Lost Island: Blast Adventure MOD APK v1.1.986 (Unlimited Lives)

Last Updated on Mar 21, 2024
It's adventure time! Welcome to your very own island home. Combining the best of match 3 games and adventure games, Lost Island takes you on a fun-filled journey through paradise.
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Plarium Global Ltd
Mar 21, 2024
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Embark on an exhilarating voyage to a deserted paradise brimming with enigmas waiting to be deciphered with Lost Island: Blast Adventure APK. Crafted by Plarium Global Ltd., this gaming masterpiece intertwines match-3 puzzles, daring quests, and island construction, delivering an unparalleled and immersive gaming odyssey.

Features of Lost Island: Blast Adventure MOD APK

Gameplay Mechanics

At the heart of the gameplay lies the art of solving match-3 puzzles to advance through the narrative and reconstruct the island. Players strategically align vibrant tiles to eliminate obstacles, unveil treasures, and unveil clandestine mysteries.

Graphics and Sound

A standout attribute of Lost Island: Blast Adventure APK is its breathtaking visuals and entrancing soundscapes. The lush landscapes, intricate nuances, and vivid hues breathe life into the island, crafting an immersive sensory journey.

In-Game Progression

By conquering puzzles and fulfilling quests, players unlock rewards and expand their exploration horizons. The game instills a sense of progression and accomplishment, ensuring continuous engagement and an eagerness to delve deeper.

Power-Ups and Boosters

To bolster players on their expedition, Lost Island: Blast Adventure APK offers an array of enhancements and power-ups. These specialized tools aid in conquering daunting levels, surmounting hurdles, and hastening progression.

Social Interaction

Players can forge connections with friends and fellow adventurers, exchange tokens of goodwill, and collaborate to conquer cooperative trials. The social dimension enriches the gaming experience, nurturing a sense of camaraderie and community spirit.

Monetization Model

The game follows a freemium structure, presenting in-app purchases for virtual resources, power-ups, and aesthetic enhancements. Moreover, optional rewards may be earned by engaging with in-game advertisements.

Tips and Tricks

To thrive in Lost Island: Blast Adventure APK, strategic maneuvers such as prioritizing goals, leveraging power-ups efficiently, and participating in events are recommended. These tactics enhance gameplay and yield lucrative rewards.

Updates and Community

The developers consistently enrich the game with fresh content, engaging events, and innovative features based on player input. The vibrant player community contributes significantly to the game’s enduring appeal, sharing insights, experiences, and constructive feedback.


Lost Island: Blast Adventure APK seamlessly blends captivating gameplay, mesmerizing visuals, and interactive social elements to craft an enthralling gaming escapade. Whether you’re a puzzle aficionado, an adventure enthusiast, or seeking a delightful diversion, this game promises an immersive experience tailored for everyone.


Is Lost Island: Blast Adventure APK free to play?

Yes, the game is free to download and play, with optional in-app purchases available.

Can I play Lost Island: Blast Adventure APK offline?

While an internet connection is required for certain features and updates, the game can be played offline to some extent.

How often are new updates released for the game?

The developers regularly release updates with new content, events, and improvements, keeping the game fresh and exciting.

Are there social features in Lost Island: Blast Adventure APK?

Yes, players can connect with friends, send gifts, and participate in cooperative activities.

What platforms is Lost Island: Blast Adventure APK available on?

The game is available for Android and iOS devices, providing accessibility to a wide range of players.

What's new

Big upgrade to Clubs!
- Become an Elder, an important new role in the Lost Island club system.
- Enjoy the improvements, polished design, and cool new additions!

Ready for a new club event?
- Lead your club to victory in the all-new Seashell event! Collect seashells for huge club rewards.

A completely new prestige system for the Legendary Arena:
- Earn Gold Cups in the arena to rank you and your club on the local and global leaderboards.

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Mod Features

Unlimited Lives


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