Pixolor v1.4.18 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 13, 2024
Pixolor is a circle floating over your apps showing a zoomed view of the underlying pixels, including color information and coordinates of the central pixel.
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Feb 13, 2024
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Pixolor MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Pixolor MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Pixolor emerges as an indispensable ally in the realm of chromatic selection, transcending the mundane confines of mere color identification tools. This instrument not merely facilitates the discovery of desired hues but also introduces a novel paradigm in image-enhancement techniques.

Should the necessity arise to transmute the chromatic essence of an object, Pixolor stands ready to orchestrate such a transformation with unparalleled ease. Yet, its capabilities extend far beyond the conventional boundaries of color selection; it serves as an arbiter of aesthetic refinement for imagery as well.

Employing Pixolor empowers both artisans and aficionados alike to elevate the visual appeal of designs or photographs, imbuing them with a veneer of professionalism. Its interface, characterized by its simplicity, beckons users to engage without intimidation, promising a seamless interaction. A notable hallmark of Pixolor is its liberality; it offers its services devoid of monetary requisition or disruptive advertisements.

As a beacon for color discernment on Android platforms, Pixolor facilitates instantaneous color matching with a mere gesture. Whether the quest is to embellish a photograph, a digital canvas, or any digital artifact, the solution resides within a tactile engagement.

The application’s design ethos prioritizes clarity and efficiency, ensuring that the desired spectrum is always within visual reach. Altering an image’s palette becomes an exercise in precision, achieved through the selection and application of the envisioned color with a simple click.

In the pursuit of chromatic perfection, Pixolor distinguishes itself as the quintessential companion. It endows users with the proficiency to adapt the coloration of photographs, web designs, or any creative endeavor, thereby encapsulating the essence of versatility.

Navigating Pixolor’s interface is an exercise in intuitive design, where the desired hue is summoned with a tap, and its application is but a click away. This tool is the harbinger of fidelity in color selection, enabling precise adjustments within photo editing suites or any platform requiring color accuracy.

Features of Pixolor MOD APK

Live preview of the colors of any image

Pixolor unveils the chromatic essence of any chosen pixel within an image, serving as a conduit to a wealth of color-specific data.

This tool empowers users to unravel the mysteries of color at any juncture within an image, offering a deep dive into the pixel’s chromatic characteristics.

It reveals not only the spatial coordinates of the pivotal pixel but also elucidates its color composition through RGB, CMYK, and HSL metrics.

Encompassed within a levitating orb, each nuance of the pixel’s coloration is displayed, offering a holistic view of its chromatic identity.

The pixel’s color signature is elegantly decoded in a color wheel format, with the RGB values occupying the core and the HSL values adorning the periphery, presenting a comprehensive color analysis at a glance.

See a close-up of the colors of any image

The Pixolor application elevates the process of color identification to a microscopic level, enabling users to scrutinize the hues of any image down to individual pixels. By merely hovering over a segment of the image, Pixolor presents a magnified snapshot of the pixel colors in that area. A simple click reverts the display to its original, broader perspective.

Designed as a circular, floating viewport, Pixolor offers an intimate glimpse into the pixel landscape, detailing both the color properties and the spatial coordinates of the central pixel. This functionality proves invaluable for those engaged in precise color selection tasks, such as applying a specific shade to a particular region of an artwork, ensuring accuracy and fidelity to the envisioned result.

Zoom into the exact spot of any color

Pixolor manifests as a circular overlay that drifts above your applications, offering a magnified lens into the pixel matrix beneath. This tool not only reveals detailed color data but also pinpoints the coordinates of the central pixel within its view.

It serves as a swift conduit to understanding the visual elements on your screen, permitting users to delve into precise locations for an in-depth analysis of specific colors.

Furthermore, Pixolor simplifies the task of acquiring the exact coordinates for any selected hue, streamlining the process of color identification and analysis.

Pick any color from any image

Pixolor streamlines the process of extracting color from any image with remarkable ease. By initiating a tap on the Pixolor circle, a compact preview of the selected segment pops up. Subsequently, gliding your finger across the image allows for the pinpointing of the exact shade you wish to capture.

Importantly, Pixolor is designed with privacy in mind, ensuring that no data about your image or the chosen color is retained. Should you wish to broadcast the hue you’ve singled out, a simple tap on the petite Share symbol located at the upper right edge of the Pixolor interface facilitates this. From there, you can disseminate the selected color across your preferred social media platforms, seamlessly integrating your discovery into your digital dialogue.

Color picker that works with any image

Pixolor stands as a versatile instrument, crafted to unravel the precise hues present within any image. This color picker is adept at navigating through images of any dimension and complexity with ease. By merely launching the Pixolor app, users are ushered through a straightforward pathway to identify the exact colors they seek.

Regardless of the intricacy or the uniformity of the image, Pixolor equips users with the ability to pinpoint the specific shades and tones contained within, making it an invaluable tool for anyone looking to extract and utilize colors from diverse visual sources.

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