Password Safe and Manager v7.6.1 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 12, 2024
Annoyed of forgetting your access data for hundreds of services, apps and co.?
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Jan 12, 2024
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Password Safe and Manager MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Password Safe and Manager  MOD APK. An Android Productivity App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of digital security, X introduces an avant-garde password orchestration application that securely archives not only usernames and passwords but also a spectrum of sensitive data within the celestial expanse of cloud storage.

This avant-garde solution presents a fortified sanctuary for encapsulating your login credentials and additional imperative information, rendering it an empyrean choice for data guardianship. The user interface, an epitome of simplicity, belies its multifaceted capabilities.

Banish the laborious task of committing labyrinthine character sequences to memory. Harness the potency of the search tool to effortlessly unearth the requisite username and password amalgam. Centralize all your data, ensuring its omnipresent accessibility, regardless of your spatial coordinates.

This cryptographic custodian empowers you to archive information pivotal for a myriad of rationales, offering unfettered access at your beck and call. The application serves as a virtuous steward for managing not only usernames and passwords but also a tapestry of indispensable data.

Moreover, it wields the prowess to engender robust and sui generis passwords, elevating the echelon of your digital fortification. The installation and utilization of this sophisticated application are a facile endeavor.

Behold, is a password administration marvel that unfurls a plethora of functionalities, furnishing a streamlined interface for the meticulous organization and preservation of passwords. If the desire to harbor your access codes burgeons within, the preliminary prerequisite is the installation of this digital paragon.

Following the app’s installation, the reservoir awaits the infusion of your data. Each login entreats nothing more than the input of your secret passphrase, poised to be autonomously consigned to the annals of secure storage. The data, enshrined in a file, lies in wait for your perusal, easily transmittable to the canvass of your computing milieu.

Facilitating facile interfacing, the software propounds a facile modus operandi to oversee your access codes. Upon logging into your domain, it beckons the initiation of a novel cipher. Ergo, you retain the prerogative to transmute your secret code at your discretion.

Embodying the nomenclature ‘Password Safe,’ this credential curator caters exclusively to the cohort of Android aficionados. A refuge for the hallowed chalice of login information, it endows the user with the capability to spawn impregnable passkeys.

The autofill functionality, a consummate augmentation, expeditiously populates the digital monolith with your login credentials. There is no imperative for the mental assimilation of your data; Password Safe graciously effuses the required information on demand.

This application not only proffers a secure bastion for password stewardship but also extends the privilege of data scrutiny and customization. The impenetrable fortress of Password Safe ensures the clandestine nature of your data, affording you the dexterity to adroitly administer the pantheon of your access codes. Compatibility resonates ubiquitously, seamlessly embracing both the iOS and Windows factions of the digital diaspora.

 Features of Password Safe and Manager MOD APK

Create your vault and store all your sensitive data

Embarking into the realm of this application empowers you to forge an impregnable sanctuary for your confidential data, meticulously tailoring its organization to meet your bespoke requirements. This robust and secure solution offers a formidable bulwark for the sanctity and systematic arrangement of your sensitive information.

With a singular password, you gain mastery over the orchestration of your vault, seamlessly navigating through the expanse of sensitive data with unparalleled ease.

The creation of your vault is not merely a task; it is a symphony of security and meticulous organization. In this digital bastion, you wield the power to not only safeguard your passwords and data but also to sculpt their arrangement with an unwavering assurance of safety and order.

Within the app’s embrace, your ability to craft vaults knows no bounds. Feel the liberation to birth as many as your aspirations dictate, imbuing them with a structure defined by subfolders and folders, each a microcosm of meticulous data curation.

Elevate your security measures by crafting multiple passwords for each vault, adding an extra layer of safeguarding. Moreover, adorn your vaults and items with the finesse of personalization through the addition of notes and tags.

In the crucible of this application, the mundane act of data management transforms into an art form, where security, organization, and customization converge to create a digital tapestry tailored to your discerning preferences.

Manage and organize your data securely

This formidable tool stands as an unparalleled ally in the meticulous orchestration and secure stewardship of your data. Within the app’s sanctuary, you can ensconce your entered data be it usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and more with an impenetrable shield of security. The act of data preservation transcends the ordinary as you deposit your digital valuables into the app’s secure vault, shielded from prying eyes.

A seamless search functionality within the app augments your experience, allowing the swift retrieval of saved items at your fingertips. The era of data disarray dissipates as convenience intertwines with security in the digital embrace of this application.

Moreover, fortify the bastion of your digital domain by erecting a master password, a sentinel that stands guard over the sanctity of your data vault. In this encrypted haven, your apprehensions about the loss of sensitive data dissipate, offering peace of mind in the knowledge that your digital assets are safeguarded with the highest levels of security.

In the crucible of technological innovation, this tool emerges not just as a guardian of data but as a harbinger of peace, assuring that your digital footprint remains not only secure but also effortlessly accessible in the tapestry of your technological endeavors.

Keep track of your passwords and login data

This application stands as an impregnable bastion, melding security with user-friendly functionality to deftly manage and monitor the entirety of your entered data. Every iota of information entrusted to its care undergoes a cryptographic metamorphosis, ensuring an impenetrable shield against prying eyes. The onus of remembrance rests solely upon your master password, a singular key to unlock the encrypted troves within.

Navigating the data landscape within the application is a facile endeavor. Effortlessly augment your database by adding, deleting, or reshuffling data, all with intuitive ease. The power to tailor the digital tapestry to your preferences lies at your fingertips.

Beyond the conventional, this tool empowers you to carve out a personalized data domain. Craft and modify custom fields with unparalleled freedom, adding a layer of individuality to your digital haven. Importing contacts from your address book seamlessly integrates your social and professional spheres with the ease of a few clicks.

In essence, this application emerges not merely as a data custodian but as a harmonious blend of security and user-centric design, beckoning you into a realm where the management of your digital footprint is both an art and a science.

Have a backup for your data in case of any loss

Prudence dictates the establishment of a contingency plan for your data, safeguarding against unforeseen losses.

Within the confines of this application, the provision for a data backup becomes a paramount feature. Picture a scenario where inadvertent deletion or device loss casts a shadow over your digital landscape – fear not, for the safety net of a backup file awaits. In the eventuality of such misfortunes, your data vault remains accessible through the conduit of the backup file, a testament to the resilience ingrained in this technological sanctuary.

The restorative capability of this tool shines in moments of adversity. Should the need arise, effortlessly resurrect your data into the application, reinstating the harmonious flow of your digital endeavors. The specter of data loss dissipates, replaced by the assurance that, even in the face of unforeseen challenges, your digital tapestry remains intact and ready for seamless continuation.

Have a copy of your data in different places

The Password Safe and Manager extends a versatile proposition, affording you the flexibility to replicate your data across diverse locales. Your data finds safe harbor not only within the confines of this application but also in external bastions such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud Drive, and more. This strategic dispersal of data ensures a fortified bulwark against unforeseen contingencies, offering you a mosaic of secure options for both backup and restoration.

The symphony of security crescendos as you navigate the choice to store your data directly within the app on your mobile device. This dual-pronged approach, spanning both external and internal storage, amplifies the resilience of your digital fortress.

In the eventuality of a need to retrieve or replicate your data, the Password Safe and Manager stands as a sentinel of reliability, transcending the limitations of a singular location. Embrace the liberty to choose where your data resides, knowing that, regardless of the chosen repository, the fabric of security and accessibility remains unwavering.

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What's new

- initial Android Wear support
- improve Android 13 compatibility
- add option to change csv-file codec

The app is an offline product. It is not possible to do an automatic sync or backup/restore. Don't forget to make proper backups regularly! We will not be responsible for any data loss!

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