Reverso Translate and Learn MOD APK 10.6.3 (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Sep 09, 2022
Reverso is the all-in-one tool that provides you high-quality translations and helps you improve your language skills seamlessly. It's magic, and it's free.
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Reverso Translate and Learn MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Reverso Translate and Learn MOD APK. An Android Books & Reference App this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Description of Reverso Translate and Learn MOD APK

For students of languages it is essential for you to to remember phrases, words as well as their meanings in various contexts. This will allow you to comprehend the wordand at times even guessing their meanings without using the dictionary. In the end, you’ll be able to quickly memorize terms and their meanings by being aware of the context.

Also, for those seeking an advanced translation tool that can you understand the different languages and help users to master easily If so, Reverso Learn and Translate is definitely an excellent alternative for your mobile device. You can use it to translate your words into various languages, and make use of the tools available to learn the language.

Learn more about this fantastic mobile application by Reverso Technologies with our comprehensive review.

INTRODUCTION Reverso Translate and Learn MOD 

You may have used software for translating languages, such as Google Translate, T-flat and others. However, Reverso Translate and Learn are one of the most effective apps that can aid you in improving your knowledge and abilities quickly. This program can translate into another language, assisting you to comprehend a variety of texts effortlessly. The program produces top quality translations with high precision. It uses modern algorithms based upon data gathered in the form of millions of documents found in real-world.

The application is designed for an entire audience. Anyone is able to use it, based on their preferences and needs particularly translators, students, teachers as well as business experts. Also, anyone looking to master a new language to improve their understanding. This application can help you increase your comprehension of reading, writing and speaking abilities because it includes various sections relating to each skill you can learn easily.

What are the implications?

In the Reverso Translate app along with Learn, Android users will be able to use a full-featured language application that is competent of translating initial English into more than 14 different languages. Additionally it’s among the few apps that offer full text translations in appropriate contexts. Therefore, you’ll always have the best translations of your specific documents.

Take advantage of the huge database of real-world contexts that is compiled from the massive big data collection and the latest machine learning methods in Reverso Translate and Learn, to ensure that you find the right translations for your paragraphs, sentences and many more.

While doing so each word will also receive correct explanations and clarifications in various contexts, as well as captivating illustrations and examples that will ensure that you will quickly master the concepts.

With a variety of interesting games and quizzes to aid in learning and remembering the terms Reverso Translate, Reverso Learn and Learn lets Android users to have fun using the amazing mobile application and its fascinating features, while making use of their knowledge.


When you use the software it is possible to learn in a variety of ways, study at various locations and at different times. This software is extremely high accuracy, which means you can be sure and confident that the software will translate your words accurately. It will allow you to learn in different levels, based on your preferences. You can search for words or words, or even a paragraph to locate the best translation. The characteristic of a language is that its meaning alters depending on the context in which it is used. In order for students to quickly locate the correct translation, the app offers a wide range of examples that will help them be able to recognize the exact translation you’re looking for. To aid learners in remembering the words they have searched for The application has also created learning materials such as flashcardsand tests, and games. This technique is extremely efficient for memorization over the long term because it is constantly reminding learners. In addition it doesn’t create boredom in learners as conventional learning that involves learning to memorize.

Requirements of Reverso Translate and Learn APK

If you are intrigued by the amazing mobile app of Reverso Translate and Learn, you can now download the free version available on the Google Play Store without any charges at first. Keep in mind that you’ll have to make in-app purchases in order to access the premium version of the app.

Don’t forget to ensure that the app has all access permissions that are required to ensure that the app’s capabilities and functions are accessible on your devices. Therefore, make sure you consider its requirements when you open your app first. Also, and lastly make sure that your Android devices should be running the latest firmware version to ensure the app’s performance and compatibility.

FEATURES OF Reverso Translate and Learn MOD APK

This application for translation is an effective and useful translation tool for users. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t install it in order to test the methods of learning that are built into the application. It offers a multi-language translation which includes 14 languages like Spanish, French, Italian, English, Portuguese, German, Polish, Dutch, Arabic, Russian, Romanian, Japanese, Turkish and Hebrew. The results it provides are precise translations that are suitable to the scenario. In addition, it provides numerous examples to help students identify each instance and recognize the various meanings of words. The games are developed in a fun, flexible manner, ranging from puzzles to games on vocabulary, or flashcards. The best thing about this app creates is that it includes an learning mode that records your learning progress. By looking at it, you will determine how long you devote to studying , and also the results you achieve. This is how you can motivate yourself and strive to learn as best you can.

An intuitive application for all users

If you are intrigued by the mobile application it is easy to become familiar with the simple app UI that provides immediate responses to touch. Teachers students, translators, professionals, and students from all levels can join to improve their skills in the language. From expanding your vocabulary through the library’s extensive collection and learning how to write, read, and communicate with precise grammar and context. All of this will be accessible in Reverso Translate and Learn. Just use the one-click translation tool to search for words that have deep definitions in a variety of contexts and thoroughly study their various usages.


Just follow easy steps in your phone, and you’ll have an app to master the language professionally. Through going on Google play, typing in an application’s name, then selecting the option to install it your foreign problems with language are no longer complicated if you are able to adhere to the program. Learning is simple fun, flexible, and exciting because the whole process of learning is analyzed statistically. You can pick the subjects that you are passionate about and which meet your requirements to study. Learn by repetition how the translator pronounces the words, and then emulate the intonation. Additionally, you can study grammar using clicks. Particularly, you can learn offline using your favorites list as well as search history. There are many benefits and advantages of this application that you should not leave out.

Correct translations that are based on accurate contexts and explanations

Also and a bit more, in Reverso’s Translation as well as Learn, Android users can get the correct meaning of a particular word using a variety of examples as well as contexts that can help you understand their meanings and apply them to various real-life scenarios. Learn how to translate each word into their best meanings, in the contexts provided.

With precise and correct examples derived from official documents including film description of products, subtitles and many more, you will get all sorts of example sentences that show how to utilize specific word or phrase. Furthermore, thanks to the latest Reverso Context, which relies on the algorithms of big data that provide millions of real-world contexts extracted from real document and chat conversations. All of this will allow you to get appropriate translations for paragraphs and sentences or the appropriate word for your sentence.

Simply type in the word to get the most accurate translations and search results relevant to the word using Reverso Translate and Learn. In addition, thanks to the stunning illustrated examples, the application lets you easily learn the words by creating visual memory that is more appealing.

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What's new

- Translate text and voice, from and to Ukrainian
- Synonyms, analogies and definitions in several languages
- Learn new words and expressions with various exercises and games, even when offline, with SRS (Spaced repetition system) and adaptive learning
- Integrated conjugation module in 10 languages available for all forms of verbs
- Improved performance and UX : faster responses, nicer graphics, and extended content.

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