PasteLina v58 MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 24, 2024
a white line icon pack icon theme with a pastel color background and oft shadow effect
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Jan 24, 2024
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PasteLina MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of PasteLina MOD APK. An Android Personalization App this MOD comes with Patch Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of digital aesthetics, behold an icon pack that elevates the visual allure of your smartphone to unparalleled heights. If the pursuit of a novel and captivating set of icons resonates with you, then cast your gaze upon this veritable masterpiece. Comprising an extensive array of icons numbering in the thousands, this icon pack grants you the freedom to adorn your interface as your imagination sees fit.

Compatibility unfurls its wings across the entire spectrum of Android versions, embracing your device with open arms, regardless of its chronological standing. The inclusivity extends further to encompass the latest and most revered launchers, such as Nova Launcher, Go Launcher, and Action Launcher, among others.

Emerge unscathed from the transition, as this icon pack seamlessly integrates itself as a worthy substitute for your default launcher, ensuring no loss of functionality.

Delve into a treasure trove of hundreds of icons, each a versatile gem awaiting deployment in myriad creative configurations. These icons wield the power to supplant the mundane facade of default applications, breathing fresh life into your smartphone’s visage.

Unlock the potential for personalization, fashioning your phone into an extension of your distinctive taste. Revel in the dual facets of darkness and light, tailor-made for diverse scenarios, enhancing the allure of your applications to a level beyond the ordinary. Let your gaze drink in the visual splendor, making every interaction with your device a feast for the eyes.

Embracing an expansive canvas, this icon pack extends its artistic reach to include a plethora of exquisite wallpapers. Transform your device into a captivating spectacle by adorning your home screen, lock screen, and every other visual tableau with these stunning backdrops. Elevate your smartphone beyond the commonplace, etching its identity in uniqueness and beauty.

The application itself is a paragon of user-friendly design, a tool accessible to the technologically initiated and novices alike. A vessel awaiting the infusion of your creative essence, the sole requisite being your imaginative prowess.

Should your mind conceive suggestions, do not hesitate to proffer them, for we are committed to assimilating user insights into the ongoing refinement of this application. Envision a future where this icon pack stands as a venerable titan among its peers, an embodiment of user-centric design and ingenuity.

Features of PasteLina MOD APK

All icons in the pack are transparent and scalable

In the realm of iconography, this assemblage of visual symbols epitomizes transparency and scalability. Effortlessly modifiable, these icons lend themselves to facile customization, permitting seamless alterations and edits. The versatility extends to sizing, where the icons gracefully adapt to screens of varied dimensions.

This collection comprises a decimation of 10 expansive icons alongside a quintuplet of diminutive counterparts. The dimensions of these icons, amenable to alteration through a resizing mechanism, render them adaptable to a spectrum of screen sizes. The chromatic palette adheres to a pristine white, augmenting the visibility and perceptibility of the icons.

Every constituent within this icon pack, delineated by its translucency and scalability, manifests an inherent adjustability. The expansiveness and diminutiveness of the icons, susceptible to modification through resizing, contribute to an idyllic symbiosis with screens of diverse proportions. The chromatic uniformity, a resolute commitment to white hues, accentuates the conspicuousness of these graphical symbols.

In the pantheon of visual representation, the icons enclosed within this compendium emerge as veritable chameleons, seamlessly conforming to the preferences of discerning users. Their plasticity extends beyond mere aesthetic alterations, venturing into the realms of size dynamics, ensuring a harmonious integration with screens of every conceivable dimension.

The monochromatic resonance, a deliberate choice of alabaster tones, further elevates the visibility quotient of these pictorial elements.

The integration of these visual elements into your digital milieu promises an immersive experience, where the language of symbols transcends mere representation. Navigate the landscape of creativity with these icons that transcend conventional constraints, embodying the fusion of form and function.

The Pastelina icon is designed with a soft shadow effect

In the realm of graphic design, Pastelina emerges adorned with a gentle chiaroscuro allure. Crafted by the adept hands of our design virtuosos, these icon packs manifest an aesthetic tapestry of unparalleled allure. Our ardent endeavor has been to imbue this collection with a sublime beauty that transcends the ordinary, anticipating that the outcome shall elicit profound satisfaction.

For those in pursuit of a novel and visually arresting icon repository, look no further, for Pastelina stands as the epitome of iconographic excellence. With its ethereal silhouette, it beckons as a compelling alternative to the customary application insignia, promising a transformative visual experience.

Change the color of the text of the app

Should the desire to modify your application’s text hue seize you, rejoice in the presence of an embedded icon within the pack. This icon boasts a vibrant rendition of your app’s nomenclature, serving as a kaleidoscopic palette for any application under the sun. Feel free to procure the app directly from the Google Play Store, granting you the liberty to employ it according to your creative whims.

Within this application lies a treasury of visually captivating icons at your disposal for personalizing your diverse array of apps. The repository of icons, generously proffered without charge, harmoniously synchronizes with all iterations of the Android operating system. This signifies that the allure of these icons can grace the interface of your devices, irrespective of their Android version.

Indulge in the seamless process of transforming your apps’ text hues by utilizing this enchanting icon ensemble. The method is elegantly straightforward a mere download of the icon pack bestows upon you the ability to metamorphose the text colors within your applications. The universality of this solution ensures its compatibility across all devices, promising an effortless and visually enriching experience.

You can choose the size of the icons from three sizes (32, 48, 64)

Pastelina’s icon ensemble unfolds in three distinct dimensions – 32, 48, and 64 – catering to the diverse expanse of phone screens. Your selection can align seamlessly with the dimensions of your phone’s display, affording you the liberty to choose any size that resonates with your visual preferences on any screen.

This icon pack is not merely a collection; it is a transformative visual metamorphosis for your phone. Embark on an exploration of visual splendor as Pastelina adorns your device with an aura of magnificence. Whether you seek novelty or allure, this icon set, comprising myriad icons numbering in the thousands, stands ready to serve your aesthetic inclinations, granting you unbridled freedom in their utilization.

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