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Pocket Composer is an assistant for music students, professional composers, and everyone who study music theory.
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Mar 30, 2023
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Pocket Composer MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Pocket Composer MOD APK. An Android Music & Audio App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Pocket Composer MOD APK is an application that is used to learn and play music. It is not only used to play scales and chords but also to practice progressions.

It is designed to be simple and intuitive for beginners. It is also a music-learning application. It is designed to let users learn the basics of music theory, and then apply it to their music.

It has a variety of functions that help to improve your skills as a musician. With the feature of chord recognition, you can easily find your favorite chord progression.

The chord recognition feature also allows you to recognize chords from the chords that you already know. It also has a variety of music scales that allow you to play different notes in different ways.

The application is suitable for beginner players. It also offers an easy interface that allows users to play chords and scales without difficulty. It can also help you to learn more about music theory. And it is an application that lets you enjoy learning music as well as playing music.

Scales, chords, and progressions are 3 basic elements in music. With this app, you can learn scales, chords, and progressions at home. Pocket Composer MOD APK has an extensive library of songs with the 3 elements.

You can use the app to learn to play songs that you like. Or you can use the app to learn chords and progressions that you want to master. Also, the app is fully customizable. You can adjust the song tempo and play it according to your taste.

The application is a tool that helps to analyze scales, chords, and progressions. With this app, users can play their favorite songs and learn more about music.

The app will guide the user through the process of playing a song, and then give the user tips and advice on how to improve their skill.

There are three different modes in the application: Easy, Normal, and Hard. All of which are based on difficulty. Each mode will provide the user with different levels of guidance.

Pocket Composer MOD APK provides a detailed chart and instructions for each song, which will help the user to understand the song better. With this app, users can learn to play their favorite songs and play along with the song.

Features of Pocket Composer MOD APK

More than 80,000 chords and scales in the database

Pocket Composer MOD APK is the first app with an exhaustive database of over 80,000 chords and scales in western music. You can browse through the database and look up any chord or scale you are looking for.

The app is also a very powerful chord and scale creator, allowing you to make your own chord or scale. If you have an instrument, you can apply any tuning you want and easily add notes and accidentals to any chord or scale.

Complete chord progression builder

The app contains an automatic chord builder that helps you to create your own chord progressions. You can create a chord progression by adding notes and chords to a scale.

In this way, you can create your own song or a piece of music, which can be used as an exercise or simply for fun. After creating the chord progression you can also save it, share it or listen to it later.

Pocket Composer MOD APK is a powerful tool for all music students, composers, musicians, and music lovers.

It contains a complete chord dictionary with all existing chords and scales in western music for piano and stringed instruments. Now, it adds full support for every stringed instrument with a fretboard.

Learn scales and chords for different instruments

Pocket Composer MOD APK is designed as a music theory toolbox for students, teachers, and musicians. The app contains all the scales and chords you need for any instrument.

The app also provides you with an extensive chord progression builder. This feature allows you to create chord progressions by dragging and dropping chords on a grid. You can save the created chord progressions and share them with your friends or colleagues.

Full chords dictionary and scale database

Pocket Composer MOD APK is a free app that contains a complete chord dictionary and a complete scale database with over 60 000 chords and scales.

You can download the entire database from our website. Chords are displayed on the screen and you can easily scroll through them. The app also includes an extensive and easy-to-use chord progression builder.

You can create chord progressions in any place where you cannot take your instrument with a reference bar. Pocket Composer provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use database with chords and scales for all instruments.

Search for stringed chords from easy to hardest to play

Pocket Composer MOD APK can help you find chords, scales, progressions, and fingerings for any instrument, any key, and any tuning. You can search by name, alphabetically, or by musical notation, including chord symbols, scales, keys, and tunings.

In Pocket Composer You can find chords for guitars, basses, violins, cellos, pianos, harps, flutes, clarinets, oboes, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and even recorders. You can find chords for any instrument that has a fretted string or frets that are not flat.

You can search for chord names or chord symbols, such as Gmaj7, Fmaj7, or Am7. You can search by name, alphabetically, or by musical notation, including chord symbols, scales, keys, and tunings.

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What's new

Thanks for using Pocker Composer! This release brings bug fixes that improve the usability of the app.
We have added new voicing for the piano.
We have added new R&B styles and improved some instruments.

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