quadline v1.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Hints)

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quad line MOD APK (Unlimited Hints)

Download The Latest APK Version of quadline MOD APK. An Android Puzzle Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

In instances where unraveling the intricacies of line movement or rotation proves elusive, consider the alternative approaches of pushing or teleporting. Should these maneuvers fail to yield success, the recourse lies in the adept utilization of game tools such as “Rotate” or “Move” to orchestrate the strategic relocation of lines.

Embrace the canvas of creativity as you chart your moves, endeavoring to align your lines within the designated slots with utmost precision.

Diversify your gaming experience through the exploration of various modes, encompassing the realms of time trials, survival challenges, and arcade adventures. Immerse yourself in the trifecta of modes to unveil the full spectrum of your latent capabilities.

Features of quad line MOD APK

Challenge your friends and family to the ultimate game of puzzle

In a realm tailored for youthful participants, the gameplay gracefully extends an accessible invitation, offering simplicity to children while concurrently posing a formidable challenge to scrutinize the depths of your cognitive prowess. Upon triumphantly surmounting a tier, the opportunity materializes to engage in a friendly bout with comrades, unfurling a canvas to showcase the chasm in intellectual adeptness.

The tiers unfurl with a tapestry of intricacy, ensuring the game’s capacity to captivate attention spans for extensive durations.

Easy to learn but hard to master

Quadline presents itself as a puzzle game adorned with a distinctive twist. Its design philosophy rests on the premise of being effortlessly assimilated, yet harboring an inherent complexity that renders mastery a formidable undertaking. Diverse game modes embellish the experience, each with unique objectives such as Discover the concealed star, Eradicate the board, Attain the highest score, and more.

Moreover, the game offers an array of modes meticulously crafted to amalgamate strategy, action, and amusement into a cohesive blend.

At its core, this enigmatic puzzle game challenges players to interconnect lines of squares utilizing the grid’s guidance. However, a significant deviation sets this apart: the lines can traverse solely along horizontal and vertical pathways, eschewing diagonal trajectories. Upon placing a line, it autonomously seeks any available route to reach the subsequent square.

The initial engagement with the game reveals an inherent simplicity in comprehension and execution. Yet, as gameplay unfolds, the veritable challenge materializes. Devoid of temporal constraints, the game diligently logs your duration, fostering an environment conducive to challenging personal bests.

Fully responsive, touch-optimized interface for the best mobile experience

Challenge your friends to beat your score

Within the Quadline domain, the gaming experience transcends solitary exploration, extending an arena for competitive engagement against friends or computer adversaries. The prospect of challenging friends to unravel the maximum number of puzzles within a constrained temporal framework adds a layer of spirited competition. Each conquered level accrues points, a currency of achievement that unlocks access to additional, more intricate levels.

Alternatively, the gaming canvas accommodates clashes against computer-driven opponents, tirelessly striving to surpass your pinnacle accomplishments. A leaderboard diligently records the zenith performances, facilitating comparative analysis of your prowess against others in the gaming fraternity.

Fun, fast, and addictive

Embarking on the Quadline odyssey entails maneuvering lines through cellular landscapes. The objective unfolds as you employ these lines to intricately interlink blocks, all the while navigating the labyrinth with alacrity to evade entanglement by a pursuing black line and prevent getting ensnared within the maze’s complexity.

Although the gameplay’s facade exudes simplicity, the underlying concept is far from facile, demanding thoughtful deliberation before each maneuver. Engage with the game utilizing both mouse and keyboard inputs to unlock a realm of amusement and cognitive stimulation.


Quadline entrusts you with the mastery of a solitary line, traversing cells to unravel puzzles and fulfill designated tasks, with the cardinal principle being that the greater the number of lines you adeptly maneuver, the loftier your bestowed score.

Employ your digit to effortlessly drag a line across the expanse of the screen. Manipulation options extend to rotation, pushing, and teleportation of lines. As you adeptly navigate the challenges, each maneuvered line contributes to elevating your cumulative score.

Progression through levels introduces a heightened complexity, augmenting the number of lines while concurrently reducing the allotted moves. The overarching aim remains steadfast: the expeditious completion of each level.

Diversity embellishes the gameplay, with each level presenting an array of distinct challenges. Tasks may range from relocating lines to specific coordinates and executing precise rotations, to manipulating line positions to craft predefined shapes.

The challenges vary in difficulty, and an erroneous maneuver incurs a point deduction. Excessive line movements also precipitate a loss of points. Precision and strategic finesse become the keystones for triumph in the Quadline domain.

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What's new

• New episode with new mechanic and new levels
• Hold the undo button to restart the current level
• Improvements and fixes

I'm working hard on making the game better! If you notice a bug, please contact me via [email protected]

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