Poly Match v1.1.63 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Jan 11, 2024
Life inspired pair matching puzzle , where your goal is to Match 2 and eliminate all the tiles.
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Aug 08, 2023
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Poly Match MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Poly Match MOD APK. An Android Puzzle Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of perplexing challenges, Poly Match emerges as a match-3 themed enigma. Your task entails aligning three or more akin elements to expunge them from the puzzle canvas. Each successful alignment bestows a coin bounty, contingent upon the quantity of matched elements.

Should your matching prowess breach a predetermined threshold, the curtain falls on the gaming spectacle. Vigilance is paramount as players must discern the strategic positioning of their matches to amass the maximal coin harvest.

Poly Match beckons gamers with an assortment of cerebral conundrums. The gaming arena unfurls in two distinctive modes. The liberty of the free mode invites players to assay their cognitive mettle, while the premium mode, rife with heightened complexity, unfurls a myriad of additional challenges.

Crafted by the virtuoso game purveyor PUSH PLAYER, Poly Match presents itself as an ostensibly straightforward yet deviously intricate puzzle. It mirrors the essence of Tetris, albeit with nuanced regulations. The challenge demands the incremental movement of blocks to the summit of the gaming matrix.

However, as these blocks traverse the middle expanse, a vanishing act befalls them. Mastery lies in the precise juxtaposition and alignment of blocks, orchestrating their disappearance until the game’s denouement. A spectrum of eight distinct block archetypes grants players the autonomy to select their preferred configuration.

Poly Match entrusts players with the prerogative of block selection. This autonomy, though liberating, necessitates a discerning equilibrium. A ponderous choice poses an onerous challenge, while a featherlight selection courts the peril of being overwhelmed.

For aficionados who relish experiential diversity, Poly Match serves as an exhilarating playground. The option to tailor block choices to personal predilections invites a sense of comfort, fostering an immersive enjoyment of the game.

Features of Poly Match MOD APK

Classic Solitaire with new twists

In the realm of cognitive conundrums, immerse yourself in a puzzle of paired existence, where the primary objective entails the synchronization of dual entities to obliterate all corresponding facets. This meditative puzzle not only introduces an idiosyncratic twist to conventional pair-matching and Mahjong Solitaire Classics but also draws inspiration from the intricacies of existence.

The enigmatic journey commences with a gentle breeze of simplicity, swiftly transmuting into a tempest of cerebral rigour. This existential puzzle, akin to the venerable Solitaire tradition, demands the artful alliance of identical tiles to expunge their essence from the cognitive tableau.

Navigating this cerebral odyssey mirrors the timeless Solitaire narrative, yet adds layers of complexity, intertwining considerations of tile morphology, numerical density across the cognitive canvas, and the cardinal orientation of each enigmatic piece.

Challenge your brain with increasingly difficult puzzles

In the realm of cognitive challenges, Poly Match emerges as a cerebral enigma a juxtaposition of simplicity in initiation and intricacy in mastery. This intricate puzzle game mandates the harmonization of tiles for their eradication.

A myriad of distinctive tiles, entwined in a plethora of permutations, awaits your discerning maneuvers. To triumph in each stage, your adeptness must manifest in the systematic eradication of tiles, akin to a strategic dance with complexity.

The game dynamically elevates its complexity threshold, tethered to the quantity of tiles successfully expunged, unfurling an escalating tapestry of cognitive demands.

Start your own collection of high scores

Engage in friendly competition with companions either on a shared device or through online connectivity. Establish your repository of pinnacle achievements, engaging in spirited rivalry with acquaintances, and gauge your standing against global competitors!

Daily challenges

Embarking upon the interactive realm of amusement, we encounter a complimentary enigma enticement replete with daily challenges. This labyrinth of leisure presents a dualistic allure through its incorporation of two distinctive modes: the venerable Classic mode and the pulsating Time Attack mode.

Within the venerable Classic mode, participants find themselves engaged in a race against the relentless tick-tock of the chronometer, endeavoring to attain the pinnacle of scores. Strategic maneuvers, facilitated through the matching and elimination of tiles, become the conduits for accumulating points. The harmonious interplay of mental acuity and temporal constraints crafts an immersive experience.

Alternatively, within the dynamic Time Attack mode, players are bestowed with a finite temporal allotment to navigate the intricacies of each puzzle. Success in this temporal race bequeaths not only the satisfaction of completion but also the acquisition of coveted bonus points.

In the grand tapestry of this enigmatic diversion, the fusion of intellectual finesse and temporal exigency beckons enthusiasts. As tiles align and clocks tick, the symphony of gaming unfolds, a ballet of challenges where strategic prowess and temporal prowess converge in a harmonious crescendo.


Immerse yourself in the serenity of a captivating puzzle experience that ensnares your attention effortlessly. The objective of this leisurely game unfolds as a quest to pair tiles harmoniously.

With a deliberate pace, tiles gracefully depart the gaming tableau one by one, intensifying the challenge incrementally, beckoning your cognitive prowess to forge connections between as many pairs as conceivable.

The unfolding narrative of Poly Match introduces a distinctive gameplay mechanic, allowing the seamless interplay of tile-matching and removal. As the game unfolds, each set of removed tiles metamorphoses into a new tier, with the levels intricately randomized, weaving a tapestry of uniqueness that embellishes every gaming session.

Poly Match distinguishes itself with a novel approach, permitting you to orchestrate pair matches while concurrently eliminating tiles from the playing field. This ingenuity bestows upon you the capacity to unravel puzzles in manners hitherto inconceivable in conventional pair-matching realms.

Tailored for aficionados of classical pair-matching diversions seeking a delightful deviation, Poly Match emerges as an engaging, swiftly-paced puzzle endeavor. Its inherent simplicity renders it easily comprehensible, yet the journey toward mastery unfurls a delightful challenge, ensuring sustained fascination for those who dare to delve into its enchanting complexities.

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