Puzzle Colony v1.3.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Jan 12, 2024
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Puzzle Colony MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Puzzle Colony MOD APK. An Android  Puzzle Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Immersing players in an expansive puzzle gaming domain, the Puzzle Colony stands as a renowned creation by the esteemed developers at EZBET. Despite the manifold iterations, the gameplay remains a steadfast beacon of simplicity and enjoyment.

Within the contours of this game, players embark on the task of matching and melding distinct components, all bearing the same shape, to consummate each puzzle. The gaming landscape unfolds with a plethora of modes, ranging from the solitary pursuit of single-player challenges to the dynamic interactions inherent in multiplayer and versus modes.

Puzzle Colony unfolds a smorgasbord of puzzles and intriguing challenges, catering specifically to aficionados who revel in the nuances of puzzle-solving. Two facile methods, employing either fingers or a mouse, beckon players to partake in this labyrinth of cerebral engagement, ensuring operability in any setting.

Ease of comprehension doesn’t compromise the depth of the game, with an array of levels, each presenting distinct challenges. The game’s gratuitous nature extends to free gameplay, albeit punctuated by intermittent advertisements.

Exclusively tailored for the Android platform, Puzzle Colony unveils a mysterious city ensconced in an ethereal fog. The player’s mission is to dispel the fog through the strategic employment of blocks endowed with diverse functionalities.

Puzzle-solving manifests in two distinctive modes “Crazy Mode” and “Adventure Mode.” The former allows players to deploy blocks to dissipate the fog, while the latter, a more arduous undertaking, mandates the discovery and fusion of blocks to unravel the puzzle’s intricacies. As difficulty ascends, a cascade of new blocks and challenges beckon the player’s resolve.

While the gameplay premise remains ostensibly simple combining blocks to dispel fog the nuanced selection and utilization of blocks become pivotal, particularly in Adventure Mode. Precision is paramount, for a misstep in block selection may herald failure.

In this enigmatic fog-shrouded city, Puzzle Colony unfurls a mosaic of challenges and discoveries, providing players not only with a pastime but a cerebral odyssey rife with strategic nuances and unforeseen revelations.

Features of Puzzle Colony MOD APK

Unlock new items and armor

Amidst the application’s interface, one shall unveil novel accouterments and protective gear for their virtual persona, concurrently enlisting additional comrades into their digital fold. The capability to outfit your in-game avatars with newfound accouterments and heighten their attributes becomes a pivotal stratagem, affording a superior edge in the throes of virtual skirmishes.

Embark on a narrative journey where the unraveling of the plot propels the unearthing of hitherto inaccessible accouterments and armaments. The acquisition of these novel possessions transpires through the triumphant completion of quests, subjugation of adversaries, and the serendipitous discovery of treasure troves strewn across the expansive gaming realm.

Beautiful graphics and a relaxing soundtrack

Immerse yourself in a puzzle-centric gaming experience, seamlessly melding the finesse of pixel artistry with a mellifluous and tranquil musical backdrop. Traverse through an eclectic array of global destinations, each brimming with an abundance of enigmatic conundrums and trials.

Within these diverse locales, an extensive array of puzzles and challenges awaits, weaving an intricate tapestry of mental prowess and dexterity. The primary objective that beckons in this digital odyssey is the liberation of the kidnapped Princess, ensnared in the clutches of the nefarious Count de Grimme. Embark on a cerebral expedition, unlocking the mysteries of each locale to reclaim royal sovereignty.

Discover new weapons and armor

As your journey unfolds within the application, the trajectory of your advancement unveils the acquisition of more potent weaponry and fortified protective gear. Employ these formidable tools not only to shield yourself but also to safeguard your comrades from the ominous specter of the undead.

Stumble upon an array of newfound and distinctive items, meticulously designed to enhance both your maritime vessel and the collective strength of your crew.

Embark on a voyage of revelation, unearthing novel armaments and armors that metamorphose you into a more formidable force with each stride in the game’s progression. The crafting of these potent tools involves the utilization of diverse materials, transforming raw resources into bespoke weaponry or defensive garb of your choosing.

Seize the materials, engage in the artistry of crafting, and empower yourself with the tailor-made armory that befits your strategic inclinations.

Collect powerful treasures and artifacts

Within the realm of Puzzle Colony, the player wields the ability to amass and forge a formidable cadre of warriors and heroes, indispensable allies in the relentless struggle against the undead, culminating in the emancipation of beleaguered villages. A trove of rewards awaits the player’s valorous endeavors, ranging from blades and bows to shields, armor, and an assortment of other accouterments.

Embark on an odyssey across the expansive Puzzle Colony universe, where each nautical sojourn reveals a trove of adventures. Sail along the archipelago, amassing a cornucopia of treasures that serve as the currency for enhancing and elevating the capabilities of your seafaring vessel.

The adventure unfolds not merely on the waves but also within the annals of the islands. Gather artifacts strewn across the landscape, each a key to unlocking special achievements and unveiling bonus content, adding an extra layer of depth to your Puzzle Colony escapade.


Enter the realm of real-time strategy with a captivating fusion of puzzle and adventure genres in Puzzle Colony. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Puzzle Quest and Puzzle & Dragons, the gameplay seamlessly integrates puzzle-solving mechanics with strategic undertones.

Within the Puzzle Colony landscape, your undertaking involves the construction of a formidable armada, the training of fresh crews, and the engagement in fierce skirmishes against legions of undead marauders. The game unfolds across three distinct episodes, each presenting its unique set of objectives and challenges, weaving a narrative tapestry that unfolds as you progress through the stages.

Immerse yourself in the dichotomy of choice, opting to play either as a resilient human or an unyielding zombie. A dynamic tutorial accompanies your initiation into the game, adeptly guiding you through the fundamental intricacies of Puzzle Colony’s multifaceted gameplay.

Craft your maritime destiny by erecting your seafaring vessel, outfitting your crew with an arsenal of weapons and protective attire, and setting the stage for epic adventures. Recruit, train, and enhance your crew members while upgrading your armaments, fostering a crew dynamic that ensures your strategic dominance in the unfolding saga.

Navigate through the ebb and flow of confrontations, combating relentless waves of adversaries. Employ your meticulously crafted weaponry to vanquish foes, etching your legacy in the annals of Puzzle Colony’s dynamic battles.

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- combat strength of enemy cities on large maps slightly reduced
- bugfixes and improving stability

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