OBDeleven v1.4.8 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Dec 19, 2023
The OBDeleven VAG application, coupled with the OBDeleven NextGen device, is designed to give all Volkswagen Group (VAG) enthusiasts and professionals more control over their vehicles. With an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, you’ll be able to make advanced changes, modifications and customizations of your vehicle.
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Dec 19, 2023
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OBDeleven MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of OBDeleven MOD APK. An Android Auto & Vehicles App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

This mobile application stands as the technological oracle for users seeking to unravel the mysteries of their car engines. Beholding an arsenal of functions ranging from deciphering the enigmatic check engine light to scrutinizing the oil level, coolant temperature, and an array of other intricate indicators.

Within the digital confines of this app, users embark on a journey to unveil the enigma shrouding their car’s engine health, poised to identify the elusive culprits behind any malaise. Through a symbiotic dance with the vehicle’s OBD port, nestled discreetly in the bosom of many automobiles, this app retrieves a trove of information, unraveling the secrets of the engine and its myriad components.

Behold an application that metamorphoses your smartphone into a sage of automotive wisdom, an alchemical concoction that not only diagnoses your car’s tribulations but also presents the elixir for resolution. Plunge into the depths of data emanating from the OBD port, an umbilical connection forged between the mobile realm and the intricate innards of your cherished vehicle.

This stands not merely as a diagnostic tool; it emerges as the vanguard, the harbinger of vehicular enlightenment for car connoisseurs. It has etched its place as the preferred confidant for those hungry for insights into their automotive companions. The interface, a paragon of simplicity, beckons even the uninitiated with its user-friendly allure.

Unlock the essence of your car’s well-being with a mere tap on your device. The app unfurls a tapestry of functions, a cornucopia of health checks for your cherished chariot. Simplicity meets functionality, effortlessly paving the way for swift repairs. Bridge the realms by tethering your phone to your vehicle, a conduit for vital information awaits your beck and call.

OBDeleven, the maestro of VAG car diagnostics, assumes the role of a vigilant sentinel, whether you traverse the asphalt expanse or saunter on foot. A trusty accomplice in your quest to gauge your vehicle’s vitality, providing nuanced insights into its every heartbeat.

Dive deep into the intricate labyrinth of your automobile’s intricacies. Revel in the performance metrics, delve into the realm of fuel efficiency, and grasp the minutiae of its technical specifications. The application, a paragon of simplicity, unfurls a panoramic view of your vehicle’s overall well-being with a mere glance.

Seamlessly peruse detailed updates about your car or truck, offering a dynamic portrayal of its daily performance. Harness the latest data to scrutinize your vehicle’s status, tapping into a wealth of information covering air pressure, tire conditions, coolant levels, oil viscosity, battery vitality, and the pulsating rhythm of the engine.

Features of OBDeleven MOD APK

Access to the VAG-owned vehicle database

A tool of brilliance tailored for both seasoned professionals and fervent enthusiasts alike, this application serves as the conduit to unravel the intricacies of vehicles, fostering a deeper comprehension and enhancement of their automotive prowess.

A quintessential addition to the toolkit for every VW and Audi owner, it also stands as an indispensable asset for automotive technology professionals.

Within its digital realm, users gain access to and wield the cutting-edge diagnostic tools of the latest generation. This app isn’t merely a companion; it’s an oracle, offering the essential insights required to diagnose, interpret, clear, and share fault codes.

But its capabilities extend far beyond, enabling users to program and monitor car systems, fine-tune and activate vehicle functions, and more.

Moreover, this application opens the gateway for users to delve into the functionalities of the latest diagnostic tools, making it a holistic resource for those yearning to decipher the intricate language of their vehicles.

In the realm of automotive technology, it doesn’t merely stand as an option; it’s a prerequisite, a key that unlocks a world of understanding and improvement for both the casual driver and the seasoned technician.

Read, clear, and program fault codes

Its architecture is fortified with a bespoke communication protocol, establishing a seamless link to the diagnostic port nestled within the car’s anatomy.

Within the tapestry of the OBDeleven app, users find a gateway to the vehicle’s diagnostic system. Here, the user’s dominion spans the ability to read, clear, and program fault codes with unparalleled ease. The resulting data, a digital dossier of the vehicle’s inner workings, stands ready to be dispatched to the service center, ensuring a swift and informed resolution to any automotive conundrum.

Monitor vehicle systems

A marvel of intelligence, intuitiveness, and user-friendliness, the OBDeleven device emerges as your trusted companion for vigilant monitoring and in-depth analysis of your vehicle. This application is not merely a tool; it’s an arsenal, providing the essential instruments to scrutinize your car’s intricate systems, diagnose issues, and execute actions like fine-tuning settings or programming the vehicle.

The OBDeleven device seamlessly functions as a Bluetooth dongle, forging a wireless connection to your vehicle’s OBDII port. This connectivity unlocks a treasure trove of functions, allowing you to delve into real-time monitoring of all your vehicle’s systems.

Within the confines of the application, a comprehensive suite of functions awaits, mirroring the capabilities found in the professional diagnostic systems of car manufacturers. From the rudimentary tasks of diagnosis, reading, clearing, and sharing fault codes to the more intricate maneuvers of programming and monitoring car systems, adjusting settings, and activating vehicle functions—the OBDeleven application stands as the epitome of a digital Swiss army knife for automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Receive notifications about vehicle functions

A savvy, interconnected, and user-friendly instrument, this tool is your gateway to unraveling and enhancing the potential of your vehicle.

The accompanying application takes on the role of an informant, delivering crucial notifications about your vehicle directly to your fingertips. Accessible with ease, this downloadable application, available at no cost, unveils a plethora of functions. From deciphering fault codes to the intricate tasks of programming and monitoring car systems, adjusting settings, and activating various vehicle functions—the application stands as an invaluable resource for comprehending and optimizing your automotive experience.

Smart Bluetooth device operating with cloud-based automotive software

The OBDeleven intelligent Bluetooth device seamlessly interfaces with cloud-based automotive software, presenting an expansive array of functions. These encompass the fundamental tasks of diagnosis, reading, clearing, and sharing fault codes, alongside the more advanced capabilities of programming and monitoring car systems, adjusting settings, and activating various vehicle functions.

For added versatility, the OBDeleven device easily syncs with your smartphone or tablet through USB, offering convenient access to the vehicle application via its intuitive interface. The device further expands its connectivity horizons by tapping into the internet through either a Wi-Fi network or an Ethernet cable.

Distinguishing itself as a trailblazer, the OBDeleven MOD APK sets a new standard as the world’s first smart Bluetooth device equipped with a built-in web browser. This innovative feature empowers users to directly access their vehicle data from any device equipped with a web browser, heralding a new era of convenience and accessibility.

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What's new

- Fixed an issue causing app crashes when opening push notifications
- Resolved the problem of MAN vehicles being redirected to the OBDeleven Basic app
- Added a Cancel button on the window that redirects OBD2 vehicles to the OBDeleven Basic app

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