Paperly Paper Plane Adventure MOD APK 5.0.2 (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Aug 02, 2023
Go on an exciting paper plane flight adventure, learn different flight mechanics & reach your destination.
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Aug 02, 2023
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Paperly Paper Plane Adventure MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Paperly Paper Plane Adventure MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Paperly Paper Plane Adventure MOD APK is a new adventure game that has been developed by the team of the developer Kizunai. It is a puzzle game with an interesting concept.

The game is divided into two stages. The first stage is the preparation stage, where the player needs to make a paper plane, and the second stage is the actual flight.

The basic idea of the game is to help the player to fly the paper plane. In order to achieve this goal, you need to control the plane by using the mouse.

You can fly it up, down, right, left, and back. There are many obstacles in the way. When the plane flies, you need to avoid them and keep the plane in the air.

The more you fly, the higher the score you get. However, the obstacles are not easy to deal with, so you need to learn how to use the controls very well.

In addition to the flight, you also need to collect the power-ups and items. There are different power-ups in the game, and each one has its own effect.

The power-up will help you to fly higher or faster. The player can collect the item, such as a bomb, a parachute, and a magnet, by collecting them.

Paperly Paper Plane Adventure MOD APK is a game that provides a new experience for the players. The game is developed by a company called Gameloft.

The game is one of the adventure game with beautiful graphics. The game is set in a paper plane and paper airplanes. The game is suitable for children.

The game is divided into two parts. The first part of the game is the story. In the game, you can play as the pilot of the paper plane. In the second part of the game, you can play as the paper planes. The game is suitable for children.

In Paperly Paper Plane Adventure MOD APK, you can use your own imagination to fly through the sky. You can enjoy the journey of paper planes. You can design your own paper airplane. You can enjoy the fun of flying.

Features of Paperly Paper Plane Adventure MOD APK

Collect coins & unlock bonuses

Paperly Paper Plane Adventure MOD APK is a physics-based flying game, where you’ll be able to collect coins & unlock bonuses.

There are 2 different planes in the game; the first is a regular paper plane & the second is a paper plane with wings that you can change between different colors.

There are various challenges that you can complete & earn different coins & unlock bonuses.

The game starts with a tutorial where you’ll learn how to fly your paper plane. You’ll be able to collect coins & unlock bonuses as you play the game.

Earn daily rewards

You will be provided with a Daily Reward every day after completing a level, which will be used to unlock a new level in the game.

You will be given a total of 30 days to complete all 30 levels. Earn Daily Rewards by completing various challenges. Earn Experience Points (XP) by flying well and earning Gold coins.

The more XP you get, the higher level you get. The more levels you get, the higher your score. You can upgrade your planes with Gold Coins, or buy new planes with Gold Coins. Use the in-game shop to purchase upgrades or get help from your friends.

Avoid obstacles, land safely, and avoid collisions

Paperly Paper Plane Adventure MOD APK is an Arcade game that takes place on an endless sky filled with different obstacles and other planes.

The goal is to reach the destination and land safely. The gameplay is driven by physics and the player needs to avoid obstacles and other planes, as well as land safely to progress.

Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure is a physics-driven arcade game where you try to fly a paper plane as far as you can while avoiding obstacles, landing safely, and avoiding collisions. Fly through a maze of obstacles in the sky.

Explore different environments and reach your destination

Paperly Paper Plane Adventure MOD APK is a physics-driven game. The player controls a paper plane to explore different environments, reach a destination, and avoid obstacles along the way.

The player must first learn basic flying techniques, such as controlling the pitch, roll, and yaw of the plane, before the player can start moving to other locations.


Paperly Paper Plane Adventure MOD APK where you have to learn and master the basics of paper airplane design. The goal of the game is to get from the starting point to the destination in the shortest amount of time.

Paperly is a physics-driven game. It is the only paper airplane game where you can use gravity to your advantage and learn the basic concepts of physics.

In this game, you can learn about air resistance, lift, drag, and other important factors that affect the flight of a paper airplane. You can also learn about the wind and how it affects the flight of the airplane.

You can start a game with either a pre-designed airplane or one you have designed yourself. You can choose the difficulty level and the number of objects on the screen. The more objects on the screen, the harder the game becomes.

Paperly Paper Plane Adventure is designed to teach you the basics of paper airplane design and to show you how to use physics to your advantage.

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