MX Player Pro v1.78.3 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 12, 2024
MX Player Pro is a paid version of MX Player - A Powerful Video Player, which provides an uninterrupted video experience without any ads.
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Aug 25, 2023
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MX Player Pro MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of MX Player MOD APK. An Android Video Players & Editors Apps this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Features Download Yours Now.

For enthusiasts of MX Player, the Pro version beckons, offering a trove of features and advantages. This premium iteration allows users to bid farewell to pesky ads and enjoy the luxury of offline video viewing. 

The paid variant, MX Player Pro, promises uninterrupted video indulgence without intrusive ads, prioritizing core functionalities. Some regionally restricted features, like online video streaming, may be temporarily unavailable.

Adding a social dimension, MX Player allows you to share your crafted videos on various social media platforms. Enhance your creations with special effects like stickers and filters, showcasing your videos in a truly captivating light. MX Player, a convergence of playback and editing prowess, redefines the video viewing experience with its rich feature set and user-centric design.

Feature of MX Player Pro MOD APK

Use the remote control to fast-forward or rewind

Adding an extra layer of convenience, this application unveils a unique remote control feature, allowing users to seamlessly navigate between chapters using simple finger gestures.

Once activated, a distinctive remote control icon graces the upper-left corner of the video player interface. This unassuming yet powerful icon serves as a gateway to a suite of controls, enabling users to effortlessly jump ahead or rewind, pause or play, and skip to desired sections of the video content.

This ingenious remote control feature adds a tactile dimension to the user experience, offering a dynamic and responsive method for interacting with the application’s video playback. Unlocking the potential of intuitive finger gestures, this feature redefines the ease and fluidity with which users can navigate through chapters, enhancing the overall accessibility and enjoyment of the video content.


Embarking on the terrain of multimedia exploration, MX Player extends its embrace to the artistry of pinch-to-zoom and dynamic zooming in/out functionalities. The seamless orchestration of these features transforms the user experience, providing a spectrum of interactive possibilities.

MX Player proudly claims the mantle of being the pioneering Android video player to usher in the era of pinch-to-zoom, zooming, and panoramic maneuvering. A deft pinch gesture now empowers users to effortlessly traverse the realms of zooming, transcending the conventional barriers of visual engagement. Complementing this, the rhythmic dance of fingers swiping left or right on the screen serves as an alternative, offering a gestural symphony of control.

Diving deeper into the tapestry of options, MX Player not only grants the liberty to zoom via pinch or swipe but also provides explicit zoom in/out options. The power lies in your hands as you delicately choose the trajectory of your visual journey, either drawing closer or stepping back. For those with a penchant for precision, manual zoom level selection emerges as an additional avenue, where specificity meets control.

The canvas of manipulation extends beyond mere zooming; MX Player introduces a panoramic narrative through horizontal and vertical panning. Choose the directional course with options like pan left or right, unfurling a cinematic experience within the palm of your hand. The dual-dimensional dance of moving the video horizontally or vertically further enriches the narrative, offering a nuanced control over the visual tableau.

In summation, MX Player stands as the vanguard of innovation in Android video playback. It seamlessly weaves together the tapestry of pinch-to-zoom, swipe dynamics, explicit zoom options, and panoramic exploration. It isn’t just a player; it’s an immersive journey through the realms of multimedia, where every pinch, swipe, and selection crafts a bespoke narrative of visual delight.

Privacy Folder

Within the realms of digital guardianship, the app in question extends a veil of protection over your videos through a discreet private folder, fortifying the bulwark of your privacy. This distinctive feature, meticulously crafted, ensures a secure haven for your multimedia, shielding it from unintended access, especially in the hands of curious children.

The Privacy Folder, an enclave of confidentiality, serves as the clandestine sanctuary for your videos and assorted multimedia, nestled within the confines of your SD card. By default, the trove resides in the “Private” folder, a covert repository shielded from prying eyes. However, the flexibility inherent in this digital bastion allows for the relocation of these files to alternate folders, tailoring the privacy paradigm to your preferences.

In the domain of parental control, MX Player Pro elevates the guardianship quotient by harnessing this feature. It becomes a virtual shield, preventing inquisitive young minds from delving into videos and multimedia files without the explicit nod from parental authority. This facet ensures that the realm of entertainment is curated, providing a worry-free experience for both parents and their tech-savvy progeny.

Furthermore, this privacy feature extends its utility beyond child-proofing. It metamorphoses into a cloak of invisibility for your multimedia, allowing you to tuck them away in the folder of your choosing. This versatility amplifies the user’s agency, enabling a personalized approach to concealing multimedia content.

In essence, MX Player Pro, with its adept fusion of privacy and user control, stands as a digital custodian, safeguarding your videos within the folds of the private folder. It’s not just an app; it’s a custodial ally in the digital realm, ensuring that your multimedia remains your own, shielded from unintended glances and taps.

Background Playback

The orchestration of actions behind the scenes during video playback finds a harmonious ally in this application. It extends the unique capability to play a video clandestinely in the background, affording you the liberty to engage in other activities within the app’s realm simultaneously.

This sophisticated feature, however, comes with a caveat; it’s selectively available for specific videos. To harness this functionality, a simple tap on the ‘Background Playback’ button unveils the doorway to a multitasking experience. The subsequent selection of ‘Continue in the background’ transforms the mundane act of video playback into a seamlessly integrated background activity.

In essence, this application introduces a dynamic interplay of foreground and background, allowing users to transcend the traditional confines of video consumption. It’s not merely about watching; it’s about the fluidity of engagement, where videos play their part harmoniously while you navigate the app’s diverse offerings. The curtain rises on a theatrical performance of multimedia, seamlessly weaving into the tapestry of your digital experience.

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What's new

In this release, we're introducing the following enhancements:
- The new 'Me' page: It replaces the old sidebar and makes the homepage look even better.
- Media Manager.
- Sort by option in Privacy Folder.
- Support for MKV Chapters.
- UI optimization on music playlist.
- Improvements on video bookmarks.
- Fixed the issues with SMB guest access on linux hosts.
- Other improvements and fixes.

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