Remote Control for Android TV v1.5.4 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 18, 2024
Remote Control for Android TV will transform your Android smartphone into a complete TV remote. It will help you diversify your daily TV routine and make it more convenient for you to use your new Android TV remote. Also, it can handle several different devices with only one Android TV remote.
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Feb 18, 2024
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Remote Control for Android TV MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Remote Control for Android TV MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Conduct your Android Television through the specialized mobile application designed for its governance. Immerse yourself in your favored visual spectacles on the television screen with a simple gesture. The Android Television Governance Application bestows sovereignty over your Android TV device, assuring impeccable synergy with Android TV and Chromecast gadgets.

This Application confers the power to steer your Android TV from any vicinity. Garner a brisk summary of your applications and channels exhibited on your Android TV.

Assert control over your television from the sanctuary of your couch, the kitchen domain, or any disparate location. With the Android TV governance app, piloting your Android TV device has transcended simplicity.

Remote Governance emerges as a pivotal application for Android devices, enabling a linkage to your television display via Wi-Fi. This instrument, effortlessly wieldable in a myriad of fashions, epitomizes an essential utility for aficionados.

Remote Governance, an application that forges a connection to your television display, also embodies a facile and advantageous method to utilize your Android device. Operating your TV from your smartphone materializes as an endeavor of convenience.

Elect this as your paramount selection for orchestrating your Android TV box. Employ it to initiate and halt the playback of movies, series, and live telecasts.

Moreover, it proffers assistance for partaking in games on your device. Command your TV box with dexterity from any nook of the earth. Gear up to relish in your cherished content unbound by spatial limitations.

An application meticulously crafted for Android TV, it boasts a minimalist interface and user-centric functionality. Its navigational ease outshines that of other Android remote control applications.

Switch channels effortlessly through the app and employ the keyboard for entering passwords. If there arises a yearning to augment your channel collection, integration through the app is feasible.

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Features of Remote Control for Android TV MOD APK

Access the Android TV remote from anywhere with the Remote Control app

The Android TV Remote Control apparatus serves as a conduit, facilitating the untroubled command of your Android TV mechanism from any location. This application bestows upon you the capacity to manipulate your Android TV’s remote functions directly via your Android smartphone.

Utilizing your Android smartphone as a stand-in for both a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, this application renders the traversal through the vast array of menus on your Android TV mechanism a task of minimal effort, allowing unfettered entry to its applications and attributes. Additionally, the app is amalgamated with a Bluetooth keyboard functionality, enabling the effortless crafting of textual correspondences and electronic mail directly on your Android TV.

This strategy emerges as the paramount pathway for immersing in the functionalities of your Android TV mechanism through your Android smartphone or tablet.

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Connect your Android smartphone to Android TV and control it

The Android TV Remote Application transfigures your Android handset into a comprehensive television navigator. It forges a link between your Android smartphone and your Android TV, enabling control over the latter via your mobile device.

With your Android phone, you are endowed with the power to shift channels, adjust sound intensities, and launch applications on your television.

Furthermore, this application excels in orchestrating multiple devices under the umbrella of a single Android TV remote.

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Support various input methods, such as touchscreen, voice, keyboard, mouse, etc.

The Android TV Remote Control emerges as a multifaceted control instrument, harmonizing with Android smartphones, tablets, and a plethora of other Android-powered devices.

It specifically acts as a conduit for Android TV, enabling seamless integration with your Android TV setup.

This application is marked by its tailor-made functionalities, including voice command, gestural navigation, and cursor control capabilities.

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Get the complete list of Android TV apps and content

The Android TV Remote Control unfurls a potent marketplace teeming with a broad spectrum of applications and multimedia content. This trove emerges as a quintessential asset for unearthing new Android TV applications and resources. Users are equipped to refine their exploration for applications and content through the utilization of filters like category, keyword, and type.

Additionally, the application proffers a comprehensive inventory of Android TV applications and resources for user engagement. Beyond the confines of the application marketplace, individuals have availed the chance to delve into the latest dispatches and updates about the Android TV ecosystem, alongside keeping pace with the latest industry trends and news through our digital portal.

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