PROTO – circuit simulator MOD APK 1.20.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on May 18, 2023
Are you looking for tools like Multisim, SPICE, LTspice, Proteus or Altium? That's great! PROTO is an real time electronic circuit simulator which means you are able to setup a circuit with various components and simulate behaviour of the electronic circuit.
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May 18, 2023
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PROTO – circuit simulator MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of PROTO – circuit simulator MOD APK. An Android Education App comes with Premium Unlockd MOD Available to download.

PROTO – circuit simulator MOD APK is a circuit simulator that enables users to learn the basic concepts of electronics. This application helps the user to understand the principles of electrical engineering. It helps to understand the function of electrical components. You can easily understand how electricity works.

With this application, you can simulate circuits to understand how to design a circuit. You can also test circuits to make sure they are working properly. The application allows you to understand the basics of electricity. And the concept of electronics and electricity is a very important thing. The application can be used to design circuits and test circuits.

This is the best way to learn and get a feel for electronics. The simulation allows you to see exactly what will happen if you apply a current to a circuit. The application is designed for students and professionals to learn more about electricity and electronics.

The design of circuits and their applications are made simple with this application. The circuit simulator also comes with several features. You can add components and edit them to change the circuit design. Design your circuits and even make animations. The PROTO – circuit simulator app is a comprehensive tool that lets users design circuits and circuits with ease.

Feature of PROTO – circuit simulator MOD APK

Digital electronics analysis

PROTO – circuit simulator is a digital electronics analysis tool. You can use this application to analyze your circuit in real-time and get valuable information about your circuit. You can check voltages, currents, and many other variables during the simulation.

You can use multichannel oscilloscopes to check signals on various channels. You can tune your circuit in real-time by adjusting the values of resistors, capacitors, and inductors. The simulation will be performed in real-time.

You can use the PROTO to simulate digital electronics, to perform digital electronic analysis.

Real-time simulation of electronic circuits

PROTO – circuit simulator is very important to understand how electronics work. If you can figure out how an electronic circuit works, then you can make one for yourself. All you have to do is to simulate the circuit to understand how it functions.

Simulation allows you to find out what happens when you change something in the circuit. It is not a difficult task to learn how electronics work. You don’t have to be an expert to understand how a circuit works. You can learn how to create your circuits with a little help.

A circuit simulator is a program that lets you see how an electrical circuit works. It is used to solve problems such as figuring out the behavior of electronic circuits.

The goal of this PROTO – circuit simulator app is to simulate real-time electronic circuits to show their behavior. You will be able to simulate simple circuits and even more complex ones such as audio circuits or radio frequency circuits.

All the simulations are performed with SPICE or LTspice and you can change the simulation speed according to your needs.

Check signals on a multichannel oscilloscope

There are many reasons why you need to get an oscilloscope. First of all, you need to have a multichannel oscilloscope for measuring and testing purposes. You can test your circuits and determine which components are faulty. With the help of an oscilloscope, you can check the function of a circuit, and whether or not the circuit has any faults or problems.

If there are any problems with your circuit, you can use an oscilloscope to measure the waveform of signals in your circuit. You can also use an oscilloscope to observe the changes in the voltage levels or current flow. It is a good idea to learn how to use an oscilloscope properly.

You can use PROTO – circuit simulator as a multichannel oscilloscope to check the signal on your circuit. You can get analog and digital data from your circuit and show them in a nice graph. You can also see the values of voltages, currents, and other parameters on a multichannel oscilloscope.

Check voltages, currents, power, resistance, capacitance, inductance

PROTO – circuit simulator MOD APK provides you with a great set of tools to check voltages, currents, power, resistance, capacitance, and inductance. This way you can analyze your circuit and determine the parameters of circuit.

you should use the correct equipment. You can use the equipment provided by PROTO to analyze your circuit. It is a full-featured software that will allow you to analyze your circuit. During the simulation process, you can check voltage, current, resistance, power, capacitance, and inductance. You can also change the values of these variables and observe the results.

PROTO – circuit simulator app is a full-featured circuit simulator that will help you to simulate any electronic circuit. During simulation, you can check voltages, currents, and many other variables. Check signals on the multichannel oscilloscope and tune your circuit in real time!

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What's new

NEW ADDON: JAVASCRIPT PACK - write JavaScript code in custom integrated circuit.
- use simulation time step
- access to intputs/outputs
- use all JavaScript features like loops, if conditions and more
- built-in keywords and code snippets

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