Rocket Royale v2.3.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Currency)

Last Updated on Mar 08, 2024
Rocket Royale is one of a kind Battle Royale game, the main goal is to build a Rocket and fly away from the island! To do this you need to find crafting resources from falling meteors. Of course other players will want to hijack your rocket, so defend it! Collect wood and Build a Fort to defend your positions. The unique battle royale game reveals a lot of tactics by crafting and building covers around you! 100% destructible environment, every building can be destroyed or dismantled! Rocket Rocket Royale has no parachutes or shrinking dead zones, but you can use portals to navigate your way around the island instead.
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Mar 07, 2024
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Rocket Royale MOD APK (Unlimited Currency)

Download The Latest APK Version of Rocket Royale MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Currency/Gold/Upgrade Points download Yours Now.

In the realm of Rocket Royale, participants are thrust into a milieu of peril and tactics. Within this domain, survival hinges upon one’s ability to outmaneuver adversaries and obliterate them.

The battlefield is divided between two factions: the Crimson Ensemble and the Azure Assembly, each led by a captain who selects their three comrades. Every combatant is equipped with a missile launcher, commencing the fray with said launcher and a cache of 10 missiles. Upon the culmination of a round, combatants may unleash their arsenal upon foes.

The skirmish unfolds in unbroken continuity, devoid of intermissions. Missile strikes spell doom for those caught in their path. Combatants face a choice: target the opposition or, in a twist of strategy, themselves, at the cost of vitality. Diminished health inevitably leads to demise, resetting the contestant’s score.

Vitality not only determines survival but also influences the score, with robust health translating to higher points. Conversely, dwindling health compared to the adversary results in defeat.

The battlefield is strewn with collectibles, albeit with a cap on how many one can possess simultaneously. The decision to utilize these assets is left to the player; non-use results in forfeiture, while utilization mandates their carriage, barring simultaneous gameplay.

Mastery over Rocket Royale is gained through engagement. A preliminary round of practice, involving reciprocal assaults, precedes collaborative endeavors in the game proper. This camaraderie amongst rivals fosters alliances, uniting players against common adversaries.

Victory not only augments one’s score but also enhances the likelihood of subsequent triumphs, permitting indefinite continuation within the game’s bounds.

Features of Rocket Royale MOD APK

Unique gameplay that blends battle royale with tower defense mechanics

Rocket Royale emerges as a singular concoction, intertwining the essence of a battle royale with the strategic depth of tower defense. Participants are tasked with the multifaceted challenge of constructing a spacecraft, safeguarding their stronghold, and scavenging for resources amidst celestial debris.

The objective is clear: navigate through the intricate blend of defensive strategy and competitive survival to claim victory. This amalgamation harmoniously combines the elements of base protection with the thrill of a battle royale, offering a compelling gameplay experience.

Fortifications play a pivotal role in shielding your sanctuary from adversarial forces, yet the ultimate goal remains the assembly of a rocket—a beacon of escape and triumph. The dual focus on defense and escape encapsulates the game’s core challenge: to repel invaders while simultaneously orchestrating your departure from the perilous isle.

In this quest for survival and supremacy, your rocket serves as both a means of evasion and a vessel for resource collection, drawing from the bounty that plummets from meteor showers. This strategic endeavor demands not only combat prowess but also a keen sense of resource management and defensive planning, all set against the backdrop of a relentless battle for survival.

100 players fighting to be the last one standing on an ever-shrinking map

The Rocket Royale unfurls upon an isle sculpted by the whims of fate. From the moment of your inception into this realm, you are cast into an arena of survival, pitted against a centenary of adversaries. Your mission: to endure the trials of this insular domain and emerge as the solitary victor in a contest of wits and valor.

This coliseum of confrontation boasts an expansive terrain, its confines only breached by the cessation of all but one combatant. The essence of Rocket Royale merges the art of stratagem with the pulse of combat. A myriad of pathways to victory lay before you; from the erection of impregnable bastions to the mastery of arms, and the ascension to freedom aboard the steel wings of rockets.

Interactive environment that allows players to destroy objects and buildings for tactical advantage

Rocket Royale immerses participants in a thrill-laden contest for supremacy. The setting is one of malleable chaos, where the terrain itself succumbs to the might of contenders. The game is adorned with a plethora of modes, including the classic Team Deathmatch, the strategic Capture the Flag, and the explosive Bomb Drop. Players are afforded the liberty to embark on these ventures solo or united in camaraderie with allies.

The arsenal of champions at one’s disposal is vast and diverse. Each avatar is imbued with distinctive abilities and armaments, crafting a unique battleground persona. Beyond the initial roster, the game beckons with the allure of exotic characters and enhancements, each a trophy of one’s prowess and strategy. Moreover, Rocket Royale is a kaleidoscope of combat styles, offering a rich tapestry of gameplay experiences to its contenders.


Rocket Royale distinguishes itself as a battle royale of innovation, where a vast map is segmented into zones, each brimming with structures and varied landscapes.

These zones are sealed off by gates, each overseen by an unyielding automated defense mechanism. Adventurers daring to traverse these gates are met with a barrage from the guardian system. Victory is claimed by the sole survivor who outlasts all others.

Competitors are tasked with scavenging for materials from celestial stones that plummet from the heavens. These meteorites, random in their descent, must be seized before they grace the earth’s surface.

Upon securing a meteorite, challengers are bestowed the choice of resource to extract—be it timber, stone, or metal.

These resources become the foundation of fortresses or shelters, erected as bastions against the onslaught of adversaries. Only the sturdiest of constructions will repel the siege and ensure survival.

Crossing into a sector heralds the activation of its defenses, unleashing torrents of missiles and laser beams upon the intruder.

The aim is to outlive competitors and dismantle the opposing force. Vanquishing foes reward the victor with esteemed trophies.

Furthermore, Rocket Royale introduces the pursuit of “exceptional” materials, crucial for unlocking new realms of power and content, cementing one’s dominion within this enthralling universe.

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