N Files File Manager v4.2.4 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 12, 2024
N Files is the most efficient and powerful file explorer. You can easily manage your files and folders in your device, external SD Card, OTG USB, local and network, and cloud storage. And you can share your files using a Web server and WebDAV server.
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Jan 12, 2024
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N Files File Manager MOD APK  (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of N Files File Manager MOD APK. An Android Productivity App comes with Premium Unlocked MOD Available to download.

Amidst the realm of file management applications, N Files emerges as a preeminent choice, wielding a commendable user following. This software facilitates a seamless orchestration of file-related operations, encompassing the spectrum from transmission and reception to deletion, duplication, relocation, and folder genesis. An array of features is at your disposal, augmenting the overall efficacy of file manipulation.

Initiating an exploration of your files is a mere app launch away. N Files, your quintessential file custodian, provides an avenue for the facile administration of your data repository. The simplicity and intuitiveness encapsulated within the file manager’s interface elevate the user experience. The accessibility of N Files is underscored by an interface that is not only user-friendly but also facile to navigate.

N Files File Manager enjoys widespread adoption, its usage pervading the digital landscape. Availing oneself of this application translates into a seamless orchestration of file governance. Engineered for simplicity, the file manager is endowed with an interface that resonates with user intuitiveness. File management is rendered uncomplicated, attesting to the application’s user-centric design. Multilingual support further amplifies its global accessibility.

The linguistic embrace of N Files extends across a multitude of languages, including but not limited to English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Greek, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, and Polish.

The repository accommodates diverse file formats, including the stashing of images, audio files, videos, documents, and sundry digital artifacts. Browsing through this eclectic ensemble of files is executed with consummate ease.

Within the purview of N Files lies the prerogative to expunge redundant files, affording users the luxury of decluttering their digital landscape. Moreover, the mobility of files to alternate repositories is an attribute that distinguishes N Files. The ability to rename files and engender subfolders serves as the pièce de résistance, encapsulating a trifecta of versatility, control, and organization.

Features of N Files – File Manager MOD APK

Share your files through a Web server and WebDAV server

Incorporating an embedded Web server and a WebDAV server within its framework, the N Files File Manager facilitates seamless file sharing via a Web browser, email, or alternative applications.

With the N Files File Manager at your disposal, effortlessly dispatch files to acquaintances, colleagues, or any destination of your preference. Additionally, you possess the capability to integrate a personalized domain name for both the Web server and WebDAV server, tailoring their configurations to your specific requirements.

The N Files File Manager boasts an integrated Web server and WebDAV server, empowering you to disseminate your files with ease. Leverage this functionality to share your files digitally through a Web browser, providing accessibility to anyone equipped with such a tool. Furthermore, the WebDAV server facilitates the transmission of files across various devices.

Manage and organize your files and folders

Revered as the paramount file management solution globally, N Files stands out as the epitome of organizational excellence. This unparalleled file manager seamlessly orchestrates the arrangement and categorization of your files and folders across diverse realms such as your device, external SD Card, OTG USB, local and network storage, and even cloud repositories.

Unlocking a spectrum of possibilities, you can effortlessly share your files utilizing the dynamic capabilities of both a Web server and a WebDAV server.

Navigate through the labyrinth of your files effortlessly with N Files, allowing you to adeptly sort, search, and even obliterate them with ease. The application extends further convenience by enabling the creation of shortcuts to any file or folder, offering you the flexibility to rearrange them at your discretion.

Integrating the intuitive feature of drag & drop, N Files provides a seamless experience for transferring files and folders directly from your device to its interface. Moreover, harness the power of N Files to conduct comprehensive backups for your photos, videos, music, documents, and more, ensuring the security and accessibility of your digital assets.

Explore the file structure of your Android device

Amidst the dominion of Android file governance, the unparalleled ascendancy of N Files File Manager remains incontrovertible. This extraordinary application endows you with the dexterity to seamlessly navigate the intricate labyrinth of your Android device’s file composition, facilitating a harmonious orchestration of operations such as file transference, appellation adjustment, spatial repositioning, obliteration, and replication.

The app’s multifaceted prowess extends to furnishing an interface imbued with user-friendly nuances, affording you the facile traversal of files and directories with consummate ease. Whether you prefer a list view or a grid view, N Files caters to your individualized browsing preferences.

For swift navigation back to the folder you recently accessed, the app features a convenient “recent folders” option. This functionality streamlines the process, enabling you to seamlessly revisit your prior locations with ease.

 Easy to transfer your files with an FTP client

Empowering seamless cross-platform file transfers, the application facilitates the effortless movement of files between your device and a PC or Mac through an FTP client. Extend your reach further by sharing files with a Web server and WebDAV server, employing versatile methods such as a URL, email, or Bluetooth.

Harness the accessibility of a Web browser to view your files, complete with the convenience of file previews before initiating downloads. Navigating through folders on your device is a breeze, and the application enhances versatility by enabling the effortless sharing of files with other apps through the intuitive process of drag and drop.

 Easy file management and sharing

Distinguished as the epitome of efficiency and potency, N Files File Manager emerges as an unparalleled file explorer. Seamlessly orchestrating the management of your files and folders across diverse domains, including your device, external SD Card, OTG USB, local and network storage, as well as cloud repositories, this application redefines file organization. Elevate your sharing capabilities by utilizing both a Web server and a WebDAV server.

Begin your intricate expedition into a versatile network connectivity odyssey, endowed with the capability to tether to an FTP server, SFTP server, SSH server, SMB server, AFP server, and FTPS server.

The stalwart search functionality bestows upon you the authority to promptly pinpoint your files, while the dynamic array of sorting alternatives, encompassing alphabetical sequencing, chronological arrangement, or magnitude classification, facilitates bespoke organizational arrangements.

For those seeking additional features, the inclusion of a smart playlist opens up a realm of possibilities. From adding items to your playlist to creating new folders, N Files File Manager goes above and beyond to cater to your diverse needs.

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