Office Documents Viewer v1.36.13 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Dec 21, 2023
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Dec 21, 2023
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Office Documents Viewer MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Office Documents Viewer MOD APK. An Android Business App comes with Premium Unlocked MOD Available to download.

Office Documents Viewer, an avant-garde tool facilitating the direct perusal of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files on your Android device. Engage in the visualization, manipulation, and preservation of these files seamlessly via your mobile conduit. Universal compatibility extends its reach to all Windows mobile phones and tablets.

Within this application’s purview, the repository of documents domiciled on your device beckons exploration. Annotative contributions and direct commentary burgeon organically within the document’s expanse.

Manifesting versatility, one can unveil and modify files sourced from the gallery or dispatch them to a designated email repository. The app bestows operational viability both on the move and offline, tethering your documents securely to your phone, thereby forestalling inadvertent losses during file deletion.

Deliberately architected, the Office Documents Viewer app assumes the mantle of an indispensable instrument, endowing users with the trinity of viewing, editing, and safeguarding their textual artifacts. Augmenting this triad, the app proffers reconnaissance and premonitory glances into a document’s essence.

Furthermore, the user exercises discretion in electing to showcase, transcribe, or conserve the document at hand.

Crafted with a user-centric ethos, this application stands as a conduit for meaningful interaction—affording the user panoramic access to a diverse array of file types including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, and PDF. Direct desktop infiltration unveils a seamless portal to the user’s documents and directories.

Emanating from the crucible of the Office Documents Viewer, users traverse an interface where the transcendence from viewer to editor is effortless. A facile assimilation of amendments converges with the facility to archive said alterations. Social engagement takes center stage as users partake in the sharing saga, dispersing documents through email, Facebook, Twitter, and sundry social networks.

Opting out of document archival, the user invokes the “Print” leviathan, unfurling the prospect of a tangible manifestation. Simultaneously, the archives echo their existence audibly from the desktop, further affirming the application’s symbiotic relationship with user workflow.

Feature of Office Documents Viewer MOD APK

Printing documents via Google Cloud Print

In the quest for document reproduction, a prerequisite involves enrolling in the complimentary Google Cloud Print service. Subsequently, your printer inventory becomes accessible through the printer icon embedded within the application.

Your printing avenues unfold expansively. Manifesting documents from your SD card, the gallery, the documents repository, and the cloud becomes a seamless operation. Direct printing from the gallery, documents archive, and cloud repository is also feasible.

The installation and utilization of the Office Documents Viewer application prove to be an uncomplicated affair, empowering you to execute printing tasks with a solitary click.

An extensive array of visuals awaits your perusal in our curated gallery. The incorporation of any chosen images into your Google Drive adds a layer of convenience.

The unpaid version of this application facilitates document printing sourced from the SD card, the gallery, the documents directory, and the cloud. Moreover, direct printing from the gallery, documents folder, and cloud repository is a functionality seamlessly woven into its fabric.

View ZIP archives

Effortlessly, this app streamlines your interactions with ZIP archives, providing a convenient means to open and inspect their contents. Whether scrutinizing a folder or contemplating its contents, the app delivers a condensed presentation. The option to store the archive’s contents locally or share them with others further enhances the app’s utility.

The archive is showcased methodically, delineating files, folders, and nested subfolders. In instances where subfolders exist within the archive, the user gains the capacity to expand them for a detailed view.

Preservation of the archive’s contents on your device or sharing them with others is a feature endowed by this versatile application.

Read text documents aloud (requires Android 4.0 or higher)

The Office Documents Viewer stands as a nimble and swift document reader, distinguished by its sophisticated capabilities in narrating text documents audibly.

In scenarios where a text document resides on your SD card or within a designated folder on your mobile device, this application extends its functionality to vocalize the content. The app provides the option to either audibly read the document or directly initiate the audio playback.

Open Office and ODF files

The Office Documents Viewer, formerly recognized as Mobile Document Viewer, emerges as a compact and expeditious document reader tailored for Open Document Format (OpenOffice, LibreOffice), OOXML (Microsoft Office), and diverse productivity-oriented document formats.

This versatile application facilitates the unveiling of documents generated by office productivity applications, spanning text files, spreadsheets, and presentations. Documents domiciled in the file system, such as those on an SD card, or acquired through downloads, as well as files hosted on platforms like Dropbox, Box, or attached to emails, find accessibility through this app.

Notably, the application accommodates the opening of both OpenOffice and ODF documents with seamless efficiency.

Built-in search engine

Embedded within the functionality of the Office Documents Viewer applies an integrated search engine, designed to expedite and simplify the process of locating documents on your Android device.

The app harnesses an exhaustive index of all files and folders resident on your phone, empowering you to swiftly search for a file or folder based on criteria such as name, date, size, type, or content.

The search capabilities extend beyond mere file and folder identification, allowing users to seek out specific words within text files or web pages. The Office Documents Viewer app seamlessly opens and displays documents directly from the phone’s file system, enhancing the efficiency of document retrieval.

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