Photo Resize:Compress Crop & Downsize V1.3.5.037 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 26, 2024
With Photo Resize App, you can compress or resize photos with adjust size, quality and resolution. This allows you to compress and resize large photos into smaller size photos, and the loss of image quality is minimal or negligible.
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Feb 26, 2024
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Photo Resize: Compress Crop & Downsize MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Photo Resize: Compress Crop & Downsize MOD APK. An Android Tools App comes with a Pro Unlocked MOD Available to download.

Within the realm of photo manipulation, an uncomplicated yet potent application emerges, facilitating the tasks of resizing, cropping, compressing, and adjusting with a myriad of features. This multifaceted tool extends its functionality to aid in the meticulous editing of your visual captures.

Whether optimizing your photos for seamless screen display or merely altering their dimensions to conserve space, Photo Resize stands as a robust application boasting a plethora of functions and effects. For aficionados reveling in the visual allure of their snapshots, Photo Resize emerges as the quintessential choice.

The core objective underlying this application revolves around the refinement of photos, endeavoring to impart a more condensed form. Additionally, the capability to tailor your photos for a harmonious fit on Instagram’s platform is seamlessly integrated.

The application presents a straightforward interface complemented by an extensive array of features. These encompass effortless photo resizing, coupled with the option to crop, apply filters, and adorn with frames. Noteworthy is the embedded photo editor, facilitating the application of over ten distinctive filters to augment your visual narrative.

Engage in the trifecta of resizing, cropping, and framing to enhance the visual allure of your photos. The flexibility extends to saving your visual creations in a manner that resonates with your preferences. Format compatibility is extensive, embracing JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, and RAW formats.

The application not only excels in resizing but empowers users with the freedom to select the desired photo dimensions. Remarkably, its utility transcends personal use, positioning itself as an invaluable tool for individuals navigating an extensive collection of photos.

Features of Photo Resize: Compress Crop & Downsize MOD APK

Resize photos and images

In the realm of visual composition manipulation, “Photo Resize” emerges as the epitome of finesse. This unparalleled tool, while facile in its utilization, boasts an interface that exudes simplicity and intuitive grace.

Within its expansive repertoire, the application unfolds a myriad of functions, a veritable tapestry of options beckoning the user into a realm of creative governance.

From the nuanced adjustment of photo and image dimensions to the precise excision of superfluous elements, the manipulation of aspect ratios, the judicious cropping of visual canvases, to the tasteful embellishment through textual inclusion “Photo Resize” stands as a paragon of artistic empowerment.

Compress large photos into small sizes

Within the confines of this application, the capacity to condense or adjust sizable photographs into more compact iterations is bestowed upon the user. Importantly, the diminution in image quality is of a nominal or inconsequential nature.

The capability to condense or resize expansive photographs into more diminutive dimensions is at your disposal, and the resultant images’ quality experiences only marginal alteration. To illustrate, one can compress a voluminous photograph to economize on space or reduce the dimensions of a sizable image to accommodate a more restricted area, all the while preserving a considerable portion of the original image quality.

Crop photos

Have you encountered a scenario where the image you wish to utilize surpasses the dimensions of your screen?

Perhaps, you find yourself desiring to eliminate undesired portions of an image, refining its presentation.

Enter Photo Resize, offering you the capability to tailor photos to your preferred dimensions and sculpt them into diverse shapes, be they square, rectangular, circular, or triangular.

Moreover, you possess the flexibility to crop photos into various aspect ratios, ranging from the conventional 3:4 and 4:3 to the square perfection of 1:1, the portrait-friendly 2:3, the cinematic 16:9, and the expansive 16:10. The tool grants you the finesse to curate visuals with precision, aligning them seamlessly with your creative vision.

Adjust size and quality

This photo resizer application offers seamless photo resizing and cropping. Its standout feature lies in the ability to compress or diminish the dimensions of sizable photos into more compact forms, with a minimal or inconsequential compromise in image quality.

The salient feature of this app resides in its capacity to resize photos, allowing for adjustments in size, quality, and resolution. Consequently, one can effortlessly transform photos into more petite versions while retaining image quality to a remarkable degree.

Furthermore, Photo Resize incorporates a cropping function, enabling users to excise undesirable elements from an image. The option to choose a reliable aspect ratio enhances resolution, facilitating the effortless cropping of photos to specific areas with minimal or negligible loss in image quality.

Optimize photos

Experience the optimization prowess of Photo Resize: Compress Crop & Downsize, a tool designed to streamline your photos and enhance efficiency. Employ this application to optimize your images, relishing the advantages of quicker loading times and more judicious memory utilization. Harness the potential of this app to save valuable time while elevating the overall performance of your visual content.

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What's new

New Features added
- Change Format - original, jpeg, png, webp, pdf.
- Custom path select for save photo.
- Add camera option for direct click and resize photo.
- Filter option added for easily access my photos.
- Removed minor bugs.

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