Parental Control Kidslox v9.1.3 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 12, 2024
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Feb 12, 2024
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Parental Control Kidslox MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Parental Control Kidslox MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the digital era, the Kidslox application emerges as a beacon for guardians aiming to oversee their progeny’s telephonic engagements. Crafted with simplicity and intuition at its core, this tool empowers caregivers.

Upon reception of a notification, custodians are instantly apprised of their offspring’s whereabouts and activities, establishing a digital vigilance.

With Kidslox, guardians wield the power to modulate their young ones’ digital interactions across all Android platforms. This apparatus serves as a conduit for parents to surveil and curate their children’s digital footprint.

The software endows you with the capability to scrutinize every digital gesture of your progeny. Surveillance extends across textual communications, telephonic conversations, geographical positioning, social connections, and application usage. An automatic alert system fortifies this vigilance, notifying you upon detection of specified activities.

Thus, digital stewardship over your child’s mobile device becomes effortless. Constraints on usage duration and application accessibility can be instituted, among other features imbued within the app to bolster parental control.

Kidslox stands as a bulwark against the multifarious digital perils, furnishing a comprehensive suite of monitoring tools for guardians. It simplifies the imposition of digital boundaries through features like remote screen locking—precluding offspring from device usage.

Moreover, the software avails restrictions on app engagement, permitting guardians to delineate access to select applications. Beyond these, an array of functionalities augments its ease of use, reinforcing Kidslox as an indispensable ally in the quest for digital child safety.

Features of Parental Control Kidslox MOD APK

Secure parental control app with no hidden costs

The Kidslox Parental Control application stands as a bastion of digital oversight, effortlessly enabling guardians to regulate their progeny’s screen engagement, ascertain their whereabouts, impose restrictions on applications, and supervise application interactions. Anchored in cutting-edge technological advancements, Kidslox pledges a fortified and reliable haven for familial digital interactions.

This application, compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, acts as a guardian against unsolicited digital content, while simultaneously equipping parents with an arsenal of tools to meticulously oversee their child’s digital consumption. With Kidslox at their disposal, guardians can precisely block undesirable applications and web domains, curtail internet connectivity, universally suspend application functionality, limit device operation, and beyond. The flexibility to impose app-specific constraints or a blanket prohibition on all applications underscores the comprehensive control afforded by Kidslox.

Block apps and restrict access to the internet

Guardians possess the authority to deactivate applications and diminish internet accessibility on their offspring’s gadgets, a measure that ensures the young ones’ digital realm remains untainted by unsuitable content. Furthermore, this empowerment extends to the ability to oversee their children’s gadgets from afar, pinpoint their geographical positioning, and limit their online engagements.

The Kidslox Parental Control application, coupled with its screen time monitoring feature, stands as a fortress of digital discipline, simplifying the process for parents to moderate screen exposure, locate their child’s whereabouts, deactivate undesirable applications, and scrutinize application usage with ease.

Track app usage, time spent, and location

Parental Control Kidslox emerges as a safeguarding tool, both seamless in operation and robust in ensuring your young ones are shielded from digital detriments, whilst still accessing their favored applications. This application diligently catalogs the duration your children dedicate to each app, amassing a comprehensive tally of their app engagement time. Moreover, it provides real-time insights into your offspring’s movements, offering peace of mind regarding their whereabouts at any juncture.

The functionality extends to the ability to embargo certain apps, customize the app landscape they can navigate, and assess the frequency of app usage. Kidslox stands readily available for download on both the App Store and Google Play, positioning itself as a cornerstone for digital parenting.

Block-specific apps, such as Facebook, YouTube, and others

Initiating and maneuvering through the setup of Parental Control Kidslox is a straightforward process, requiring mere minutes for guardians to install the application, integrate the widget, and establish their accounts.

Operating on a principle of geographical awareness, Parental Control Kidslox activates upon the child’s departure from the home, maintaining vigilant tracking of their movements. Its adaptability extends across a broad spectrum of digital apparatuses, including smartphones, tablets, and even wearable technology, ensuring comprehensive compatibility and oversight.

Control the amount of time and data used by the children

Parental Control Kidslox stands out as the premier solution for guardians keen on moderating their offspring’s digital exposure. This application empowers you with comprehensive oversight over your children’s screen time, facilitates the tracking of their whereabouts, enables the obstruction of specific applications, and grants access to a detailed log of their digital activities. By leveraging Kidslox, you affirm your commitment to safeguarding your children’s digital well-being and fostering their physical health.

The platform offers a panoramic view of the time your progeny dedicates to their smartphones, tablets, or computers. It also provides insights into their data usage and geographical position. Notably, Kidslox possesses the capability to selectively block applications on your children’s gadgets, offering tailored control to meet your parental objectives.

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What's new

1. Upgraded statistics - better organised screentime, and web and search history display;
2. Improved security - additional steps to ensure children can't change account details;
3. Help bot improvements - talk to the in-app chat bot to resolve issues & get the most out of Kidslox;
4. Minor bug fixes and UI changes.

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