Moxy Icons v21.3 MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 04, 2024
Moxy is a brand new, unique, shapeless icon pack which pushes the boundaries of what an icon pack can be!
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Feb 04, 2024
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Moxy Icons MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Moxy Icons MOD APK. An Android Personalization App this MOD comes with Patch Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Unleashing a compendium of icons meticulously crafted to bestow a personalized touch upon your smartphone. This ensemble of novel icons has been curated with precision, ensuring a thoughtful selection to align with your discerning taste. The most enticing facet lies in its gratuity relishing the novelty of these icons without any cost. Revel in the infusion of freshness that these icons bring!

These avant-garde icons boast user-friendliness and span an extensive array of categories. Each icon, an epitome of care and meticulous detailing is meticulously designed to cater to diverse preferences. The icon pack seamlessly harmonizes with all iterations of the Android operating system. To immerse yourself in this visual feast, simply procure the app and witness the transformative experience.

Unveiling the quintessential icon pack tailored for the entire Android community. Enter Moxy, an innovative icon set designed to empower you in customizing not only your phone but also your tablet and home screen. The Moxy icon pack encompasses a staggering repertoire of over 3,000 icons, spanning an eclectic spectrum of categories such as weather, travel, sports, food, and beyond.

This application, presented in three distinctive styles Flat, Material, and Flat Material offers a panorama of aesthetic choices.

Each icon within this opulent collection is forged using the cutting-edge Android 5.0 API, ensuring a razor-sharp display on your device. Moxy extends its allure beyond the confines of the Android realm, gracing both Android and iOS devices. Elevate the aesthetic allure of your phone, tablet, or home screen by infusing it with a dash of panache download the Moxy icon pack today.

Features of Moxy Icons MOD APK

The Moxy Icon pack contains thousands of icons in various sizes

Embarking on a revolutionary journey, this innovative, unparalleled, formless assortment of icons challenges the conventional boundaries of icon pack possibilities! Behold icons of an unprecedented nature! Moxy stands adorned with a plethora of icons, spanning diverse dimensions from 16×16 to a substantial 512×512, available in both PNG and SVG formats.

This groundbreaking icon pack redefines the very essence of icon collections, pushing the limits of conventional norms!

With an impressive repertoire of over 6000 icons, Moxy proudly claims the title of the most extensive icon pack featured on Google Play! Encounter not just the icons you are aware of, but also those you never realized you required.

A meticulous curation process amalgamates icons sourced from the vast expanse of the internet into an aesthetically pleasing icon pack – Moxy, a compendium encompassing all essentials for crafting a fully functional icon ensemble.

The entire icon set is at your disposal, downloadable without any charge, affording you the liberty to modify the icon sizes according to your individual preferences.

Many unique and colorful icons

Moxy Icons emerges as a cutting-edge, unparalleled, and form-defying collection of icons, redefining the very essence of conventional icon packs! Meticulously chosen and crafted by our dedicated team, each icon is a testament to precision and creativity, with a continuous influx of new additions to stay abreast of contemporary trends.

Boasting an arsenal of over 50 distinctive icons, the process of fashioning novel and exclusive designs becomes effortlessly swift. Ensuring visual excellence, these icons are conceived with a commendable resolution of 1280×720 and are meticulously saved in PNG format.

Moxy Icons stands as a testament to innovation, beckoning you to effortlessly forge avant-garde designs with its carefully curated and ever-expanding repertoire of icons.

High-quality vector graphics

Moxy unveils itself as an avant-garde, unparalleled, and form-defying collection of icons, challenging the preconceived boundaries of conventional icon packs.

Encompassing a vast array, the pack comprises over 4000 icons, featuring an impressive 80+ unique shapes and variations. Every icon, rooted in vector prowess, bestows the flexibility to be resized and rotated at will, adapting to any size or orientation.

The creation of each icon is a meticulous craft, considering an array of elements such as shape, color, and typography. Striving for uniqueness, no two icons share similarities, ensuring a distinct visual identity for each.

Rich in intricacies, the icons boast details like shadows, bevels, and gradients, rendering them versatile for integration into diverse applications. This meticulous detailing not only makes them suitable for any app but also facilitates seamless incorporation into your design endeavors.

Customize icons with shapes, sizes, colors, and effects

The evolution of icon packs has traversed a substantial journey since their inception, and we take pride in being the pioneers, offering an unparalleled level of customization. Moxy Icons stands as a testament to our commitment, to meticulously crafting an icon pack tailored for those seeking profound creativity and personalized icon experiences.

Moxy Icons introduces an array of distinctive features, setting it apart in a league of its own. With Moxy, the power to effortlessly alter the size, shape, color, and transparency of your icons is at your fingertips. This proves particularly advantageous when navigating through dark UI themes or applications.

The realm of customization extends further with the ability to apply unique effects to your icons. For adventurous souls, the formidable icon mask feature provides an avenue to completely transform the visual identity of your icons.

For those yearning to infuse a dash of uniqueness into their icons, our library boasts over 500 distinctive icons contributed by a diverse array of over 100 talented designers. Moxy Icons emerges not just as an icon pack but as a canvas for your creativity, promising an unparalleled customization experience.

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What's new

- Added 57 New icons.
- Fixed some icons not applying automatically

- Added 88 New icons.

- Added 72 New icons.

- Added 26 New icons.
- Updated the dashboard.
- Updated the app icon.
- Enabled Premium icons requests.

- Over 200 new icons from icons requests.
- Fixed some icons not applying automaticity.
- I need a break from life for some time so I will disable premium icons request for now hope you understand.

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