Nextgen: Truck Simulator MOD APK 1.6.6 (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Sep 30, 2023
NEXTGEN TRUCK SIMULATOR is the mobile game for experienced drivers who are not being scared of the difficult challenges! Captivating and thrilling missions, toughest and hardest levels, various locations.
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Mar 21, 2023
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Nextgen: Truck Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Nextgen: Truck Simulator MOD APK. An Android Simulation Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Description of  Nextgen: Truck Simulator MOD APK

Nextgen Truck Simulator is a driving simulation game that’s been released following a period of beta operations, accompanied by modifications to improve the user experience. The game will have some tweaks to improve the stability of the game as well as some brand new vehicles on the inventory of vehicles that the game owns. In the same way each mode comes with unique aspects and gamers will be the ones to make their own decisions about their game. There will be more modes in the near future.

Nextgen: The Truck Simulator MOD is an advanced driving simulator game specifically designed intended for drivers with experience. Do you feel confident at your driving wheel?


The game Nextgen: Truck Simulator, players will play the full version after having played using it’s Beta version. When the data is extracted off the version that was beta players will experience the game with less bugs. In celebration of the launch, players can discover two new vehicles that were added recently, Niva and Gazel, two cars with distinct looks that are that are waiting to be experienced by you.

The players will be able to explore a vast world that is populated with intricate environmental elements from the city to various environments you will discover. In the same way, players will be amazed by the variety of locations each offering a different experience. This means that players will not be bored and accomplish the tasks of the game.

Driving simulation games always have an interesting appeal

Driving vehicles is the most common type of simulation game. However many games are available in the genre, how many different vehicle types are available, and how many different car types are duplicated, simulation games always attract an enormous number of gamers for their own. There are a variety of things that aren’t possible in real life with only the one or two of these simulator games. This is the primary reason. Another reason behind the popularity of gamers is in the vehicle control mechanism Most of them are easy to operate with the touch-select button simulator which is extremely appropriate for driving. In the case of the final factor we must mention that the possibility of customizing the color of cars using a variety of exterior stickers, colors and even internal parts of machinery to alter your strength index.

In the end there are a lot of fun to be had from the driving simulator game. The the NextGen: Truck Simulator is packed with these features.


There are awe-inspiring levels within Nextgen: Truck Simulator belonging to various game modes. Each game mode offers a distinct amount of entertainment that you can’t ignore. However like earlier Beta versions, gamers can continue to choose the mode of control that they believe is the best for them to take precise actions. These include steering the vehicle by increasing or decreasing the speed, as well as advancing or reversed with precision.

The two modes of the game you must try are single-player and free drive. Single-players will join their cars at different levels throughout the day. Every day will have one thing that is common to all days it is that there is a specific area that is marked with an amount. In addition you will be able to move swiftly to these areas due to each level will have an amount of time required to complete the task.

As time passes, you’ll encounter many other factors, like the necessity to move a trailer the designated area. After that, you’ll have to be careful and make sure you are performing all maneuvers correctly. Free drive is going to be a little different from the previous mode as it provides a more flexible user experience that is similar to the name. However this is also the time when drivers can go wherever they want , without concern about time.

Professionals can play the game

Contrary to many other driving games designed for novice drivers, Nextgen: Truck Simulator is targeted specifically at veteran drivers who aren’t scared of challenging situations. They always want to face more difficult obstacles to push their driving abilities beyond the limits.

It is shown in whether you can conquer the challenges of the various elements that the game has to offer or not. However, the game is time-bound and a limitation on the number of accidents that you can experience on your road. It could be a task that is unique like carrying a heavy object or getting around barriers on a challenging road. Every stage brings a different experience, and a new challenge which, if you can overcome, will be making amazing advancement.

In addition to driving around on stunning 3D roads while completing your tasks over the long term you also play the job of Business Operations Manager for your car company. In addition to driving high-quality cars to increase revenue for the business, you’re responsible for the use of sales resources and making decisions on whether to accept the package and decide which items to take. One tip to consider while playing is to select to ship items with a significant value in order to receive significant rewards.

It’s not because it’s designed for experienced players that Nextgen: Truck Simulator makes it challenging for novices starting from the beginning. In reality, with just some anxiety and risk, you are able to take the wheel at any moment regardless of whether you have previous experience or not. Since the duties in the game are covered in every level, from simple to challenging. It’s possible to “warm up” with the routine tasks that every driver has to do like delivering goods to several locations around the city. After that, you can move to later challenging levels and it will start to seem more difficult, like I have mentioned earlier.

To start you’ll have learn how to control your vehicle as well as how to park, accelerate and learn all crucial traffic signs so that you stay within the legal guidelines on the road.

Controlling the vehicle using the controls in Nextgen Controlling the truck in Nextgen Simulator is easy. The screen displays the necessary buttons, including the steering wheel, accelerator handbrake, lights system as well as navigation buttons. Simply focus on driving for around five minutes and you will become familiar with your hands before you are ready for the official job.


If you’ve played an early-stage version Nextgen: Truck Simulator, then you’ll surely be amazed by the cars it has. It’s not just normal cars, there are SUVs, trucks and military vehicles numerous other. Additionally every level grants you a specific amount of money based on how well you finish the task. Once you’ve completed it, you’ll be able to own an amazing collection of cars.

The collection of cars in Nextgen: Truck Simulator APK MOD

My first impression of playing Nextgen: Truck Simulator in the initial scenes is that there’s many cars and it is a good choice for cars that are classic. Of course, the game features additional difficult vehicles, such as military vehicles, trucks off-road vehicles and SUVs… Each kind has their own distinct attributes. Based on the task assigned that you are assigned, you’ll visit your garage to pick the most appropriate vehicle, with the aim to ensure you can perform quickly, efficiently and with the least risk.

Every car that is in your possession, comes with many details that need to be tuned. You can alter the colors of your vehicle as well as stickers that are placed on various positions and also upgrade components of vehicles to speed up the performance of your car. If you’re able to save money, the more customisation options you’ll have for your vehicle. You could even purchase a brand new car if you’re able to afford it.


If you try Nextgen the game, you’ll be introduced to an exciting game where players can drive various vehicles in a vast globe and fulfill the requirements of the game. Additionally you will be able to transport different kinds of goods, not just with a conventional trailer and a traditional trailer, but also trailers that include other types of items. So, drivers will have be aware when driving and enhance your control to ensure you are in control.

There are various kinds of controls within this game such as the gyro, touch and steering as well as joystick. It is your choice to pick and modify it until you have found the best driving style, as every simulation game demands precise accurate and exact control. In addition the terrain that you play in is different, like cities with a variety of places or a mountain covered in snow. So, driving across different terrains is going to require players to be cautious.

MOD-APK versions of Nextgen Simulator for Trucks Simulator

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In simple terms, Nextgen: Truck Simulator is a stunning 3D driving simulator game that offers diverse tasks, ranging from simple to complicated. For those looking to take on new challenges using their driving skills, take on Nextgen the Truck Simulator.

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UPDATE 1.6.6

Bug Fixes
New Environment:
- Desert
- Forest
- Highway A1
- Highway A2
- Le Mans

- 4 New Cars
- improve online chat
- fix traffic light
- optimization

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