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Northgard is a strategy game based on Norse mythology in which you control a Clan of Vikings fighting for the control of a mysterious newfound continent.
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Feb 22, 2023
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Northgard MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Northgard MOD APK. An Android Strategy game this MOD comes with Paid Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

The passion of those who enjoy playing the strategy game of fog of war of capturing new territories as well as fight off unexpected foes and slowly establish their empire. As it is the world is not awash with that enthusiasm more than the powerful Vikings.

It could be the reason Playdigious has decided to mix both elements into its film Northgard the strategy-based game. Engaging combat with the vast terrain and constantly expand the villages as well as illuminate the entire area amid the darkness… The game is exciting and dramatic, and not as tranquil as the title implies.


The black screen that was displayed at the start of the game, displayed that the game was about to begin “I am Rig I am the son of the King Hargurorf and this is my story… The story started on a single day …” that triggered an event that was dark.

Just like an hunch. In the cold North, Viking tribes lived in peace and were divided, and ruled through regions and power groups although they were different, they were united by a system known as The League of Tribes.

However, the alliance has been broken when Hagen is a traitor of The Clan of the Raven, takes out all the Viking High Kings and takes away the Regal Horn and the horn as the most powerful symbol of the entire tribe. as well as an outline map for Northgard which the chiefs recently received and are putting together to conquer the land.

You take on the role of Rig one of the children of a highly revered High King. If it wasn’t due to this, he might have been crowned King and would have been heir to the throne of his father. In the aftermath of that massacre, Rig was forced to cover up his death to conceal his identity. He then fled and then find a way gain power, land, and even the other treasured prisoner from Hagen. Rig is joined by the remaining loyal Viking warriors who are trapped in the same circumstance and set sail to find the land in the map that was lost and begin a new life and bring back what was stolen by the rebels.

The group of survivors made it to Northgard and could be confidently embark on a new building adventure. The real fight is only beginning. It is a wild and uninhabited area, and that’s where the battle begin? How do you lead the inhabitants and deal with the harsh climate and wild animals. In addition when the map was at hand, Hagen and the horde could appear at any time. Is the war winning or losing?


Northgard The Northgard is among the most attractive strategy games featuring content that revolves on and the Viking tribe. The game itself is based on a well-known Norse mythology. In the course of hundreds of years of exploration, without regard to the heavens and earth, the brave Vikings discovered a mystical and dangerous new place known as Tonkin. If you are the first person to enter the game, you’ll get a sensation like Banished which is a game that takes place within the Middle Ages. So far, the game isn’t any less appealing than other games of similar category.

Many clan systems

One of the things that make Northgard appealing is the clan system and the abilities of each clan. There are 12 tribes that are found on the island. These include Eikthyrnir, Heidrun, Fenrir, Huginn and Muninn, Bjarki Slidrugtanni Svafnir, Nidhogg, Svadilfari, Lyngbakr, Himminbrjotir and Brundr and Kaelinn. Each race has distinct advantages and disadvantages to survive. For instance, Bear Tribe: capable of freezing enemies using swords of Gram, Bison Tribe: very strong and quick defense, Horse Tribe: help increase the health of your players, boost attack power mining, defense, and speedsmithing, and Tribe of the Wild Boar: Wild Boar Tribe: can find the forest’s hidden areas and summon massive Wild Boars in battle…

The process of developing will be as follows if you own a small portion of land that is in the possession of your clan, you guide the clan members in carrying out the building of big and small-scale projects within that region. While doing this you’ll gather the resources needed to continue expanding the area of autonomy. From simple homes, tents for every family, to more specialized areas like watchtowers, smiths marinas, barracks workshops and weapons factories, temples… Take your time and step by step , create that everything is essential to bringing you to sustainable growth.

Learn more, build all you can, but it’s not everything

Apart from building and expanding your territory, you have to fight for it, continuously fight. Since you’re far from being the sole “resident” on the island. There are other wild animals and monsters residing around here, waiting for an opportunity to attack the group. There’s also an attack by other tribes searching for a spot to live in the same way as you. To ensure their survival, and ensure their individuality, they betray all others to fight until the finish. It is only necessary to be more resilient and defeat them if you do not want to be eliminated from this beautiful island.

To achieve this it is necessary to turn your clan into a strong one that is well-developed with a massive army and a good fighting. In addition to the fundamental building process be sure to create the military camps and factories for weapons to produce a range of weapons that can be used in combat for various types of soldiers. Continue to train and instruct generals and soldiers from infantry groups or archers, horsesmen… in order to ensure that they are prepared to fight at any moment.

Remember to make sure your team is trained to specialize in Scouting. This group of individuals will assist you in hearing from the other clans and rivals in the islands. With their wider perspective than the average person They can help you locate new, interesting places to explore as well as identify enemy faster , allowing soldiers to respond promptly.

It is important to note that the lands later which are further in the islands, are likely to possess greater resources, however in the same way the amount of monsters will be greater. There are areas in which there are massive legendary monsters, backed by forces of darkness. Thus, the longer you engage in battle the more chance you will need to constantly build and build the strongest, most effective, and multi-faceted army that you can.


Northgard lets players share moments with their fellow players in the game world. If only they could escape the horrible creatures of the night, undead warriors and wolves that roam the landscape. It’s a good idea to form bonds with your friends or take on giants and endure the toughest winter in this region. Most importantly, you can play against your pals in different difficulty levels and characters. Join dedicated servers and rise up the ranks until you reach the top Norse God rank in the game.

When can it be considered to be a victory?

There are many methods to win over the diverse clans of the island. Based on the circumstances and the strengths of your clan as well as your adversary, you may choose:

  • Take down The Town Hall, the headquarters of each clan’s construction site.
  • Control every territory the clan of enemies has
  • Astonishing economic strength, measured by having more than 12/14 territories on the map, with temples of kings and 1200 famous structures.
  • Get four blessings from the gods while mining
  • Utilize mercantile power to eliminate other markets and be able to win all lighthouses and the 2000 trading clusters.
  • The final option is to utilize one of three techniques take Odin’s sword Odin Find the Yggdrasil tree, or take Helheim’s gate. Helheim.


The game’s main focus is around the adventures to Rig and Viking’s most trusted friend Brand on the remote continent. Like we said the game offers players an environment that is harsh and tests their your survival capabilities. Furthermore, Northgard also takes you to manage your resources with care and obviously trying to conquer the brutal winter and its enemies. Combine the worlds of real-time strategy and management simulation, and construction to make it through the territory. The game is a set of challenges in a rough setting, and it’s where only the most powerful Vikings will be able to cooperate to grow into a kingdom that is their own.

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