Puff Puff Pass v1.1.0 MOD APK (Levels Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 19, 2024
This round, purple and farting creature is called a Puffer. It lives happily in deep caves, but has one problem: it is unable to stand its own smell for too long. So it needs to travel continuously to leave the smelly caves as soon as possible. All to escape its own odor.
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Feb 19, 2024
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Puff Puff Pass MOD APK (Levels Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Puff Puff Pass MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with Levels Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Embarking upon the realm of classic arcade indulgence, behold an interactive masterpiece crafted by the virtuosos at Natsume. Drawing inspiration from the venerable Pong progenitor, this opus stands as a testament to digital ingenuity.

Immerse yourself in the kaleidoscope of avatars at your disposal, each endowed with a distinctive skill set. Employ these prowess-laden entities to propel the orb toward the coveted goal deftly.

Prudence is paramount as you navigate the labyrinth of game edicts. The spherical entity remains immutable mid-flight but gains mobility upon grounding. A rendezvous with the imperturbable walls heralds a momentary hiatus in the gaming saga.

A precarious precipice awaits those whose orb succumbs to the abyss below, spelling an unfortunate demise for the player. Vigilance is the watchword successfully navigating the orb to its destination is the crux of triumph, while an errant miss precipitates defeat.

Behold “Puff Puff Pass,” an arcade marvel recounting the whimsical tale of a diminutive aeronaut inhabiting a utopia teeming with succulent fruits. This whimsy-laden creation emanates from the visionary minds at MEGA STONE.

The aesthetic charm of “Puff Puff Pass” manifests through a beguiling cartoon aesthetic, casting an enchanting spell upon its players. Gravitate towards addiction, all within the gratuity of complimentary access, yet the option to procure the game for unrestricted enjoyment remains.

Witness an ensemble of diverse fruit variants, each exuding its idiosyncratic allure. Discernment becomes paramount, for amidst the bounty lies a perilous landscape some fruits bear a venomous sting.

Exercise prudence in fruit selection, for upon consumption, the chosen fruit vanishes, cascading a domino effect on its counterparts. The invocation of a mystical wand transmutes the fruit into a puff puff, enabling gravity-defying leaps to procure the bounty. A virtuous cycle unfolds with each foray, amassing a compendium of delectable delights.

Beyond the veneer of a classic arcade endeavor, “Puff Puff Pass” burgeons into a narrative odyssey. Players metamorphose into protagonists, weaving a tapestry of adventure within a world resplendent with luscious fruits.

Features of Puff Puff Pass MOD APK

60 levels with many different obstacles

Embark upon an enchanting pastime that elicits a smile with every engagement. The intricacies of the gameplay offer a delightful blend of simplicity and challenge, rendering this cerebral puzzle pursuit an endeavor well worth the investment. A plethora of 60 distinct levels, replete with an array of hurdles, promises a profusion of exhilaration in this captivating and habit-forming ludic experience.

Navigate through subterranean recesses, employing your puffer’s unique aptitude to transmute air into gaseous form for an escape from cerebral acumen. Traverse peril-laden passages adorned with razor-edged rocks and menacing spikes, present an additional layer of complexity to your subterranean odyssey.

Earn points and unlock achievements

Embark on a game that seamlessly melds accessibility with mental dexterity, providing both ease of play and a formidable challenge. Accumulate points and strive for an impressive high score, all the while unlocking a pantheon of achievements that embellish your gaming prowess. Immerse yourself in the gameplay, gauging the extent of your capabilities.

Achieve points through the successful completion of each level, and watch as these points become the currency for unlocking novel gaming frontiers. The correlation is clear: the more levels surmounted, the greater the trove of achievements bestowed upon your gaming persona. Engage, accumulate, and ascend through the levels to unlock a cascade of achievements, marking your journey through the echelons of gaming excellence.

Collect diamonds and coins

Within this interactive interface, your objective revolves around the acquisition of both diamonds and coins, a pursuit that necessitates the triumphant traversal of all gaming tiers.

Commencing your journey, the ascent to the subsequent level manifests as a relatively facile undertaking. However, as the gaming odyssey unfolds, the complexity intensifies, transforming the progression into a challenging expedition. Yet, with each conquered level, the prospect of obtaining not only intrinsic satisfaction but also special bonuses emerges.

Anticipate a gradual shift from simplicity to complexity in your pursuit, where the initial ease morphs into a labyrinthine challenge. As you navigate this dynamic realm, opportunities to garner coveted rewards such as extra lives, diamonds, and coins will present themselves, augmenting the intrigue and allure of your gaming venture.

Unique and adorable characters

Dwelling within this application’s realms are many of the most endearing characters imaginable. Their adorableness is only surpassed by the vibrancy of their colors, creating a captivating ensemble that revels in the joy of gameplay. Should you seek a gaming experience that promises unabated amusement, look no further this game is tailored for your entertainment.

Each character, with its distinct charm, boasts unique capabilities that add a layer of intricacy to the gaming panorama.

From the enchanting ability to soar through the skies to the nimble agility of running and jumping, and even the spectacular proficiency to unleash fiery projectiles each character brings a distinctive playstyle, enriching the tapestry of exploration within the game. Engage with these delightful personas, each contributing its flair to the symphony of play and discovery.


It is a physics-based puzzle game with a van adorabled comical theme. It’s an arcade game where you need to guide the puff to collect the fart balls.

There are 60 levels in the game, which all take place in underground caves. The puffer starts at the beginning of the level and moves through the different rooms and tunnels.

In Puff Puff Pass You need to follow the puff and collect the fart balls in each room. To do this, you must blow the puff into the fart ball. But be careful, because it is easy to lose a life when touching the walls or the spikes.

There are no instructions in the game. You have to learn the controls and how to play the game by yourself. You can start from the very beginning, or play through the game again and again.

Each level is designed to be challenging, but not frustrating. You have to play the game with patience and try not to get stuck in any of the 60 levels.

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