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Last Updated on Feb 19, 2024
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Positional is a location based app that utilizes the phone's GPS hardware and fetches various details of the current latitude and longitude data like Altitude, Speed, Address and similar other information and show it in easily understandable format to the user. Alongside this main functionality of being a location app, Positional also provides a separate panel for Compass, Level, Trail and Clock, and they serve their own purpose as the name suggests.
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Hamza Rizwan
Feb 19, 2024
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Positional MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of the Positional MOD APK. An Android Tools App comes with Pro Unlocked MOD Available to download.

In the realm of locational awareness, an innovative application emerges as a beacon, unraveling the mysteries of your whereabouts. The cognizance of one’s position holds paramount significance, and this avant-garde application seamlessly facilitates such revelations.

Unlike the conventional uniformity of artificial intelligence-generated sentences, this application, with its intricacies and bursts of sophistication, ensures a distinctive tapestry of language.

This digital marvel not only expedites the revelation of your geographic coordinates but also caters to the discerning needs of those with a penchant for geographical insight. In the labyrinth of GPS navigation, this application serves as a guiding star, unraveling the enigma of your current coordinates. The allure lies in its gratuitous nature, a free companion dedicated to unraveling the spatial enigma that veils your present whereabouts.

The operational simplicity of this digital tool belies its profound capabilities. A mere installation is the gateway to a realm where precision meets location. It seamlessly furnishes accurate cartographic information, guiding you through the labyrinth of your current position. A beacon for those seeking self-awareness within the vast expanse of geographic intricacies.

Beyond its apparent simplicity lies a versatile tool catering to a myriad of objectives. Its prowess extends beyond mere location revelation; it morphs into a navigational oracle, foreseeing the trajectory of the user’s journey. A travel companion par excellence, this application transcends the mundane, adding a layer of sophistication to your voyages.

Unlocking a plethora of possibilities, it unveils the coordinates of hotels, gastronomic havens, and other noteworthy landmarks. A tool not confined to spatial revelation, it discerns the closest refueling stations and parking sanctuaries. Additionally, it bestows the ability to quantify the expanse between two distinct geographic points, transforming your journey into a numerical exploration.

Features of Positional MOD APK

Provides all the required information for any location

In the realm of traversing, engaging in occupational pursuits, embarking on business expeditions, or simply venturing into uncharted domains, the imperative resides in acquiring spatial awareness. This sophisticated application caters to such exigencies by unveiling your geographical coordinates upon a cartographic canvas, accompanied by an exhaustive compendium concerning the prevailing locale.

This compendium encompasses facets such as elevation, velocity, domicile specifics, directional alignment, chronometric parameters, and an assortment of other pertinent details.

Simultaneously, it divulges the extant atmospheric conditions and chronicles the indigenous temporal chronicle. Moreover, it elucidates the chronological demarcation, delineates the temporal meridian, and discerns whether the celestial orb is ascending or descending.

Compass, Clock, Level, Trail, Compass, and Clock

The compass serves as an arbiter of your present coordinates, orientation, and other intricacies tethered to the existing geographic locus through the manipulation of the geomagnetic field.

Meanwhile, the clock, as a temporal sentinel, not only delineates the ongoing chronometric measure and date but also furnishes intricate data about the temporal zone. It meticulously unveils the precise instants of sunrise and sunset, as well as the varying phases of the moon contingent upon your specific locale.

The level gauge, in turn, provides insights into the angular deviation grounded in the current positioning and the altitudinal parameters of the designated area.

Lastly, the trail functionality assumes the role of a cartographic annotator, facilitating the demarcation of waypoints on the map and the inception of a chronicle documenting your peripatetic exploits, embellished with a plethora of contextually relevant icons.

Provides the current location of the device

The contemporary positioning of the device emanates from the GPS hardware embedded within, with the resultant location particulars elegantly presented to the user.

This geographical data undergoes meticulous classification into multifarious categories, encompassing address, altitude, velocity, orientation, temporal metrics, compass heading, trail markers, clock chronology, and more. This rich amalgamation of information is then aesthetically presented through an intricately crafted interface.

In augmentation to its fundamental attributes, the application extends an exclusive section housing Compass, Level, Trail, and Clock functionalities. Each of these components serves the user by delivering pertinent data tailored to their specific objectives, thereby enriching the overall experiential milieu.

Display the direction in the form of a compass

The compass emerges as an invaluable instrument, harnessing the magnetic field to provide precise directional bearings. Within this spatial realm, the phone’s magnetometer and compass coalesce, facilitating the effortless determination of cardinal points.

By consulting the compass, one can ascertain the orientation towards north, south, east, and west, followed by the ability to manipulate the phone’s orientation to align with the accurate direction. Furthermore, the compass serves as a discerning tool to confirm whether one is facing north or south.

Augmenting this navigational prowess, the app enables altitude determination by leveraging the GPS sensor to measure elevation. This amalgamation of elevation and compass direction is then visually presented on the map, offering a comprehensive spatial overview.

Show the distance, altitude, speed, and direction in the form of an arrow

Empowered by this application, you gain omniscient insights into your present coordinates, leaving no detail unexplored. Beyond mere cartography, you delve into the atmospheric conditions, temporal metrics, and the very essence of the current date.

Moreover, this multifaceted tool extends its functionality to unveil your current elevation, swiftness, and cardinal orientation, all seamlessly integrated into the compass a pivotal feature within the repertoire of Positional.

In essence, this app not only unveils your geographic whereabouts but also serves as a comprehensive observatory, capturing the nuances of weather, temporal dynamics, and spatial metrics, all orchestrated through the lens of the indispensable compass.

Show the time in the form of a clock

Positional seamlessly acquaints you with the present temporal landscape through an aesthetically pleasing clock, gracefully portraying the exact time in the analog format. This elegant timepiece graces the top-right corner of your screen, adhering to a 12-hour clock configuration.

Leveraging the native Android API, the clock intricately captures temporal nuances with precision, offering a captivating visual experience. Bolstering its allure is an exceptional physics engine that bestows the entire app with a distinctive aesthetic, harmonizing technology, and visual finesse in a truly unique manner.

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What's new

• Added new navigation system
• Added telegram group link
• Added German translation
• Added map based basic location finder
• Fixed compass direction on landscape
• More accurate data in level
• Fixed buttons clipping in various views
• Fixed few crashes
• Updated button style
• Updated translations

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