Precise Angle Meter v14.0 MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 12, 2024
Show your phone's orientation in the X, Y, and Z plane, with digital precision. If you need maximum precision use a rigid phone stand and then zero out the measurements on a known-flat surface. Doing this I can get error down to less than 1 degree, although this may depend on the quality of your phone.
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Feb 12, 2024
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Precise Angle Meter MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Precise Angle Meter MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Paid Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of gauging spatial relationships, a tool designed to ascertain the angular disparity between two objects emerges. The quantification of angles stands as a foundational tenet across diverse fields of study. The Precision Angle Measurement instrument, adept at deciphering angles of enigmatic objects, presents itself as an invaluable aid.

The act of angle measurement not only serves as a pivotal means to unveil the interconnection between two entities but also stands as a cornerstone concept resonating across myriad disciplines.

The Precision Angle Meter, a sophisticated application, proves its mettle as a commendable ally in the pursuit of high-precision angle measurement. Irrespective of one’s vocation be it a carpenter, engineer, designer, or a layperson aspiring for meticulous angle quantification this application extends its utility.

Facilitating the facile measurement of angles spanning a spectrum of magnitudes, the application employs a straightforward methodology to yield pinpoint accuracy. The arduous task of manual angle measurement finds a remedy as users can eschew manual labor in favor of this efficient application, a time and effort-saving alternative. The application boasts a repertoire of tools designed to enhance the precision of angle measurement.

Beyond the conventional, this tool allows the measurement of imperceptible object lengths. Employing a ruler for length quantification, the application unravels a lucid representation of the object’s dimensions. This extends to the measurement of angles for structures such as buildings and furniture.

The versatility of the application extends to the measurement of angles across a broad spectrum, offering a crystal-clear portrayal of each angular dimension. Bid farewell to the reliance on protractors, as this app redefines the landscape of angle measurement with its seamless functionality.

Features of Precise Angle Meter MOD APK

Measure the angle between two objects

In the realm of angular assessment, precision stands as a paramount virtue. Yet, how does one ascertain the true horizontality of the entity under scrutiny?

The means to unveil this veracity lies in gauging the angular deviation between two entities. A mere placement of your digit upon the interface, tracing its trajectory towards the subject in question, unravels the precise angular disparity between the two entities.

Delve into the realm of quantifying the angular divergence amidst two distinct entities. This sophisticated implement facilitates the meticulous assessment of angular orientation, applicable to scenarios as diverse as the juncture where the floor meets the wall. A versatile apparatus, it stands ready for deployment in myriad contexts, adeptly quantifying the angular discrepancy between entities with a mere tap.

Witness the capability to assess the angular variance between two entities. Should the need arise to discern the horizontality of an entity, this application emerges as the epitome of aptitude.

Measure the height of a floor or wall

This exceptional instrument offers a remarkable means to gauge the elevation of both floors and walls. If pondering the level of a floor tantalizes your curiosity, this application becomes an invaluable ally. Employing this innovative tool facilitates the precise determination of the angular discrepancy between the floor and the wall. Compatible exclusively with Android devices, it stands as a testament to its accessibility.

Employ this sophisticated contrivance to fathom the verticality of a floor or wall. Simply engage the app in landscape mode, positioning the device on the surface of interest. With seamless proficiency, the application computes the elevation of the floor or wall with unparalleled accuracy.

Determine the slope of the ground

In tandem with its leveling prowess, the device metamorphoses into a precision leveler, serving as an invaluable aid in tasks ranging from concrete floor alignment to ground leveling. A visual testament in the accompanying video elucidates the indispensable nature of this application, illuminating the reasons behind its indispensability.

This application assumes paramount importance in deciphering the gradient of the terrain within your vehicular domain. For those navigating the roads, the utility of this application becomes palpably apparent.

Measure the distance of any object

Tailored for Android, this tool boasts the capacity to measure the distance to diverse objects. Its utility extends beyond mere leveling, encompassing the determination of an object’s levelness and its exact angular orientation. Supporting both metric and imperial units, this application elevates precision to an unprecedented degree.

The exactitude of the Precise Angle Meter tool stands at the zenith, with the application providing a real-time exhibition of the measured parameters. Its operational purview spans objects with a diameter exceeding 1 mm, allowing measurements in the range of 0 to 100 meters.

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