Manor Matters v4.6.5 MOD APK (Free Purchase)

Last Updated on Jan 06, 2024
Welcome to Castlewood — an old manor full of mysteries! Why is it abandoned? What’s hidden behind the tapestry? Is the manor really haunted?
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Jan 06, 2024
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Manor Matters MOD APK (Free Purchase)

Download The Latest APK Version of Manor Matters MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with Free Purchase Available download Yours Now.

Embarking upon Manor Matters, an exceptional odyssey unfolds within the realms of adventure gaming. The inaugural task entices you to handpick a protagonist from a quartet of characters. Players are bestowed with the unique privilege of leading one of these characters, each bearing distinctive strengths, weaknesses, and a singular cognitive approach.

As you meticulously scour for clues, the journey introduces you to fresh faces, fostering new connections and alliances. Manor Matters weaves a tapestry of diverse puzzles and riddles, demanding an adept utilization of creative cogitation.

The accumulation of an extensive array of items becomes imperative for puzzle-solving and progression. This bounty includes an assortment ranging from sustenance and apparel to an array of tools. The attic itself proves to be a treasure trove of valuable discoveries.

Mastering the art of item utilization becomes indispensable as you navigate the puzzle-laden landscape. The game encompasses a myriad of entities waiting to be unearthed, offering an enthralling exploration experience.

Manor Matters unfolds against a visually captivating backdrop, where a kaleidoscope of items, individuals, and landscapes comes to life with aesthetic finesse.

The auditory ambiance of the game transcends the mundane, enveloping players in a soothing soundscape. Background melodies, sound effects, and voiceovers intertwine seamlessly, elevating the gameplay experience to a zenith of enjoyment.

Categorized within the adventure gaming genre, Manor Matters stands as a formidable choice, departing from conventional narratives. It catapults players into a temporally transcendent narrative, ushering in a new era of gaming.

Encountering an array of captivating characters becomes an integral aspect of the gameplay. Each character serves as a crucial node in the complex web of the storyline, necessitating nuanced interactions. The narrative, replete with twists and turns, presents an abundance of enigmas and puzzles, awaiting astute resolution.

Features of Manor Matters MOD APK

Discover and renovate 10 unique rooms

Amidst the enigmatic halls of Manor Matters lies the intricate journey of exploring and revamping ten distinct chambers. Each space harbors intricate enigmas and artifacts, unraveling the cryptic narrative of the mysterious Manor. Embark on a quest to fathom the origins of the manor, its current inhabitants, and the untold tales that befell its residents.

Survey and rejuvenate ten exclusive rooms, encompassing the opulent grand ballroom, the scholarly library, the subterranean dungeon, the verdant conservatory, and the culinary domain of the kitchen. The Manor, shrouded in mystique, eagerly anticipates your arrival. Venture forth into its embrace.

Unravel the mysteries of Castlewood Manor and its inhabitants

The manor, replete with concealed artifacts, demands caution as you traverse its corridors, ensuring that the delicate equilibrium of its inhabitants remains undisturbed. Be meticulous in your quest, unveiling every hidden item and peeling back the layers of secrets that enshroud this distinctive abode.

Within the realm of Manor Matters, delve into three significant domains: the sophisticated living room, the culinary haven of the kitchen, and the elevated mysteries of the attic. Thoroughly scour every nook and cranny, for it is within these spaces that the hidden gems and enigmatic objects lie concealed.

Guiding you through this expedition is Carl, not just an assistant but a trusted companion in this unfolding adventure. Collaborate with him to unearth all the elusive items and untangle the intricate mysteries that weave the narrative tapestry of Castlewood Manor.

Collect a variety of mysterious items from all over the world

Manor Matters unfolds as an enigmatic realm, shrouded in mystery and beckoning exploration into an entire universe replete with innumerable artifacts to amass.

Embark on a journey through the fortress, delving into the clandestine revelations of the stately abode, unraveling the narrative tapestry that conceals the essence of it all.

This space teems with a myriad of artifacts, demanding vigilant and perpetual collection. Discern a diverse array of utilitarian treasures, spanning from furnishings and embellished artifacts to an assortment of implements and beyond.

Exercise prudence, for the discovered items may harbor inherent risks, unveiling even the peculiar and uncanny. Navigate the manor’s halls with circumspection, steering clear of potential snares that may lay in ambush. Prudent movement within the mansion is imperative, ensuring avoidance of inadvertent encounters with unforeseen perils.

Earn daily rewards and get special gifts

Castlewood stands as a complimentary action gaming experience, offering the prospect of accruing daily rewards and exclusive presents. This game unfolds a diverse array of tasks, extending from the exploration of the stately abode to the identification of concealed artifacts, the accumulation of items, and beyond.

Within Manor Matters, the avenue to accumulate coins is expanded through engagement in mini-games and the unlocking of distinctive gifts. Employ your amassed coins to procure an extensive array of items, ranging from embellishments for the manor to fresh attire for Carl, furnishings for the living space, and beyond.


Within the confines of Manor Matters, you assume the role of a custodian for a venerable and resplendent ancient fortress. Your charge encompasses the meticulous care of the estate, the upkeep of its sprawling grounds, and the preservation of the edifice’s security.

However, a peculiar predicament unfolds, as the estate seems to have veered from its expected trajectory, and the proprietor has vanished. As the final steward for this domain, the mantle of responsibility for its future rests squarely upon your shoulders.

The enigma deepens as questions arise about the fate of the predecessors who tended to this abode. Who left the door ajar for your entrance? Does solitude reign supreme within the castle’s walls?

A plethora of perplexities awaits resolution, demanding your utmost endeavors to salvage the estate from impending decay. Yet, the task at hand proves to be anything but straightforward.

The castle conceals a myriad of curiosities to behold. Your interaction with these elements is imperative, necessitating the unraveling of puzzle intricacies and the quest for invaluable artifacts.

Your ultimate objective is to navigate through an array of assignments, delving into the mysteries surrounding the former caretakers’ disappearances.

Manor Matters boasts an effortlessly comprehensible interface with user-friendly controls. Your engagement with the surroundings involves actions such as opening doors, interacting with objects, and uncovering new clues.

Diverse challenges await, from the restoration of rooms to the discovery of elusive keys and the unraveling of cryptic codes. With over a hundred rooms to explore, each harboring its own set of puzzles, your journey through this castle promises to be a test of ingenuity and perseverance.

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A hot summer update is here!

- A series of mysterious crimes took place during a music festival! Find out more about the investigation in the Tropical Mysteries event.
- Get ready for amazing prizes and a new profile picture!
- Rockville is one step away from a disaster! The city is about to be taken over by mutant plants! Help Carl and Amelia eliminate the threat in a new expedition.
- Participate in Adventure Season to get a new assistant!

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