MacroDroid Device Automation MOD APK 5.9.1 (Paid Unlocked)

MacroDroid is the easiest way to automate tasks on your Android smartphone or tablet. Via the straightforward user interface MacroDroid makes it possible to build fully automated tasks in just a few taps.
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Nov 12, 2022
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MacroDroid Device Automation MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of MacroDroid Device Automation MOD APK. An Android Productivity Apps this MOD comes with Paid Unlocked Download Yours Now.

MacroDroid Device Automation MOD APK is a device automation tool that allows you to control your phone or tablet easily. There are many applications that allow you to connect your mobile device to your computer. But, they are not as convenient as MacroDroid Device Automation. In addition to connecting your device to your PC, the application also allows you to automate and manage the device. All of the functions are easy to use, and the app itself is very simple.

MacroDroid Device Automation is a great tool for those who want to make their device easier to operate. If you are not sure how to automate the device, this application will be a great help. Use it to control your smartphone, tablet, or other device.

There is no limit to what you can do with the application. The application is easy to install and operate. Connect your device to your PC and then control it with the app. The application also supports Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. This is a great application for you to take advantage of.

MacroDroid is an application that allows users to automate tasks on their smartphones. A feature that is very useful for Android users. Users are able to control the device in ways that they would like to. Users can send texts, turn on the lights, lock the screen and more. All with the help of MacroDroid. The application also provides the ability to take photos and videos. Allows users to shoot photos and video at a specific time. Automate the process of taking photos and videos by MacroDroid.

Features of MacroDroid Device Automation MOD APK

Create fully automated tasks

MacroDroid Device Automation MOD APK is an app that enables you to create fully automated tasks on your Android smartphone or tablet. With just a few taps you can set up automated tasks that perform actions on your device. For example, you can use MacroDroid to send a text message at a specific time, turn on Bluetooth, lock your device, start a timer, launch an app or a web page, play a music file, open a file or an email, take a picture or record a video.

You can configure the tasks in the MacroDroid app and then save them as macro files. The next time the trigger event happens the task will be performed automatically. If the trigger event is missed, the task will be re-run at the scheduled time.

The MacroDroid Device Automation app has been designed for ease of use and to ensure that it runs without errors. So you can easily configure the app to fit your needs and the app will work flawlessly.

Automate tasks with only a few taps

MacroDroid is the simplest way to automate tasks on your Android smartphone or tablet. With a few taps you can easily build fully automated tasks to make your life easier. You can create tasks that trigger automatically at predefined times or events, like when you unlock your phone or when you switch to a specific app. You can even use MacroDroid as a reminder to perform a task at a specified time.

Easily add new tasks

MacroDroid Device Automation allows you to add new tasks via a simple and intuitive user interface. Simply tap the Add Task button, enter a name, description, and the steps to be performed. You can then save and run the task.

You can also share the task with others, and view the history of all tasks.

The tasks you create can be run automatically at any time. They can be scheduled to run at specific times or based on location, battery status, device state, weather conditions, or other triggers.

Manage tasks from the home screen

MacroDroid Device Automation is the simplest way to automate tasks on your Android smartphone or tablet. Via the straightforward user interface, MacroDroid makes it possible to build fully automated tasks in just a few taps. You can also add multiple tasks, so that they run in sequence. This makes it possible to create complex workflows without any programming knowledge.

Work without interruptions

With MacroDroid Device Automation, you can work without interruptions. With just a few clicks, you can automate almost any action on your Android smartphone or tablet. No matter if you want to turn off your mobile phone, take a photo, lock the screen or even send an SMS, MacroDroid is the easiest way to do it.

In addition to the powerful macro builder, MacroDroid provides a great variety of other features such as task scheduling, task reminder and task management. You can easily set up to-do lists, manage your tasks, schedule recurring tasks, and much more.

MacroDroid is a fully featured automation tool, which means it is not limited to only macros. You can use the built-in tasks for your day-to-day life, but also for your business. MacroDroid can be used for anything that needs to be done repetitively.

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What's new

Added Macro Enabled trigger.

Added option to Floating Button Trigger to disable trigger (not whole macro) when removed via the bin icon.

Added Floating Button configure action.

Updated magic text to support curly brackets.

Added better array/dictionary support to actions such as HTTP Request and File Read to allow direct writing to custom keys.

Added "Split to array" option to Text Manipulation action.

When viewing a template macro a new menu item is available to "Add disabled".

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