Puff Puff Pass MOD APK 1.0.253 (Levels Unlocked)

This round, purple and farting creature is called a Puffer. It lives happily in deep caves, but has one problem: it is unable to stand its own smell for too long. So it needs to travel continuously to leave the smelly caves as soon as possible. All to escape its own odor.
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Apr 28, 2023
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Puff Puff Pass MOD APK (Levels Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Puff Puff Pass MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with Levels Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Puff Puff Pass MOD APK is a classic arcade game. This game is developed by Natsume. This game is inspired by the original Pong game.

In this game, you can have different characters. Each character has different skills. You will use them to pass the ball to the goal.

You have to pay attention to the game rules. For example, the ball cannot be moved when it is in the air, but when it is on the ground. When the ball touches the wall, the game will stop.

If the ball falls on the floor, it will disappear and the player will lose. You will have to make sure that you can pass the ball to the goal. If you miss the goal, you will lose.

Puff Puff Pass MOD APK is an arcade game with the story of a little puff puff who lives in a world full of delicious fruits. This game is designed by the publisher MEGA STONE.

Puff Puff Pass has a cute cartoon style, and it is very addictive. You can play it for free. And you can also buy it to play the game at any time.

The game features many types of fruits. Each fruit is different from the other, and you need to choose the right fruit. But there are some problems. Some fruits are poisonous.

You have to be careful when choosing the fruit. When you eat a fruit, it will disappear. The remaining fruits will be gone. So, you should choose wisely. If you want to get fruit, you can use a magic wand.

If you use a magic wand, you can transform it into a puff puff. You can use the puff puff to jump high or jump into the air and grab the fruit. The more you play, the more you can collect.

Puff Puff Pass MOD APK is a classic arcade game that has become more popular with time. It has a unique style and a great atmosphere. This game is not just a simple fruit game.

Players are more than just a little puff puff. They are the hero of a new story. This is a story about a puff puff who lives in a world full of delicious fruits.

Features of Puff Puff Pass MOD APK

60 levels with many different obstacles

Puff Puff Pass MOD APK is a cute game that will make you smile every time you play it. The gameplay is easy enough, but the challenging puzzle game is definitely worth the effort. 60 different levels, lots of obstacles, and tons of fun are waiting for you in this addictive game.

You’ll have to escape the caves by using your puffer’s ability to change air into gas. There are also lots of dangerous obstacles on the way, such as sharp rocks and spikes.

Earn points and unlock achievements

Puff Puff Pass MOD APK is an easy-to-play and challenging game. Collect points and get a high score, while unlocking achievements. Play the game and see how far you can go.

You’ll earn points by completing the levels. These points will help you unlock new levels. The more levels you complete, the more achievements you’ll earn.

Collect diamonds and coins

In Puff Puff Pass MOD APK, you will be collecting diamonds and coins. To do so, you’ll need to pass all the levels in the game.

In the beginning, it will be easy to reach the next level, but later on, it will become much harder. You’ll also get a chance to earn some special bonuses like extra lives or even diamonds and coins.

Unique and adorable characters

Puff Puff Pass MOD APK features the cutest characters in the world. They are cute and colorful and they love to play games. If you are looking for a game that will keep you entertained, this game is for you!

Each character has its own unique abilities. Some can fly, some can run and jump and some can shoot fireballs. Each of them has its own way of playing and exploring the game.


Puff Puff Pass MOD APK is a physics-based puzzle game with a very cute and comical theme. It’s an arcade game where you need to guide the puff to collect the fart balls.

There are 60 levels in the game, which all take place in underground caves. The puffer starts at the beginning of the level and moves through the different rooms and tunnels.

In Puff Puff Pass You need to follow the puff and collect the fart balls in each room. To do this, you must blow the puff into the fart ball. But be careful, because it is easy to lose a life when touching the walls or the spikes.

There are no instructions in the game. You have to learn the controls and how to play the game by yourself. You can start from the very beginning, or play through the game again and again.

Each level is designed to be challenging, but not frustrating. You have to play the game with patience and try not to get stuck in any of the 60 levels.

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