Pixly Icon Pack v6.3 MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 30, 2024
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Jan 30, 2024
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Pixly Icon Pack MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Pixly Icon Pack MOD APK. An Android Personalization App this MOD comes with Patch Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of Android user aesthetics, it presents an icon pack that transcends the ordinary. Garnering a staggering million downloads, this icon collection finds favor among a myriad of users. Crafted with an aspiration for icon supremacy, the application extends an invitation to a diverse array of free-to-download icons, each exuding a distinct beauty.

Offering a panoply of choices, users can curate their icon experience, selecting sets that resonate with their individual preferences. Whether a penchant for simplicity or an inclination towards intricacy, customization becomes a canvas for personal expression.

Within the folds of this application lies a compendium of vibrant icons meticulously fashioned to complement the Google Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL, and Pixel 3a. Dubbed Pixly, this application emerges as a conduit for users seeking to imbue their devices with a touch of personalization.

A symphony of options unfolds, allowing users to tweak wallpapers, adopt bespoke icon themes, and even dabble in the chromatic nuances of status and navigation bars. Pixly Icon Pack stands as a user-friendly beacon, guiding enthusiasts through a labyrinth of choices to elevate their device aesthetics.

This app extends beyond the mere spectrum of colors, granting users the power to orchestrate the hues within their status bar, navigation bar, home screen wallpaper, and even the backdrop of the device’s interface. The options for customization are an expansive palette, awaiting the strokes of user preference.

From the app’s repository, an eclectic array of themes emerges, each beckoning users to plunge into a sea of creative possibilities. Ranging from a myriad of color palettes to diverse design motifs, the app empowers users to sculpt their devices into unique reflections of personal style.

Navigating through the application’s interface is a seamless journey. In its embrace, users discover a treasure trove of over 300 meticulously curated icons, each an epitome of vividness and design finesse. The freedom to handpick favorites is a sensory delight, allowing users to harmonize the colors of status and navigation bars with the chosen wallpaper.

Themes abound, creating an immersive experience within the application’s digital realm. Some designs are bestowed as gifts, while others unveil their allure behind the veil of in-app purchases. Here, the canvas of device customization expands, facilitating a truly distinctive expression.

In the tapestry of user experience, creation stands as a testament to the fusion of functionality and artistic allure. As users navigate the corridors of this icon pack, they are not merely customizing; they are crafting a personalized narrative, where every icon, color, and design choice becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of self-expression.

Features of Pixly Icon Pack MOD APK

Change colors, fonts, and styles of your icons

The application is meticulously crafted to bestow upon you the ability to metamorphose the hues, typefaces, and configurations of your icons. This digital tool liberates you, providing the autonomy to transmute the entirety of your device’s aesthetic. As an illustration, you possess the capability to alter the color palette of your status bar, navigation bar, and wallpaper, along with the backdrop of your home screen.

A plethora of alternatives beckons for personalizing your device in this fashion. Within the application’s interface, a diverse array of themes awaits your perusal. Opt for the one harmonizing with your particular requisites. You have the latitude to choose from an extensive spectrum of colors.

Additionally, you can make selections among diverse designs. While some designs are available without cost, others necessitate an in-app acquisition. This juncture is where the unique customization journey of your device unfolds.

Change the colors of the status bar, navigation bar, and walpaper

The spectrum of customization extends to altering the hues not only of the status bar, navigation bar, and wallpaper but also the icons adorning your applications. Within the realm of possibilities offered by the Pixly Icon Pack, you gain the ability to transform the backdrop of your home screen, as well as the colors of your folders.

Further granularity awaits your choices, allowing you to even modify the color scheme of the notification bar. Moreover, the textual elements within the notification bar are also at your discretion for color adaptation.

A diverse array of options stands before you, ranging from a dark-themed ambiance to a selection of hues for both the notification bar and its accompanying text. The power to determine the color of the notification bar’s text is also vested in your hands.

Change the background of the home screen

The ability to alter the backdrop of your home screen, as well as the hues gracing the status bar and navigation bar, lies within your grasp. Additionally, the colors adorning your application icons can undergo a metamorphosis, all seamlessly executed from within the confines of the application. Furthermore, the color spectrum of your system buttons is also subject to your customization.

preferencesSelect from a wide vvery of themes

The Pixly Icon Pack boasts an extensive array of themes at your disposal. Within the application’s realm, you have the liberty to cherry-pick from a diverse spectrum of colors and designs. While certain themes are available sans charge, others necessitate an in-app acquisition. The selection of a theme can seamlessly unfold directly within the application.

Moreover, you hold the creative reins to fashion your personalized color scheme. The canvas of customization extends beyond, allowing you to tweak the hues of your status bar, navigation bar, and wallpaper according to your aesthetic inclinations.

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What's new

- 15 New Icons;
- 7275 Total Icons;
- 85 Total Wallpaper with Resolution 2K;
- New Graphical Interface!
- Added Multilanguage Support!
- Added Support for Many New Launchers!
- Added Donation Buttons and Request Premium Icons!
- Added Social link(Telegram, Instagram and Facebook) in About Section!

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