Ocean Is Home v3.4.5.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Jan 01, 2024
Ocean is home: Island Life Simulator is a free 3D first-person island life simulator that takes you to an archipelago of distant scenic islands.
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Jan 01, 2024
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Ocean Is Home MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Ocean Is Home MOD APK. An Android Simulation Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

The interactive odyssey of “Ocean Is Home,” is an enticing escapade that unravels the tapestry of familial existence on a diminutive island. As the game’s narrative unfurls, honing your acumen for environmental interaction becomes paramount, entailing decisions that reverberate through the fabric of your daily life. The game’s landscape is rife with a plethora of obstacles and scenarios, offering a diverse spectrum of challenges.

Navigate through the dynamic evolution of the game, encountering a kaleidoscope of challenges that demand discernment. Choices become the linchpin, with consequences threading through the narrative in a labyrinth of causality.

“Ocean Is Home” emerges as a nascent life simulation endeavor, a gift from the adept developer LPC, anchored in the allure of a resplendent island.

The player becomes the orchestrator of their existence on the island, a haven teeming with captivating intricacies. The game’s interface, a paragon of simplicity, harmonizes seamlessly with a visually arresting design. The island itself becomes a tapestry of encounters with a myriad of captivating individuals.

Set against a backdrop of exquisite environmental aesthetics, the island unfolds as a realm ripe for exploration. Traverse its expanse at will, uncovering a trove of fascinating discoveries. Player agency extends to the customization of the island, from erecting abodes to cultivating farms, establishing shops, and creating gastronomic havens.

Embark on this virtual sojourn alongside a maternal figure and two progenies, serving as mentors to ease your assimilation into the gaming milieu. Subsequently, tasks are delegated, serving as crucibles to transcend specific levels.

Each new assignment bears a temporal constraint, rendering progression unattainable sans the fulfillment of stipulated requisites. “Ocean Is Home” intricately intertwines with the narrative of island survival, compelling you to navigate the challenges inherent in such an environment.

Survival unfolds as a meticulous choreography of caring for your virtual kin. Sustaining them demands toil provisioning, nurturing, and attending to their myriad needs. Vigilance extends to ensuring their safety and sanctuary in the island’s embrace.

Features of Ocean Is Home MOD APK

Explore the archipelago of islands and discover the secrets of their islands

Embark upon the odyssey through the archipelago of isles, delving into the clandestine enigmas veiled within each island of Ocean Is Home. The plethora of islands within beckon exploration.

Each islet unravels a unique saga, inhabited by a myriad of distinctive fauna and human inhabitants. Unearth the enigmatic tales shrouded within these insular realms.

Immerse yourself in varied roles be it a piscatorial expert, a keen pursuer, a cultivator of the land, a seasoned mariner, a healer in the community, or an intrepid journeyer. Traverse the archipelago of isles, unraveling the concealed mysteries ensconced within their distinctive domains.

Unlock new islands and new locations to visit

Embark on a journey with Ocean Is Home, granting you passage to diverse isles featuring distinct locales from sandy shores and towering peaks to lush woodlands and quaint hamlets. Noteworthy among these islands are Volcano Island, Tropical Island, and the Island of the Mermaids.

Traverse the landscape, unveiling new isles and destinations for exploration. Amass an array of items and resources while aiding the denizens of these islands in their day-to-day existence.

Collect unique items and craft useful tools

The genesis of these creations lies in the extraction of raw materials from the natural surroundings. Combining these elemental resources allows the crafting of an assortment of pragmatic articles, ranging from a fishing mesh to an axe or even an ingenious catapult.

Embark on a sojourn within the confines of an archipelago adorned with remote and picturesque islands. The gaming experience unfolds as you gather an array of diverse items, essential for the fashioning of practical tools vital for your sustenance on the island.

Build your own house and furnish it with unique items

Craft a domicile of your own within Ocean Is Home, fashioning it with distinctive embellishments. Engage in shared escapades with friends and family by establishing a private island, and extending invitations to fellow players for collaborative endeavors.

In Ocean Is Home, constructing your residence is just the beginning. Enhance your living spaces with unique items, and bedeck each room with a curated collection of furniture and objects. The more acquisitions and installations you make, the more the spaces within your dwelling come alive with character and charm.


The immersive journey of Ocean Is Home, is a complimentary 3D first-person island life simulation, transporting you to an archipelago adorned with distant, scenic islands.

Your expedition involves exploring the expanse of the island, uncovering resources, crafting essential items, and engaging in trade with fellow players.

Commencing with your awakening on a secluded island, the objective in Ocean Is Home is singular: survival. Procure sustenance, water, refuge, and tools necessary for erecting a secure dwelling. Vigilance is paramount, given the myriad dangers lurking on the island.

Navigate encounters with other inhabitants potential neighbors, companions, or adversaries. As the protagonist, you must navigate decisions that shape your character’s destiny and objectives. The mastery of the island life simulator becomes a crucial skill as you learn to adapt and thrive in this dynamic environment.

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What's new

In this update, we have added a new job for transporting goods. Take your truck or van and earn your first capital. We have also started work on updating the island - soon it will become even more beautiful. Have a good game! =)

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