Mad Contact Groups v1.39 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Mar 02, 2024
If you miss a proper way to manage your contact groups and contacts on Android 5 and up, don't despair. Mad Contact Groups is the ultimate contacts manager!
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Mar 02, 2024
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Mad Contact Groups MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Mad Contact Groups MOD APK. An Android Communication App comes with a Pro Unlocked MOD Available to download.

In the digital realm, an application unfolds, affording the capacity to forge a personalized enclave. Within this virtual sanctuary, the latitude extends to the selective inclusion of kindred spirits sharing resonant interests.

A diverse tapestry of enclaves sprawls before you, expanding in consonance with the accrual of fellow enthusiasts. This incremental growth begets an expansive array of enclaves, unlocking a panoply of activities aligned with your predilections.

The discourse extends beyond mere participation; it metamorphoses into an interactive realm where commentary becomes an art form. Opinions unfurl like petals as you traverse the enclaves, leaving behind your thoughts and insights. The systematic integration of individuals into this virtual haven involves perusing a digital contact list, where numerical imprints serve as the key to inclusion, facilitating effortless communication and dialogue.

Beyond the confines of mere textual exchange, these enclaves transcend into conduits for the exchange of information. A multitude converges within the digital embrace, engendering discussions that span a diverse spectrum. The assimilation of varied perspectives burgeons, transforming the enclave into an intellectual crucible, a space where shared knowledge finds fertile ground.

Features of Mad Contact Groups  MOD APK

Manage multiple contact groups easily

In the realm of contact management, Mad Connect emerges as a formidable tool, wielding unparalleled prowess in effortlessly overseeing multiple contact groups. This avant-garde application transcends conventional expectations, boasting a repertoire of features that outshines its counterparts.

The canvas it provides is expansive, allowing the creation of an abundance of contact groups, each adorned with its distinctive nomenclature and hue. What sets Mad Connect apart is its capacity to bestow bespoke permissions upon each group, thereby tailoring the user experience to unprecedented levels.

Navigating the labyrinth of contact groups is a seamless affair, coupled with the ability to seamlessly disseminate them across diverse social networks and services. Adding an extra layer of finesse, the application facilitates swift additions, modifications, deletions, and the sharing of contacts within the intricacies of various contact groups.

  Automatically sync your contacts to your Google account

Unveiling its prowess for Android 5 and beyond, Mad Contact Groups offers an empowering and instinctive avenue for managing your contact groups and individual contacts. This application proves to be an invaluable asset, presenting an avant-garde solution for meticulously organizing your contacts with unrivaled finesse.

The seamless integration with your Google account adds an extra layer of convenience, automating the synchronization of your contacts effortlessly. This app goes beyond the ordinary, allowing you to augment your contact lists by seamlessly incorporating contacts and groups directly from your phone book.

Mad Contact Groups emerges as a paragon for those seeking a dynamic and efficient means of contact organization, providing not only a streamlined approach but also the ability to synchronize contacts with your Google account, ensuring a harmonious amalgamation of convenience and functionality.

Export your contacts in multiple formats

With the prowess of Mad Contact at your fingertips, the horizon of possibilities expands as you wield the capability to export your contacts in diverse formats, ranging from CSV to the dynamic combinations of CSV+XML and CSV+JSON. These versatile files find compatibility with an array of applications, transcending the boundaries of Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Microsoft PowerPoint, and other spreadsheet or document-centric applications.

What sets Mad Contact apart is its innate flexibility in contact export formatting. You are bestowed with the power to cherry-pick the fields you desire for export and orchestrate them in a sequence tailored to your preferences. This feature emerges as a cornerstone, allowing you to sculpt a contacts management tool that seamlessly aligns with the intricacies of your professional and personal life.

Mad Contact Groups, an indispensable ally, step into the spotlight, facilitating the organization of your contacts into groups with unparalleled ease. The app ensures not only ease of sharing but also synchronization across diverse devices.

Beyond its core functionality, this application unfolds a tapestry of useful features, from the creation of contact groups and contact searches to the addition of new contact groups, all meticulously designed to elevate your contacts management experience to unprecedented heights.

Save and restore your contact groups and contacts

Behold the epitome of contact management with Mad Contact, an unparalleled marvel designed for Android 5 and beyond. This app transcends the ordinary, providing a seamless avenue to effortlessly save and restore your contact groups and individual contacts. Bid farewell to the arduous task of scouring through your device or meddling with your phone’s data to locate, move, or delete desired groups.

Mad Contact Groups, the custodian of your contact organizational sanctum, meticulously tracks all your contact groups and contacts, ensuring that finding them later is a breeze. The functionality extends to the creation of new groups, meticulous editing of existing ones, and the ability to bestow a new moniker, relocate, or bid adieu to any group or contact at your discretion.

As the quintessential contacts manager, Mad Contact for Android 5 and above offers not only expeditious but also convenient methods to save and restore your contact groups and contacts. In the unfortunate event of contact loss, the app provides a fail-safe, allowing you to seamlessly revert to your previous group settings.

Adding an extra layer of versatility, this application enables the importation of existing contacts from an array of platforms, including Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, KakaoTalk, Skype, and more.

Once imported, the power lies in your hands, offering the flexibility to either amalgamate or segregate your groups according to your unique preferences. Mad Contact stands tall as the beacon of contact management, promising a harmonious symphony of efficiency and convenience.

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