Photo Measures v1.62 MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 14, 2024
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Photo Measures is the best and easiest way to save measures on your own photos on Android.
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Jan 14, 2024
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Photo Measures MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Photo Measures MOD APK. An Android Productivity App comes with Patch Unlocked MOD Available to download.

In the realm of photo dimension gauging, behold a petite application at your disposal. When you engage in capturing moments through the lens, the subtlety may evade the realization that the photo’s proportions might be excessively voluminous.

Subsequently, you encounter the predicament of being unable to seamlessly share it on platforms like Instagram or other social networks. Enter This App, your gateway to preemptively assessing your photo’s magnitude before the grand reveal. A modest yet invaluable tool, this application proves to be the salve for many users. To partake in its utility, a requisite download awaits you on the Google Play Store.

Upon successful installation, the screen unveils the visual dimensions, providing you the autonomy to cherry-pick resolutions and calibrate the measuring metrics. For savvy enthusiasts aiming to economize both temporal and spatial resources in photo uploads, the solution lies in Photo Measures Lite a tool for gauging photo proportions. Act now, download awaits.

This application extends its prowess beyond mere photo-taking escapades involving cars, structures, and sundry objects. Users are bestowed with the ability to meticulously measure the proportions and lengths of these entities. Its user-friendliness is a hallmark, coupled with results of unerring precision.

An extensive user base bears testament to the application’s popularity. It boasts a plethora of features, empowering users to elevate the caliber of their photographic endeavors.

Features of Photo Measures Lite MOD APK

 No need to download any additional apps

Discovered within the recesses of the digital landscape, the necessity for supplementary application downloads becomes obsolete. Harmoniously integrating with pre-existing photo manipulation applications like PicPix, Picsart, and others, our tool transcends the conventional. Delving into the intricacies of your visual tapestry, this tool extends its prowess to gauge not just length and width but also the vertical dimension of the entities captured by your lens.

The user-friendly interface ensures seamless measurement experiences, making it effortlessly facile to quantify the spatial attributes within your photographic realm. Unveiling itself as the paramount and uncomplicated methodology, this tool stands as the epitome of measure preservation on the Android platform.

Embark on this measurement odyssey with unparalleled simplicity. Capture the essence of your surroundings through the lens of your smartphone’s camera app, either in a static image or dynamic video format. Then, with the utmost discernment, designate “Photo Measures” as the default screenshot application. Witness the convergence of functionality and ease as your measurements seamlessly intertwine with the digital fabric of your device.

All measures are saved automatically

Embark upon an expedition into the realm of a robust and user-friendly gauge, facilitated by a cutting-edge application. This innovative tool seamlessly preserves the metrics of any segment within your visual archives. The uniqueness lies in its innate ability to autonomously archive the dimensions of select segments in your visual reservoir directly on your electronic device.

Archive all facets of measurement be it resolution, length, width, or height associated with your visual repository housed on your smartphone or tablet.

The autonomy to cherry-pick the metrics worthy of preservation rests in your hands, affording a tailored and streamlined experience.

Should you find affinity with this application, we extend an earnest invitation to express your satisfaction through a 5-star rating.

For any hurdles encountered during your navigation, please do not hesitate to establish contact, and we stand ready to address and resolve any predicaments.

 Save measurements as wallpaper

Presenting Lite, the quintessential and most user-friendly avenue for preserving the metrics of your Android-based photo collection.

Moreover, this application seamlessly facilitates the sharing, printing, emailing, and exporting of measurements to diverse applications.

Enter Photo Measures, lauded as the preeminent and effortlessly navigable means to immortalize dimensions on your Android photo archive. With swiftness, you can measure and annotate your photos, achieving management prowess within mere seconds.

Navigating through an interface characterized by simplicity and intuitiveness, you can effortlessly archive your measurements with unparalleled ease. View your recorded metrics in varied formats lists, grids, or categorized, and readily share them across different applications.

The application extends a facile approach to measure management. Import your metrics from alternative sources or capture them directly through your camera’s lens.

Delve further into customization with the ability to craft bespoke measurements tailored explicitly for your photographic compositions. This unique feature empowers you to establish distinct and personalized metrics for your visual narrative.

 Save measures on your photos from your Photostream

Effortlessly archive your photos from the stream of imagery using the application. This streamlined process empowers you to readily identify the most fitting metrics for any given photo.

For instance, you can record measurements such as the photo’s width, length, height, and area, or even delve into its color spectrum.

Furthermore, extend your measurement repertoire to encompass the intricacies of the camera, capturing details like brightness, focus, saturation, contrast, and sharpness.

Explore the horizon of Photo Measures, where you can document the numerical essence of your photos, spanning categories such as the number of photos, resolution, date, time, title, location, and even the album to which the photo belongs.

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