE MOD APK. An Android Travel & Local Apps this MOD comes with All Unlocked Features Download Yours Now.

Russian-English PhraseBook is a comprehensive language learning tool for travelers. It includes a huge collection of phrases that cover everything you need to know to communicate with local people. It’s the perfect companion for your trip to Russia. You can browse phrases for travel, sightseeing, shopping, business, and many others. If you are traveling to Russia, don’t forget to bring this phrasebook with you.

This phrasebook includes useful phrases for everyday situations and travel. Including the best phrases for dining, sightseeing, shopping, and many others. So you won’t be left wondering what to say. Even if you are a beginner, you will be able to express yourself well. The application allows you to look up the phrases you need. With the translation, you can understand what’s going on.

The phrasebook is designed to be used by users who want to learn a foreign language. The application is an effective way to improve communication skills. The application allows users to practice the language in a fun and entertaining way. Learn the language and be able to communicate with people in other countries. The application is also helpful for users who want to travel. Learn new vocabulary and be able to communicate in a foreign country.

With the Russian language, the phrasebook will be able to help you communicate with people who speak Russian. In the application, you can find many phrases for daily life as well as travel. Useful for those who need to communicate in Russia. The phrasebook also has many useful features. You can search for specific words. As well as translate phrases into Russian. Also provides a guide for local people to help you get around. For those who need to travel to Russia, this is a must have application.

 Feature of Russian – English phrasebook LITE MOD APK

Seven additional sections

For those who have a large number of phrases and words in their phrasebook, the app will be very helpful. In addition to the 15 major sections, there are 7 additional sections for quick access to frequently used phrases and words: common phrases, colors, numbers, dates, time, units, pronouns.

Translate Russian words and phrases to English

The Russian – English phrasebook will allow you to translate words and phrases in Russian into English. If you need to buy something, book a hotel room, rent a car, book tickets to visit the country, find out what the traffic is like, ask for directions or use the language of your destination, the phrasebook will help you.

In the Russian – English phrasebook, the user can translate words and phrases from Russian into English. With the help of the phrasebook,

Thematic sections and phrases selected for use in tourist trips

Travelers will be delighted to find out that the Russian – English phrasebook has thematic sections and phrases, which are selected for use in tourist trips. With the help of these thematic sections and phrases, you will be able to quickly find information in Russian and English languages, even for synonyms search words.

For those who are interested in the Russian language, the phrasebook will help you to remember and explore the most commonly used and the necessary to tourist phrases and words.

You can download this phrasebook and make your own phrases, phrases to use in travel and tourist trips, phrases for shopping, for making a reservation at a hotel, for ordering food, for communication with taxi drivers and hotel staff, for finding your way in a city, for communication with the police, with firemen and the like.

Fifteen major sections with subsections with related words and phrases;

The main section of the phrasebook is called the 15 major topics. Each of these fifteen topics contains a total of about 250 phrases and words. These topics are divided into 15 major sections and 7 additional sections.

As we already mentioned, the phrasebook has 15 major sections with subsections with related words and phrases. Each of these sections is focused on a particular area of ​​travel and study of the English language, and each of them contains phrases and words that are most useful for this purpose.

If you have a limited knowledge of English, or if you do not speak English, this phrasebook will help you to understand the language and find the necessary words and phrases.

The phrasebook will be especially useful in your everyday communication with the local population, in the purchase of tickets, in the reception of the hotel, in the purchase of goods and services, in making a reservation and in other situations.

The application is optimized to run on smartphones with any size screen and tablet computers.

The Russian – English phrasebook is an app for travelers, language learners, and people who need to communicate with people in Russia and other countries. It contains a large database of phrases and words and phrases related to all kinds of situations, translated from Russian into English and provided with transcription.

The application is optimized to run on smartphones with any size screen and tablet computers.

What's new

• Added ability to copy phrases
• Bugs fixed

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