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Lovelink MOD APK (Unlimited Gems)

Download The Latest APK Version of Lovelink MOD APK. An Android Role Playing Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Gems Available download Yours Now.

Lovelink MOD APK simulates social media dating. The new era of love doesn’t require you to go through so many stages. You just need to talk to your crushes on social media and get to know them.

Lovelink, a game that simulates dating sites and real life, is one example. This amazing application allows you to not only meet the guys but also have fun with them. You can also date them virtually and make the most romantic moves. Although it may sound impossible, you will be able to trust the Lovelink mod app apk after installing it.

We also offer Lovelink MOD APK to make your journey more real. This is the modified version of the official app, with all the premium features such as unlimited gems and the ability to view a date’s picture. You’ll love it, so you should first try it before purchasing the official version.

Gems are the game currency. They can be used to unlock many new items. Gems can be difficult to find, so they may not always be available for use. You can also use the MOD version with infinite Gems.


Lovelink allows you to chat with others and make your own choices. You can dive into a new narrative courting experience with captivating, exciting, and fascinating characters.

Lovelink, the famous Ludia studio dating sim, continues to be a hit because of the excitement players feel in every sentence. Chat with engaging and outstanding characters. The developer has also added an alternate route.

The Main Character is a normal girl. You accidentally downloaded a messaging application from a department store one day. You will then have to deal with a mysterious hacker who hacked into your phone and gained access to the app. He then texts you asking you to locate the owner of the phone he took from the station. He will not let you go if you don’t agree.

You agree to search for them. It will give you an address that doesn’t understand why. You will find them locking the door at the provided address with a password. He has a password. This means that if an unknown person asks you if you can see the password lock on your door, you will insist that it is not visible. He will pick you up, regardless of whether it is true or not. Your answer will determine whether you die or live. Enter the password and the door will unlock. You’ll be able to enter the house of an unknown person following the instructions of a mysterious individual.

The story starts. They add you to a group chat using a particular app. The group is still chatting excitedly. After a while, strangers join the group. People are often surprised and bewildered when you speak up. This messaging app was created by a member of the team and cannot be downloaded on the internet. You can however download it from the department shop. After some time of discussing and verifying information, they were able to reach these people and now sit in the home of a former member. These are the strangest people. As party planners, they are RFA (Rika’s Fundraising Association). They cannot take you away because you know them well and have come to this apartment. You could even be in danger. They invite you to join RFA to replace an older member. You agree to join RFA and begin a series on the app to chat, pick up, and send emails to guess. They are asking you to help them organize the party.

Learn about your potential suitors. Learn about their lives and their expertise through their unique stories. You can make choices that will affect the outcome of your story and how you interact with them.

It is different now than it was in the past, especially when it comes to love. Before the internet, a love story required many stages. To make connections, you need to meet people more than once. Next, start to talk to find a deeper approach to building a relationship. Thanks to social networking sites, it is easy for society to establish a relationship by simply texting. Tinder is a great example of a dedicated app for people looking for love.

Let’s say you don’t know how to find love via Tinder. It will be one of the most memorable experiences you’ll ever have. It’s not the same thing as traditional dating games. The story will be told via text messages and players will meet many other people. The experience is so real, you can almost imagine that you are meeting someone real on Tinder.

Features of Lovelink MOD APK

Online dating with virtual characters

Lovelink’s gameplay is not like the dating sim games. Lovelink tells stories via text messages and allows you to interact with other people, rather than having predefined characters. Lovelink is a version of Tinder that uses text messaging to tell stories. However, you will be interacting with virtual characters rather than real people.

Lovelink offers more than 60 characters to choose from when you propose a friend. From Julien, the independent lady, to Samantha Hamilton the personality girl, Kevin is handsome. Each character has a unique look and a different style of dress. They look very much like the main characters of romantic comics for teens.

The Bio section will contain basic information about each person, such as their name, age, and personal preferences. Lovelink’s design team has collected information from many sources to bring you a wide range of people. Chats and conversations are a great way to learn more about your friends like their origins or lifestyle.

One swipe and you can meet your dream match

Livelink allows you to read and respond to romantic chats in virtual reality. It is a simulating Android app that was created to help you find the best dates. It will also give you an incredible variety of exciting and captivating characters. Livelink is the perfect choice for anyone who’s tired of mundane tasks and wants to enjoy something different.

One swipe and you can meet your dream match

Livelink allows you to read and respond to romantic chats in virtual reality. It is a simulating Android app that was created to help you find the best dates. It will also give you an incredible variety of exciting and captivating characters. Livelink is the perfect choice for anyone who’s tired of mundane tasks and wants to enjoy something different.

Tell us your stories

Lovelink is different for each person. The two of you will be watching and listening to their humorous and joyful conversations. Lovelink allows you to decide if the relationship is more or just friendship. You can choose from two dialogues. Each reply leads to a different conclusion.

You may feel for them or not when you start to build a relationship. They will not be present in your conversations. They will however send you photos. You might not be interested in the photos, but that’s fine. To see the pictures, however, you will need to pay a small amount. Lovelink does not offer any free diamonds. To redeem diamonds, you will need to deposit money. Lovelink should be free to download. This will allow them to keep their funding for development. You can support Lovelink if you love them.

Create a unique profile in Lovelink MOD APK 

Lovelink has 60 very attractive characters. The characters in this comic are very similar to those found in the category of comics for teens. They are drawn from different parts of the world, and each carries the distinctive beauty of their respective countries. The Belgians have golden hair and bright-white skin. The French have a romantic, glamorous look.

A unique app UI allows you to chat with all your friends and make new connections.

This app can be used to chat with all your virtual dates. This app allows you to chat with your dream partner. To improve your level, you must also react to your matches. This can assist you in obtaining more dates.

Although it’s completely free to play, there are many in-app purchases such as gems that can be used to view a user’s profile pic or other useful features. You don’t have to worry about it, as you can download the Livelink MOD Apk below and enjoy free access to most of the premium features of the Lovelink platform. It’s worth it!

The modified app will help you start the most enjoyable dating experience.

Fremantle Media’s Ludia has been creating Android games for the last ten years. Lovelink, the latest creation by Ludia is also the first to be based on online romance and virtual dating. The registration process is simple. You’ll need to enter your name, astrological sign, and any social accounts. It’s then a virtual game where you don’t have to write chats and can choose the best message from several, in order to date the girl.

It can be annoying at times, though, as the Livelink app has a lot of in-app purchases, including the important gems. Gems can be used to view the profiles of your date with their photos. We’re giving you the Livelink MOD APK as a delightful gift. It contains infinite gems that can be used for endless profile surfing. You can download this app by clicking the link below.

All photos of your date are available for free in Lovelink MOD APK 

Although Livelink is a virtual dating platform there are still significant in-app purchase opportunities within the app. Dating is great, but what if your date can’t see their photos? Then it doesn’t really matter who you are dating.

After installing the Livelink MOD APPK, you will be able to view all of your dates’ photos without paying any subscription. You can also browse the photos sent by your dates, while you chat with them, and without having to pay a penny. It’s amazing!

You can use the unlimited gems to make endless dates and without any subscription

Livelink MOD APK can be used as a modified version. You can view all the amazing features of this app. It’s not a completely different app, as most of the features inside the app are identical to the official one.

You’ll also get unlimited gems to view the photos sent by your chats. Gems are the only asset that can be paid in the game. You’re now free from all other in-game payments.

Interact like Tinder

This game’s interactive interface is similar to Tinder 80%. Lovelink is a great test for those who have not used Tinder before but want to be part of this social network in the future. This app allows you to take a proficiency test and allows you to learn more about finding your true love. Lovelink characters almost all have beautiful avatars. Swipe right to message someone you like and swipe left for a better match. Remembering your first impression is important. Please use your words and actions in a way that makes the other person feel comfortable.

You’ll find Lovelink almost as similar to Tinder if you’ve ever played it before. Lovelink will show you a list with basic information and avatars. To “match”, swipe right if you touch like (heart buttons), or swipe left if you wish to skip. Two people can “match” if they like each other. They can text, call, and interact until they feel the need to go further.

Lovelink MOD APK Gameplay

Lovelink’s gameplay is very similar to a game that simulates reading a novel. There will be two conversation options. Your task is to decide which option will make you feel most comfortable. This means that you won’t be able to text them directly. This is how the game allows you to communicate with your enemy in the future.

How the conversation ends will determine the direction you go. Each option has a different ending.

It looks modern and luxurious. The player considers the graphic design to be a great model. It must look real if the visuals of the characters move fluidly. There’s nothing to be unhappy about.

We have a deep connection to the songs and tunes of Lovelink. It is unique and strange. It is not compatible with other melodies. Chat rooms have their own music for every hour of the day. A variety of situations have their own background music that makes the player feel like the main character in a movie.

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What's new

- New Lovelink stories added and updated weekly!
- Bug Fix: Characters will stop breaking your heart by no longer unmatching when returning from a break

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