MaterialPods v6.37 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 19, 2024
AirPods don't show battery level on your Android smartphone by default, however, you can change this, and bring your experience closer to iPhone users
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Feb 19, 2024
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MaterialPods MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of MaterialPods MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of mobile accessories tailored for Apple AirPods, a remarkable innovation emerges an all-encompassing charger designed with universal compatibility, accommodating various AirPods iterations, from charging cases and car adapters to speaker cases and stands.

This product stands as a paragon of reliability and durability, urging users to charge their AirPods before stowing them in the case. MaterialPods, the epitome of portability and versatility, ascends as the paramount AirPods charger.

Introducing an avant-garde application engineered to meticulously oversee the battery dynamics of AirPods, catering to the needs of myriad users navigating the labyrinth of AirPods charging conundrums. A substantial number of individuals encounter quandaries in the charging odyssey of their AirPods.

The application, a vigilant custodian of AirPods battery levels, dutifully signals the user when the energy reservoir approaches depletion. Subsequently, users can replenish their AirPods vitality utilizing the tether of a cable.

In a stroke of technological prowess, obviating the need for procuring fresh batteries for AirPods, the application offers an effortless mechanism for monitoring and preserving AirPods battery longevity, thus obliterating the necessity for premature acquisitions.

Behold, the smallest in the triad of AirPods batteries, nestled discreetly beneath the earbuds an entity detachable and amenable to replacement with Apple’s authentic battery, should the exigency arise.

The battery, a lithely crafted artifact of lithium polymer, boasts a capacious 11.4 mAh reservoir. A recurrent woe among users is the battery’s lamentable demise after protracted use. In such instances, the optimal recourse lies in a seamless battery swap with the bona fide counterpart.

Enter the Battery as a consummate replacement, mirroring the original AirPods battery in both capacity and efficacy. This formidable power reservoir is adept at fueling and recharging AirPods expeditiously, with a mere quarter of an hour sufficing for a complete charge. A straightforward battery metamorphosis is all it takes to discard the antiquated, embrace the new, and relish an uninterrupted cycle of charging and replenishing.

Features of MaterialPods MOD APK

AirPods not showing battery level by default

In the realm of default settings, AirPods abstain from revealing their battery status, yet a transformative maneuver exists to bridge your encounter with that of iPhone aficionados.

To execute this tweak, immerse yourself in the installation of a non-native application dubbed “MaterialPods.” This unconventional tool empowers you to stipulate the temporal threshold for the cessation of AirPods functionality and grants the capability for the auditory gadgets to disclose their battery vitality.

Customize the appearance of the notification

AirPods don’t just possess an appealing aesthetic; they grant you the authority to tailor the appearance of notifications on your device. For instance, the hue of the status bar, the tint of the lock screen, and the pulsating nature of notification badges are all at your command.

Through the utilization of this application, the spectrum of customization expands further. You wield the ability to tweak the notification style, manipulating factors like text size and the temporal persistence of notifications.

Are you an enthusiast of personalized device interfaces? This application facilitates a transformation, allowing your notification bar to emulate the iconic iPhone aesthetic. From altering the background color and transparency to resizing the notification icons, this app operates seamlessly across various Android versions without necessitating root access.

Change the color of the AirPods charging icon

Empowered by this application, you gain the capability to modify the hue of the charging icon adorning your AirPods, offering real-time insights into the charging dynamics.

In bygone eras, adept iPhone users could seamlessly alter the color palette of the charging icon perched on the apex right of the Apple Watch visage. So, why not extend this chromatic liberty to the AirPods? If the monotony of a consistent hue irks you, this subtle adjustment allows you to synchronize the color of the AirPods charging icon with the visual aesthetics of your phone.

Enable/Disable notifications

Through the deployment of this application, you attain the authority to activate or deactivate notifications from any application resonating with your smartphone. This attribute emerges as an indispensable necessity for every aficionado of AirPods.

Should your operating milieu be an iOS rendition of 10 or beyond, a straightforward installation of the application becomes the gateway? Following this, opt for the “Enable AirPods Notifications” feature within MaterialPods to usher in AirPods’ notifications seamlessly.

However, if your iOS version languishes below 10, the path diverges, demanding an ascent to the latest iteration, specifically iOS 10.3 or above, to unlock the coveted functionality.

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