Password Safe MOD APK 7.6.1 (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 10, 2024
Annoyed of forgetting your access data for hundreds of services, apps and co.?
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Robert Ehrhardt
Jan 10, 2024
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Password Safe MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of  Password Safe MOD APK. An Android Productivity App this MOD comes with PRO Features Download Yours Now.

Amidst the realm of safeguarding encrypted data, Password Safe emerges as a cutting-edge application dedicated to the scrupulous management of confidential information. It functions as a pivotal bastion, ensuring the impregnability of your data sanctuary—a refuge for passwords, notes, contacts, and diverse information.

Effortlessly preserve your invaluable data, ensuring unhindered accessibility regardless of your geographical whereabouts. This application epitomizes the zenith of safeguarding personal data, providing the most straightforward means to sequester your digital troves, whether on your computational enclave or mobile device.

When the mnemonic echoes of your passwords beckon, look no further than this sophisticated application. With a plethora of functionalities, it seamlessly facilitates the archival of passwords across a spectrum of online domains.

The application transcends its custodial role, endowing you with the capacity to vigilantly monitor the citadel of your passwords. Simultaneously, as you embark on the archival expedition of your data, the option to fortify it through encryption unfolds. The alchemy of encryption acts as an impervious ward against the nefarious specter of data pilferage.

Within the labyrinth of data retention, a password manager stands as a compatriot in organizational prowess, facilitating the taxonomy of your data. Should you seek a paragon in password management, this application assumes the mantle of your digital sentinel.

Delving deeper into its arsenal, Password Safe houses an inherent repository, reminiscent of a fortified vault. Within its impervious confines, your account minutiae—encompassing your electronic mail domicile, credit card numina, and login particulars—find respite. This robust contrivance liberates you from the onus of memorizing a plethora of passwords.

Behold, for Password Safe, bestows upon you the legerdemain to conjure potent, serendipitous passcodes for each bastion of your digital dominion. In the embrace of Password Safe, the specter of forsaking your login credentials dissipates like ephemeral mist. Your account details become an accessible oracle, transcending temporal and spatial constraints.

Feature of Password Safe MOD APK

Export of entries and databases to CSV

Amidst the operational framework of the Passcode Sanctuary’s functionalities, a pathway is presented to meticulously extract the inputted information, directing it into a CSV dossier. This facilitates the smooth dissemination of data among colleagues or the facile integration into alternative applications.

Opt for the exhaustive extraction of your complete dataset in the CSV framework, thus enabling seamless collaboration with diverse applications and streamlining the transfer of your data across various devices. Employ the embedded CSV export tool to effortlessly execute the import and export maneuvers concerning your information.

Backup and restore the encrypted database

In the intricate realm of digital security, the operational prowess of the Access Code Sanctuary extends to a formidable backup and restoration mechanism, serving as an impregnable repository for your entry credentials and alleviating apprehensions surrounding inadvertent data loss.

Navigating the landscape of safeguarding confidential information, such as usernames and passcodes, demands meticulous attention, especially in the context of online engagements. In the unfortunate eventuality of password amnesia, the avenue for data resurgence from the most recent archival backup stands as a bulwark for maintaining data sanctity.

Rest assured, the sanctum of inputted information remains impervious to compromise. The data citadel, wherein your vital details reside, gracefully submits to the processes of archival backup and subsequent rejuvenation, all at your discretion.

The archival modus operandi employs the robust Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption, an embodiment of unyielding security. This impervious archival maneuver unfolds seamlessly in the background, devoid of necessitating any direct user involvement.

Keep track of all your sensitive data

The VaultGuard App stands as an entrenched depository and overseer for the totality of your inputted details, offering an intricate framework for orchestrating and fortifying confidential information, especially passwords.

Leveraging the resilient AES 256-bit encryption algorithm, a contemporary and unyielding methodology for shielding information, the application assures the encryption and inviolability of your data.

Beyond its encryption mastery, the application touts adaptability in data administration, accommodating a heterogeneous spectrum of information. This includes the impervious storage of entry data associated with various services, applications, and assorted datasets.

Its functionality extends to adeptly surveilling all your sensitive information, ensuring not only scrupulous monitoring but also the secure governance of your passwords.

Categorize and sort your entries

The Access Cipher Facilitator provides a fluid apparatus for classifying and orchestrating your inputs with utmost simplicity. Effortlessly, you can navigate through your entries using a rapid search function and introduce novel entries to accommodate supplementary information.

This multifaceted attribute extends to the inception of distinctive sub-directories within the vault, facilitating the methodical storage of entries tailored to diverse purposes.

Commencing a new category is a breeze; the “addition” icon in the lowermost right corner serves as your gateway to generate as many descriptors as you find necessary. Amplify the classification by engaging with the entry itself to effortlessly append descriptors.

Moreover, the application empowers you to refine your organizational framework by modifying pre-existing descriptors linked to your entries. This dynamic functionality ensures a customized and effectively organized repository for your myriad entries.

Customizable user interface

he Password Safe offers you the versatility to choose between two customizable user interfaces, each tailored to specific preferences — a classic interface for a timeless approach and a sleek, contemporary alternative. The decision rests entirely with you, aligning with your favored mode of interaction with the password vault.

Articulated with a highly intuitive user interface and an aesthetically pleasing design, the password manager seamlessly fuses functionality with visual allure, ensuring a delightful user experience. While providing a myriad of options, its user-friendly disposition accommodates both seasoned users and novices alike.

Empowered by Password Safe, effortlessly entering your data and generating random passwords evolves into a fluid task. Tailor your security with personalized password regulations, effortlessly conjuring a plethora of varied passwords with just a few clicks. Furthermore, the ability to preserve preferred data and enrich your vault with additional information enhances the user experience.

Beyond local management constraints, the application enables you to proficiently supervise your vault, facilitating the smooth export and import of data between your device and the cloud. This dynamic functionality guarantees seamless accessibility and governance of your encrypted information.

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What's new

- initial Android Wear support
- improve Android 13 compatibility
- add option to change csv-file codec

The app is an offline product. It is not possible to do an automatic sync or backup/restore. Don't forget to make proper backups regularly! We will not be responsible for any data loss!

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