Planimeter MOD APK 5.3.1 (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 12, 2024
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Planimeter is a the best land surveying app and field area measure tool. You can also measure distance, perimeter, bearing, angle and GPS coordinates in different formats on Google Maps. You can save, edit, label, view, share your measurements as KML data files and screenshots.
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Jan 12, 2024
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Planimeter MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Planimeter MOD APK. An Android Productivity App comes with a Paid Unlocked MOD Available to download.

In the realm of Android applications, a sophisticated GPS accuracy tool emerges. Its primary function lies in the meticulous calculation of spatial dimensions. Harnessing the prowess of GPS technology, this application precisely computes the expanse of diverse locations, offering an invaluable utility in the domain of geographical assessment.

For the avid globetrotter, this becomes an indispensable companion. A complimentary addition to your smartphone, this app facilitates the precise evaluation of a locale’s spatial parameters. A symbiotic fusion of convenience and accuracy, it becomes an elemental tool in the toolkit of every discerning traveler.

This application extends its versatility to measure an array of locations. A utilitarian marvel tailor-made for the peripatetic soul.

In the realm of gauging geographical dimensions, it stands as the epitome of efficacy. Beyond the precincts of a mere city or village, it extends its mettle to measure the expansive borders of a country. A tool that seamlessly integrates user-friendliness with precision, ensuring a seamless and insightful exploration of spatial boundaries.

This avant-garde application not only proffers measurements but does so with unparalleled detail. Each assessment unfolds with a meticulous breakdown, rendering it the quintessential choice for those seeking nothing short of accuracy in their spatial evaluations.

Features of Planimeter MOD APK

Measure area and distance

In this application, one can assess both expanse and span. The quantification of expanse can be executed in meters or square meters.

The assessment of span provides the flexibility to utilize either the metric or the imperial framework. Moreover, dimensions such as length, breadth, altitude, and capacity are subject to measurement. These recorded metrics are stored as textual data and are transferable via electronic mail.

The planimeter incorporates a feature for archival, modification, and distribution of these evaluations. The outcomes of these measurements can be transcribed into KML files, facilitating compatibility with alternative applications.

The KML files are visualizable through the interface of Google Earth.

Calculate the area, distance, and perimeter

For those seeking insights into the expanse, span, aesthetics, and boundary of their surroundings, this robust land surveying application is indispensable.

This application furnishes an intricate cartographic representation of your locale, enabling a facile comprehension of area, span, aesthetics, and boundary. The quantification of these parameters involves a straightforward process of tapping on the map and establishing points to compute the expanse, span, aesthetics, and boundary.

With this potent tool, discerning the expanse, span, aesthetics, and boundary of your location is effortlessly within reach.

Save, edit, and export measurements

Effortlessly preserve, modify, and export your assessments using the Planimeter application, making it an exceptional land surveying app and field assessment tool.

Measure distances, perimeters, bearings, angles, and GPS coordinates in various formats directly on Google Maps. The capability to save, edit, label, and distribute your measurements as KML data files and screenshots enhances the versatility of this tool.

In summary, Planimeter stands out as the premier choice for those seeking an efficient and reliable land surveying app and field assessment tool, offering seamless preservation, editing, labeling, and sharing of measurements through KML data files and screenshots.

Measure and calculate angles

Utilize the measure tool to ascertain angles between two points or lines on the map with precision. This versatile tool not only enables the accurate measurement of any line’s length on the map but also facilitates the computation of angles between two lines. The planimeter, in essence, serves as an instrument tailored for measuring angles.

Positioned as both a land surveying app and a field measurement tool, this application extends its functionality to measuring distances, perimeters, bearings, angles, and GPS coordinates in diverse formats directly on Google Maps. The seamless ability to save, edit, label, observe, and share measurements in the form of KML data files and screenshots further underscores the comprehensive capabilities of this tool.

Measure bearing and GPS coordinates

Harness the capabilities of this application to gauge bearings and GPS coordinates seamlessly on Google Maps. Simply configure your desired direction, input the preferred length, and initiate the process by clicking the button.

The application performs real-time computations, revealing the calculated bearing and GPS coordinates directly on the map. This functionality empowers users to effortlessly measure distances, bearings, and angles within the interface of Google Maps.

For a more in-depth exploration of Earth’s locations, Google offers an exceptional application known as Google Maps. Through this application, users can discern bearings and GPS coordinates by specifying the direction and length, followed by a simple button click. The application promptly computes and showcases the results on the map.

Renowned as one of the most widely embraced applications in the market, its user-friendly interface caters to both business professionals and individuals alike. Its ease of use proves beneficial when seeking locations nearby, making it a valuable tool for various purposes.

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What's new

5.3.2 Italian version fix
5.3.1 Android 10 fix
5.1 Cirlces (IAB) and Volume
5.0 Multiple areas (IAB)
4.6 multi-point navigation Google Maps
4.5 open KML
4.4 German:
4.3 Distance and Brg feature):
4.2 share location in Notes Mode:
4.1 Quick nav to point
4 Notes Mode (IAB)
3.8.9 Guide

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