Panzer War MOD APK 2023.8.6.1-OBT (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Aug 08, 2023
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Aug 08, 2023
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Panzer War MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Panzer War MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Panzer War MOD APK is a third-person shooter where you take control of a tank. It is a game that you can play with two friends or by yourself. You have to protect your base and destroy the enemy. Panzer War is a game that is based on the classic game of Panzer General.

You have to build your own base to survive and defend it against the enemy. This game is completely free to play, so it’s time to test your skills. You will have to control your tank and fight the enemy. You will have to defend your base, destroy the enemy and protect your friends.

Panzer War MOD APK is a tactical action game in which players have to take part in the war. The game is published by the publisher LPC.

The game is based on the popular game series, Panzer General. In this game, you will take command of a tank and participate in battles between the enemy tanks.

You can see all the information about your enemies and the maps you are on. In addition to that, you will have access to the resources, weapons, and ammunition that you need.

The gameplay of Panzer War MOD APK is similar to that of the previous version. Players will be forced to take part in the war to eliminate the enemy, and the main goal is to take over the enemy’s territory.

Players will be able to build their own base and choose their own strategy. There will be a variety of tanks that players can choose from.

The tanks have their own strengths and weaknesses. Each tank has a different style of attack, so it is important to choose a tank that fits your strategy. You can also choose to customize your tank according to your personal preferences.

Features of Panzer War MOD APK

Battle in over 40 missions across 5 campaigns

Panzer War MOD APK is a tactical military strategy game. Your objective is to destroy your opponent’s base before he destroys yours. As you play, you’ll get to see the battlefield from the eyes of the commander.

The game features more than 40 missions with 5 campaign modes. There are 12 tanks available to start with, each with different statistics and abilities. In addition, you’ll be able to upgrade your tanks with different parts.

Collect resources to upgrade your tanks

In Panzer War, you will be able to collect resources to upgrade your tanks. Every resource will be used to upgrade your tanks. You can get the resources by destroying enemy tanks.

The resources that you will need to upgrade your tanks are fuel, oil, and metal. Choose a tank and battle! Upgrade your tanks and equip them with the best weapons available.

Use the resources you gather to upgrade your tanks and equip them with the best weapons available.

Battle against enemies in real-time

Download Panzer War MOD APK and take part in real-time battles. Pick your favorite tank and battle against other tanks in real-time.

Play with your friends and battle against them online. Take advantage of your skills and use your tank’s strengths to defeat the enemy.

Use the terrain to your advantage

In Panzer War MOD APK, you will get a chance to use the terrain to your advantage as you fight to protect your tank and your base.

It’s up to you to take control of your tank and defeat the enemy while making use of the terrain to your advantage.


Panzer War MOD APK is a simple strategy game. On the battlefield, you can play on the map or choose a tank and battle with your opponents. You can play a single battle or play a series of battles to win a war.

You can move tanks around the map, capture enemy bases, and destroy enemy tanks. It is the classic tank warfare game, where you must defend your base and attack your opponent’s base.

There are many types of tanks, including medium tanks, light tanks, and heavy tanks. They have different stats and abilities. Different tanks have different strengths and weaknesses.

When you are playing on the map, you can move your tanks around, but when you are attacking enemy bases, you can only move them slowly. So, it is better to stay in your base and control the battle.

When you defeat your enemies, they will leave behind some resources. You can use those resources to build new tanks or upgrade your tanks.

You can play on the map, or play a single battle or a series of battles. The battle is a series of fights. You can select a tank and play a series of battles. You can play a single battle or a series of battles to win a war.

In the battle, you can capture enemy bases, destroy enemy tanks, and attack enemy bases. You can also control the flow of the battle by using resources you win in the fight. Panzer War is very easy to play, but it requires a lot of strategies.

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What's new

1. Add new fire mechanic,Round Fire. It will improve the fire mechanic of Sd.Kfz 7/1 and M42A1.
2. Improve the explosion formula. It will extend HE explosion range and improve ram damage.
3. Improve the control of Mi-24

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