QKSMS v3.10.1 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Mar 04, 2024
We’re making texting magical again. QKSMS is the most beautiful messaging experience you’ve ever used. Replace your stock messaging app and fall in love with texting all over again.
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Mar 04, 2024
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QKSMS MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of QKSMS MOD APK. An Android Communication App comes with Premium Unlocked MOD Available to download.

This communication platform boasts a myriad of functionalities. Users wield the power to dispatch messages not only to their social circle but also to professional contacts. The transmission of SMS, MMS, and even Voice messages is seamlessly facilitated through this platform. The interface embodies simplicity and intuitiveness, ensuring effortless navigation.

Embracing features such as disseminating the latest updates, managing a comprehensive contact roster, and the capacity to append files, ensures no missive goes unnoticed. Furthermore, users are endowed with timely notifications upon message receipt.

Distinguished by a plethora of attributes, this platform stands out from its counterparts. Garnering over 50 million installations underscores its widespread acclaim.

The platform is engineered for utmost user-friendliness. Its interface design facilitates seamless message exchange, catering to user convenience. Moreover, its multilingual support obliterates language barriers, fostering inclusivity. All things considered, it reigns supreme as the premier mobile communication tool.

Feature of QKSMS MOD APK

Choose from millions of colors to customize the entire app.

The application grants you the facile ability to modify the hue of your contacts, dialogues, and assorted segments within its interface. Whether your preference leans towards granting the entirety of the application a vibrant spectrum, altering the tone of your conversations, or selecting a distinct color for a specific contact, QKSMS is dedicated to the comprehensive customization of all visible elements.

Within the application’s realm, the palette is yours to commandeer at will. Whether your predilection gravitates toward the timeless allure of cerulean, the delicate hues of rose, and lavender, or the radiance of saffron, rest assured, that a hue reflective of your persona awaits your selection.

Furthermore, the opportunity extends to choosing a chromatic identity for your roster of contacts and the conversations they entail. With an abundance of over a million shades at your disposal, the perfect color to harmonize with your aesthetic sensibilities is within reach.

Regarding the notification chroma, the choices are manifold, ranging from pristine white and profound black to a gradient that dynamically evolves as you peruse through your exchanges.

Download new stickers from the sticker store

Now, navigating through the sticker emporium to discover your preferred sticker collections, themes, and sets is a breeze. Easily locating stickers that resonate with your style and thematic preferences is at your fingertips. The innovative addition empowers you to seamlessly procure stickers directly within the application, akin to a feat of enchantment.

Equipped with a dedicated repository for stickers, you’ll find yourself endowed with access to the latest assortments of sticker packs and thematic ensembles curated by the community.

Should your inclination lean towards exploring further, the option to procure and personalize sticker packs or themes from the store is readily available. Additionally, the ability to tailor the sticker pack to your liking and share it with your social circle amplifies the allure of this feature.

Message and SMS texts between all your devices are synchronized.

Centralizing all your conversations, encompassing both SMS and MMS, within a unified platform is paramount. Irrespective of the device at your disposal, the latest and pivotal messages seamlessly populate your home screen. Leveraging the robust conversation search functionality facilitates swift retrieval of any desired dialogue or message.

With synchronization ensuring all your messages are harmonized across locations, the fear of overlooking a message dissipates, regardless of your whereabouts.

The prerogative of selecting the ideal text messaging application rests solely with you, yet solitude in this decision is fleeting. QKSMS emerges as a pioneer among messaging applications, extending compatibility across all your devices while orchestrating seamless synchronization of your conversations across them.

Customize your experience and your conversations

We aim to provide you with a messaging application that aligns with your unique preferences, not ours. QKSMS empowers you to tailor your experience and conversations to suit your preferred mode of communication.

With a myriad of customizable themes and color palettes, you possess the freedom to curate the aesthetic ambiance of your messaging platform by your style. The abundance of millions of color combinations ensures an unparalleled level of customization for your conversations.

For users of dual-SIM devices, a seamless transition between SIM cards is now effortlessly attainable, devoid of the need to switch applications. The inclusion of the ‘Sim Switcher’ feature facilitates swift toggling between SIMs with just a single tap.

Moreover, the robust MMS module facilitates the transmission and reception of multimedia messages, affording you the ability to embellish your messages with stickers, images, or any other desired content.

Engage in vibrant group discussions with your peers by joining groups where the latest news can be dissected, photos shared, and much more. The automatic categorization of group chats into folders based on participant count streamlines navigation, enabling easy access to conversations of significance.

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What's new

New in QKSMS!

- Auto-delete old messages
- Block/archive messages from notification
- Swipe to block conversation
- Share vCard from other apps

- Better visibility for conversations with drafts
- Trim whitespace when searching
- Clean up contact group UI

- Incorrect selection state when picking contact phone number
- "View more conversations" button on widget broken

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