Pure Tuber v4.9.0.012 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 05, 2024
Tired of wasting time on annoying video ads or music ads that cannot be skipped?
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Jan 05, 2024
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Pure Tuber MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Pure Tuber MOD APK. An Android Tools Apps this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Embark on an odyssey into the realm of Pure Tuber, an omnipotent ad inhibiter, gifting you the prowess to banish unwelcome video ads at your whim. The ability to quash these interruptions transforms your video-watching experience into an uninterrupted symphony of visual delight. Advertisers, astute to the general aversion towards advertisements, craftily engineer their visibility exclusively for those actively seeking them out. In the absence of the viewer’s appetite for ads, a mere flick of the Pure Tuber wand consigns these intrusive spectacles to oblivion, leaving your viewing sanctuary untainted.

Beyond its ad-thwarting eminence, Pure Tuber metamorphoses into a multifaceted implement, empowering you to extract maximal utility from your data reservoirs. Wearied by the relentless assault of unwanted ads? Employ Pure Tuber’s arsenal to banish these interlopers and unlock a trove of untapped data potential. The application’s versatility extends its protective shield to diverse platforms, be it the pocket-sized realm of mobile phones, the expansive expanse of televisions, or the labyrinthine world of computers. The promise of an ad-free sanctuary beckons, irrespective of your allegiance to the iOS enclave of iPhone and iPad or the Android dominion.

In the tapestry of digital liberation, Pure Tuber emerges as the harbinger of uninterrupted visual narratives and the guardian of your data sanctuary. Harness its might to sculpt a content-consumption experience tailored to your preferences, where the unwanted cacophony of advertisements recedes at your command.

Features of Pure Tuber MOD APK

Block all ads on a video, pop-up, and, floating ads

Ameliorating the fluidity of your visual content consumption, we have incorporated a functionality to obviate all promotional encroachments, encompassing intrusive pop-ups, levitating displays, and standard banner adverts, during the perusal of video content on platforms such as VideoTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

No ancillary applications are requisite for ad deterrence; simply procure this application and luxuriate in an uninterrupted experience.

Auto pop-up and floating pop-up blocking

Encounters with pop-ups and levitating pop-up advertisements often prove vexatious, squandering precious moments while navigating the digital realm. If you desire to circumvent these intrusive advertisements, a viable solution lies in ad-blocking.

Imagine a scenario where you could not only thwart pop-ups, pop-unders, and floating ads but also eliminate any unwarranted interruption that disrupts your video-viewing serenity—Pure Tuber makes this vision a reality!

To emancipate yourself from the clutches of such ads, the installation of Pure Tuber becomes imperative. Functioning as an ad-blocker for Android, it extends its services gratuitously, ensuring the annihilation of all advertisements during your YouTube video escapades.

Customizability is paramount with Pure Tuber; you have the option to automatically or manually suppress all ads and pop-ups. Taking control further, you wield the power to personally obstruct ads on various websites.

Moreover, Pure Tuber doesn’t confine itself to mere ad-blocking; it unfolds an array of additional features. Picture the ability to revel in background video playback or the allure of the floating popup play mode—Pure Tuber encompasses these enhancements and more.

AutoAuto-floating-up blocking

Pure Tuber empowers you with the facile ability to thwart every hovering pop-up advertisement associated with video content. Effortlessly, with a single tap, you can opt to automatically neutralize all floating pop-up ads linked to your device.

The customization prowess of Pure Tuber extends even to floating pop-up ads, granting you the liberty to cherry-pick the specific types you wish to impede. Moreover, the option to establish personalized rules amplifies your control. Consider a scenario where you solely obstruct floating pop-up ads falling within a designated category or permit all except those emanating from a particular website—and autonomy Pure Tuber places firmly in your hands.

Easy to use and install

Acquiring Pure Tuber is a seamless process; a mere tap on the provided link facilitates the download, or opt for direct installation from Google Play.

Initiate the installation onto your device effortlessly by tapping the designated button. Once the installation concludes, launch the application to embark on your ad-free journey.

No need root to and no need to download any apps 

Pure Tuber liberates you from the necessity of rooting your device to savor an ad-free video experience.

Functioning as an ad blocker for Android, Pure Tuber extends its premium services without cost, ensuring the obliteration of all ads during your YouTube video engagements.

Beyond the basics, customization becomes your prerogative with Pure Tuber’s ad-blocking capabilities. Tailor your ad blocker to align with your preferences—prohibit specific websites or those in particular countries. Additionally, wield control over your default browser and download manager, among a plethora of other customizable features. The realm of possibilities with Pure Tuber stretches far beyond mere ad inhibition.


The Premium iteration stands as an augmentation of the Pure Tuber application, constituting an enhanced version replete with additional features. Beyond the fundamental ad-blocking functionality, this premium variant encompasses the following augmentations:

• Uninterrupted playback sans advertisements

• The advent of a floating popup

• Background play capability

Anticipate more features in the pipeline, further enriching your video-viewing experience. The Premium version extends beyond mere ad blocking, introducing a realm of enhanced functionalities to elevate your Pure Tuber encounter.

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