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Last Updated on Jan 12, 2024
Pocket Composer is an assistant for music students, professional composers, and everyone who study music theory.
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Jan 12, 2024
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Pocket Composer MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Pocket Composer MOD APK. An Android Music & Audio App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of musical enlightenment, an application emerges as a maestro’s companion, transcending mere melodious play. It delves beyond the orchestration of scales and chords, extending its virtuosity to the exploration of harmonic progressions.

Crafted with a profound simplicity that resonates with novices, this musical pedagogue stands as an erudite guide for the uninitiated. Not just a mere tool, but an immersive odyssey into the realms of music theory, where users grasp the fundamentals and seamlessly transpose them into their sonic endeavors.

Its multifaceted repertoire of functionalities serves as a crucible for refining one’s musical acumen. An astute chord recognition feature unfurls a symphony, effortlessly discerning the intricacies of favored chord progressions.

This harmonic oracle not only identifies chords within the user’s repertoire but unfurls a myriad of musical scales, inviting a symphony of diverse notes to dance through the melodic tapestry.

Tailored for neophyte instrumentalists, it unveils an interface where chords and scales unfold with graceful simplicity. An ally in deciphering the cryptic language of music theory, it transforms the learning experience into a harmonious endeavor, merging the joy of musical discovery with the act of creating.

Within the triad of music’s foundational elements scales, chords, and progressions lies the crucible of this application’s educational sanctum. A reservoir of harmonic wisdom, it offers an extensive anthology of musical compositions, each encapsulating the essence of these three pivotal components.

Navigate through this sonic atlas to harmonize with tunes of personal affinity. Alternatively, embark on a quest to master chords and progressions that beckon your mastery. The application unveils a tapestry of customization, allowing tempo adjustments to harmonize with individual tastes.

Beyond a mere educational tool, this application metamorphoses into an analytical guide, dissecting scales, chords, and progressions with surgical precision. It empowers users to entwine their chosen melodies with a deeper understanding of musical intricacies.

Guided by three distinct modes Easy, Normal, and Hard graded by their inherent challenges, users traverse varying degrees of musical guidance. Each mode unveils a unique tapestry, offering diverse levels of assistance in mastering the art.

Comprehensive charts and directives accompany each musical composition, unraveling the intricacies of the piece. In this melodic journey, users are not only taught to play cherished tunes but are also bestowed with insights and counsel, nurturing their musical prowess.

This avant-garde application stands as a conduit between aspiring musicians and the vast expanse of musical knowledge. It is not just a tool; it is a symphonic mentor, guiding users through a harmonious journey of musical self-discovery.

Features of Pocket Composer MOD APK

More than 80,000 chords and scales in the database

Pioneering the musical frontier, this application proudly boasts the mantle of being the inaugural entity with an expansive repository harboring over 80,000 chords and scales within the Western musical tapestry. A virtual lexicon where enthusiasts can traverse, perusing an exhaustive compendium, and effortlessly unraveling the enigma of any desired chord or scale.

Distinguishing itself as not merely a repository but an alchemist of harmonies, the app emerges as a potent architect for chords and scales. It bequeaths users with the authority to sculpt their musical tapestry, birthing unique chords or scales. With instrumental prowess in hand, one can wield the magic wand of custom tuning, seamlessly imbuing chords or scales with notes and accidentals of choice.

A symphonic maestro’s haven, this application transcends the conventional, ushering in a renaissance where musical exploration knows no bounds. Traverse the vast expanse of its database or embark on a creative odyssey, forging harmonies that resonate with individual artistic inclinations. In the realm of musical creation, this app stands as a paragon, empowering musicians to compose their melodic opuses with unparalleled flexibility and artistic liberty.

Complete chord progression builder

Within this application lies an automated chord constructor, a facilitator in the creation of personalized chord progressions. Crafting a harmonic sequence becomes an intuitive process by introducing notes and chords into a musical scale.

Through this methodology, one gains the ability to fashion an individualized musical composition or melody, suitable for instructional purposes or simply as an enjoyable pursuit. Following the establishment of the chord progression, options abound to preserve, share, or indulge in auditory appreciation at a later juncture.

This tool proves to be a robust asset for students of music, composers, musicians, and enthusiasts alike.

Comprising an exhaustive chord compendium, it encompasses the entirety of chords and scales inherent in Western musical tradition, tailored for both pianos and stringed instruments. Notably, it extends comprehensive support to all stringed instruments featuring a fretboard.

Learn scales and chords for different instruments

Fashioned as a comprehensive music theory toolkit, this application serves as an invaluable resource for students, educators, and musicians alike. It houses an exhaustive collection of scales and chords tailored to meet the requirements of any musical instrument.

Notably, the application features an expansive chord progression architect. This functionality empowers users to craft chord progressions effortlessly by manipulating and positioning chords on a grid. The resultant chord progressions can be preserved for future use and effortlessly shared with friends or colleagues.

In essence, this application emerges as a sophisticated companion for those delving into music theory, providing a seamless and enriching experience for students, teachers, and musicians.

Full chords dictionary and scale database

This complimentary application stands as a repository of musical knowledge, offering a complete chord lexicon and an extensive scale compendium, boasting over 60,000 chords and scales.

Access to the entire database is readily available for download through our website. Chords grace the screen, allowing effortless navigation through their expansive variety. The app is further fortified with an inclusive and user-friendly chord progression architect.

The convenience extends to the creation of chord progressions in locations where the physical instrument cannot accompany you, providing a point of reference. A comprehensive and user-friendly chord and scale database accommodates all instruments, ensuring a seamless experience for musicians across the spectrum.

Search for stringed chords from easy to hardest to play

Pocket Composer proves to be an invaluable resource, aiding in the exploration of chords, scales, progressions, and fingerings for a myriad of instruments, spanning various keys and tunings. The application facilitates searches by name, in alphabetical order, or via musical notation, encompassing chord symbols, scales, keys, and tunings.

Within Pocket Composer, a treasure trove of chords awaits guitars, basses, violins, cellos, pianos, harps, flutes, clarinets, oboes, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and even recorders. The chords cater to any instrument featuring fretted strings or frets that are not flat.

Whether searching for chord names or symbols like Gmaj7, Fmaj7, or Am7, the application allows seamless exploration. The search functionality encompasses name-based, alphabetical, or notation-based approaches, ensuring a versatile experience for users delving into the realms of chord symbols, scales, keys, and tunings.

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Thanks for using Pocker Composer! This release brings bug fixes that improve the usability of the app.
We have added new voicing for the piano.
We have added new R&B styles and improved some instruments.

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