Ninja Assassin Hero 7 Ocean of Pirates v1.0.1 MOD APK (Free Purchase)

Last Updated on Jan 03, 2024
This is a sequel game to our previour pirate game. You play as a ninja pirate. Collect magic arrows to make your mission easier to eliminate anything in your way. Unaware from your mercenary enemies you can finish the level like a japanese rising invisible hunter without of need to gear up and crime combat.Swim,climb and discover secret entrances to a castles.
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Jan 03, 2024
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Ninja Assassin Hero 7 Ocean of Pirates MOD APK (Free Purchase)

Download The Latest APK Version of Ninja Assassin Hero 7 Ocean of Pirates MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with Free Purchase Available download Yours Now.

Ninja Assassin Hero 7 Ocean of Pirates MOD APK seamlessly blends adventure, action, RPG, and puzzle elements. Rooted in the fabled history of resilient Chinese warriors, this game captures the essence of their legendary prowess.

Immerse yourself in the authentic Ninja Assassin Hero 7 Pirate experience, embodying the essence of a genuine ninja. To embody the true spirit of a ninja, meticulous adherence to ninja principles is imperative, necessitating mastery over bodily control.

Engaging in swordplay demands simultaneous offensive and defensive maneuvers. Mastery of the art of swordplay entails a seamless fusion of attacking and maneuvering. Moreover, adeptly navigating the terrain requires the acquisition of skills in evading adversaries through strategic jumps. Become the embodiment of a true ninja by mastering these essential techniques.

Ninja Assassin Hero 7 Pirates has been developed by the publisher. You can enjoy the game in the style of the real Ninja Assassin Hero 7 Pirate.

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled realism encapsulated within Ninja Assassin Hero 7 Ocean of Pirates MOD APK, a gaming marvel that authentically replicates weapons, environments, and actions. This simulation transcends mere gameplay, evoking a palpable sense of existence within the virtual realm.

Drawing unmistakable parallels with the renowned Assassin’s Creed, Ninja Assassin Hero 7 Ocean of Pirates MOD APK stands as the epitome of choice for aficionados of combat and stealth genres. The freedom to select weapons and gear amplifies the immersive experience, adding a layer of personalization.

Navigating a visually stunning environment, the game offers a dynamic and interactive experience. Confront numerous adversaries and navigate intricate traps that demand astute evasion. Boasting accessibility for newcomers and a steep learning curve for mastery, Ninja Assassin Hero 7 Ocean of Pirates MOD APK offers a compelling and rewarding challenge.

Engage with the game’s intricacies by collecting diverse items strategically scattered throughout the gameplay, each contributing to your progress in this captivating virtual odyssey.

Features of Ninja Assassin Hero 7 Ocean of Pirates MOD APK

Collect gold to buy new weapons and magic arrows

In the realm of Ninja Assassin Hero 7 Ocean of Pirates MOD APK, assume the role of a clandestine maritime warrior. Your pursuit involves amassing wealth to procure novel armaments and enchanted projectiles. Employ these mystical arrows with lethal precision against your adversaries.

Accumulating riches extends beyond mere combat; seek out concealed bounty within treasure chests. The expansive terrain harbors covert passages that elude casual observation. Immerse yourself in the intricacies of haystacks, aqueous expanses, and various discreet locations to unveil obscured treasures and clandestine zones.

Explore the islands and discover secret entrances to castles

Embark on an odyssey across the isles, unveiling concealed gateways leading to regal fortifications. Delve into the maritime expanse, scaling citadel summits for an exhilarating panoramic spectacle.

In the immersive realm of Ninja Assassin Hero 7 Ocean of Pirates MOD APK, immerse yourself in the authentic guise of a stealthy seafaring warrior. Engage the elusive mode to sidestep assailant offensives seamlessly. Wield your katana blade with lethal prowess, complemented by the strategic deployment of throwing knives. Strive for imperceptibility, dodging the relentless onslaught of enemy strikes.

Find gold coins hidden around the map

Unearth concealed gold currency scattered throughout the expansive terrain. Visit a specialized emporium to procure an arsenal of weaponry and sundry gear. Augment your wealth by accomplishing assigned missions, thereby amassing a copious quantity of gold currency. The virtual realm of Ninja Assassin Hero 7 Ocean of Pirates MOD APK abounds with a plethora of these coveted coins.

Navigating through this immersive gameplay is remarkably facile, demanding minimal temporal investment for the acquisition of gold coins. A mere tap on the screen facilitates the accumulation of these treasures. The game’s inherent allure lies in its addictive nature, offering boundless opportunities for engagement at your convenience.

Uncover hidden secrets of a game

Reveal the clandestine enigmas embedded within the intricate tapestry of the game. Assume the guise of a nimble ninja pirate, poised to unravel the veiled mysteries that await your discovery. Your role as a ninja pirate entails wielding an arsenal of weapons in combatting adversaries.

Immersed in the virtual realm of Ninja Assassin Hero 7 Ocean of Pirates MOD APK, embark on missions requiring the vanquishing of all foes while unveiling concealed treasures.  Every mission depends on the skillful application of a wide range of abilities and strategies to destroy enemies. Equip yourself with a wide range of weapons, such as swords, arrows, bombs, and more, to destroy the opposition and successfully overcome the obstacles that lie ahead.


A sequel to our preceding pirate venture, Ninja Assassin Hero 7 Ocean of Pirates MOD APK casts you as a stealthy maritime warrior. Accumulate enchanted arrows to facilitate your mission, effortlessly obliterating obstacles in your path. Navigate the levels as an imperceptible Japanese ascendant hunter, adeptly eschewing the need for cumbersome gear and criminal skirmishes.

Engage in aquatic exploits, ascend vertical terrains, and unveil concealed gateways to fortified citadels. Embrace the artistry of archery, striking with precision at opportune moments. Hone your skills as a player, mastering the ability to dispatch a magic arrow through multiple adversaries simultaneously.

Equip yourself with a lethal arsenal comprising a katana sword blade, firearm, throwing knives, and bow. Acquire these implements from the emporium using gold concealed behind covert entrances. Possessing superlative gear bestows upon your hero an almost invincible status.

In Ninja Assassin Hero 7 Ocean of Pirates, traverse subterranean passages, ascend bridges, and adopt the guise of a phantom-like ninja warrior. Ascend castle towers, executing seamless descents into water or haystacks, effortlessly concluding your battles.

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