Partial Screen v1.18.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 14, 2024
If you have a broken, damaged or defective display where appear all kinds of accidental, random, arbitrary, self, ghost ... but all the same unwanted touch.
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Andrii Ichenets
Feb 14, 2024
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Partial Screen MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Partial Screen MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Partial Screen emerges as a streamlined application engineered to amplify your screen’s utility, mirroring the split-screen functionality found in Windows ecosystems. Yet, its capabilities extend far beyond mere division. With an array of features, Partial Screen empowers you to master your mobile device.

The application permits the swift concealment of the status, menu, and navigation bars, unveiling the screen’s untapped expanse. It assists in uncovering and deploying the residual area at your disposal.

For individuals reliant on the navigation bar for device maneuvering, Partial Screen enhances your mobile interaction. It stands as an indispensable instrument for those yearning to reclaim their screen’s full potential. Daily phone users will discover in Partial Screen a design crafted for optimized utility, ushering in an era of efficient mobile usage.

Further, Partial Screen functions as a conduit for projecting your Android device’s screen, facilitating access to the phone’s desktop interface for particular tasks. It offers an ideal solution for maximizing smartphone screen real estate.

Characterized by its minimalistic resource footprint, this app affords you the latitude to tailor the screen’s displayed content. Its user-friendly and straightforward interface complements the ease of capturing screen snapshots. To embark on this enhanced screen experience, simply proceed to download and install the application.

Features of Partial Screen MOD APK

Block any kind of touch in the specified area

Partial Screen introduces a revolutionary feature allowing you to restrict touch input across any segment of your display, akin to a transient silencer. This utility is invaluable for preventing accidental interactions on your device during various activities such as navigating, gaming, viewing multimedia, or any situation where undisturbed usage is paramount.

This functionality serves as an excellent safeguard for your confidentiality and fortifies your device’s security whilst you traverse daily life.

Blocked areas can be set by time interval

During periods of focus and productivity, the intrusion of message notifications can serve as a significant distraction, a scenario all too common in today’s connected environment. In response to this challenge, App provides a solution tailored to enhance your work efficiency.

By enabling the configuration of time-based blocked zones, the App empowers you to allocate undisturbed intervals for your tasks, ensuring that messages, calls, and other notifications are held at bay until a designated time. This feature allows for a harmonious balance between focused work sessions and staying informed of important communications.

Minimized and combined into zones

The App introduces a streamlined approach to managing active applications on your device, facilitating the minimization and amalgamation of apps into designated zones. This functionality allows for a more organized and efficient use of your phone’s interface. Users have the flexibility to either reduce an app into a zone or merge multiple applications into a singular compartment.

Additionally, the App provides the capability to adjust the size of minimized apps by interacting with the window’s borders, offering further customization. Should the need arise to revert to the app’s full interface, restoring it to its original dimensions is effortlessly achieved.

Incorporating multi-window support, the App enhances multitasking capabilities, permitting the simultaneous operation of several applications within a unified view. This feature significantly augments productivity by enabling users to interact with multiple apps without the need to switch contexts continuously.

Block the touch in the specified area

Partial Screen is an intuitive application designed to maximize the utility of your screen, emulating the split-screen functionality found on Windows platforms while offering much more. Through its extensive suite of features, The App empowers users to take comprehensive control of their mobile devices.

One of the standout functionalities includes the ability to restrict touch input within designated areas of the screen. This feature proves invaluable for users engaged in gaming or movie watching, allowing for the selection of touch-block zones and their active durations.

Additionally, The App offers customization options for the status bar, including the ability to modify its appearance and color through the “Customize status bar” setting.

Beyond these, The App is equipped with a range of adjustments to enhance your viewing experience. Users can tailor the screen’s brightness and contrast levels using the “Adjust brightness” and “Adjust contrast” features, respectively.

For those seeking compatibility with specific hardware, The App allows for the selection of both the device and the operating system version, ensuring a tailored and optimized application performance.

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Version 1.18
- Improve stability
- Rework rotation logic

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