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After surviving a plane crash, you must collect resources to craft weapons and tools, build facilities and houses to withstand the elements of this strange island. Battle through various natural environments like fiery volcanoes, freezing glaciers, etc. and difficult obstacles such as mutant zombies, militias, wild creatures, etc. Do everything you can to get yourself home.
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Download The Latest APK Version of LOST in Blue MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with MOD MENU Available download Yours Now.

Description of LOST in Blue MOD APK

LOST in blue takes players on a new, and exciting adventure. With its vibrant storyline and form, this is one of today’s most popular adventure games. The experience will make players feel like they are part of a story and then crash onto an island. How can you escape this lifeless trap? You can escape this life by getting involved in the game.

From the beginning, there were many surprises in this story

Is LOST IN BLUE based on the American TV series Lost? It could be. Because the movie is much more exciting and contains many new details, but the game is still thrilling.

A tragic plane crashes in the game. You appear to be the only survivor. We can now choose whether we want the character to be a male or female. For his strength, I chose a male.

After a head injury, you wake up and realize that you are in a desperate situation. You must get your spirit back quickly to fight for survival. You’ll start to look for water and find medicine for your wounds. Coconuts are also available, which can provide relief from hunger and thirst. As you continue walking, you suddenly come across a young girl who appears to be the victim of the same flight. Strangely, however, she seems to be biting another person. It is obvious that she must be a zombie. You don’t have time to think about it, so grab a paddle and go at zombies before they are too late.

She isn’t the only one. A group of zombies is running at high speed. You were confused and missed the one at the back. The screen went into aiming mode when you thought the game was over. A bang then followed. Jane, a little girl from the island, turns out to be another person. Jane was also here but she left with her daughter a long while ago.

They survived the day and built a shelter and an electrical fence around their house to battle zombie enemies and other strange creatures on the island. The plane crash, of which you are a victim, destroyed everything in a flash. The electric fence is what we need most urgently. Without it, zombies can flood in and 1001 other things will surround them at night ready to steal their lives.

Once you have understood the situation, Jane and Clair, Jane’s daughter, can survive on the deserted islands together. This is when survival and adventure really begin.


This game tells a story about a young man who lost his way on an island. The plane was involved in an accident that ended his adventure trip. Everything went beyond what was planned. How would you deal with such a situation? The fear of not being able to return home and the chance of survival is what makes the situation so terrifying.

It is important to try to adapt to new environments and to find a way out as quickly as possible. It isn’t easy but it will be easier with LOST in Blue. You can play the role of this young man and experience things like these for yourself. These challenges can be overcome with your intelligence and abilities.

Protect those you love and survive

You (along with the NPC characters) will need to gather resources, create weapons, tools, shelter, store food, and construct protective barriers (fences) to defeat the enemy on the island. These are mutants, or zombies. They can be extreme weather and other mutant survivors.

You will be exposed to dangerous survival situations such as cold white glaciers and smoldering volcanoes. You may also encounter man-made obstacles like abandoned temples, secret laboratories and ancient underground ruins. This is all you need to do in this game.

Are you shocked at the difficulty of such a daunting task? It is true, however, that LOST in blue is extremely difficult.

The game was created to provide a way for the main character to live and help him protect his “new family”. It also provides survival features that can be very useful.

First, collect essentials, weapons and keep them in your backpack. It is easy to collect items. Just touch the items and approach the circle marked with green. It sounds simple, right? It isn’t easy to feel frenzy when you see a weapon and the zombies are about the jump.

You can then develop and improve your character’s skills and weapons. After collecting, your arsenal can include basic items like Sickle, Wooden Staff and Armor as well as more advanced weapons like guns. You can make your own weapons even with the items you have collected. Every item can be used in different situations, such as combat or construction.

You’ll experience everything a normal person would need to survive. We need to do many other things in order to live. These include renovating the vegetable garden and finding seeds to plant, hunting, gathering, and fishing. And more complex defenses like electric fences or arrow towers.


It can be frustrating to face life without anything. You can overcome this with your survival skills and determination. To make weapons and other tools, we must gather and find resources on this wild island. We need weapons to protect ourselves, and for use in unforeseen situations.

LOST in Blue wants you to also find a way of building a home that you can live in. Your house doesn’t have to be huge, but it does not need to be large enough to allow you to live comfortably. We will eventually face extreme weather conditions like storms and tsunamis. Keep calm and work together to overcome these difficulties.

Graphics and sounds of LOST in Blue MOD APK

LOST in Blue’s 3D graphics are truly amazing. Every character is unique in its shape and rhythmic movement. The battles are very realistic, short and dramatic. The scene unfolding in front of your eyes is amazing because it’s so beautiful.

It must be the abandoned island scene, where all the beauty is found. You can explore many places: the forest, the mountains, the sea and the underground. Each scene is vividly rendered with 3D effects.

It is also a highlight. Although the background music is soft, it makes me feel like the sky before storms. The background is light and highlights every character’s activities: picking up items, fighting enemies, building, making weaponry, walking in quiet spaces, and so on. They all feel very real.


LOST in Blue is a survival guide that will teach you valuable life lessons. You’ll learn to build your own resilience, how to survive in harsh environments, and most importantly, your own skills. Your charm lies in you, and your endurance is what makes you stand out.

LOST in Blue is constantly trying to bring you its charms through this. Each new version of the game is being updated, and the game continues to improve every day. The game is constantly evolving and adding new features. This is exactly what you need. Test your friend’s endurance and learn valuable life lessons.


  • It was the ultimate survival experience on a deserted island. This game is unlike any other.
  • Choose! You can either fight or join forces with others.
  • You can build a camp with the items you have accumulated! Learn how to make tools and weapons. They are essential! You can plant food in your garden or make hunting and gathering gear on your workbenches.
  • Unique PVE mode. Discover your surroundings. Hidden scientific facilities, an abandoned temple, an 1980s expedition ship, and an abandoned temple are just a few of the man-made obstacles.
  • Continue to upgrade to receive Mother Nature’s gift.
  • To survive on this uninhabited, mysterious island, it is necessary to collaborate with the world.

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This game is great for people who are imaginative and adventurous. Because it goes deeper than fighting, building and surviving. It will also be great if you have a tablet or widescreen phone that has external speakers. This is an amazing and unique mobile game.

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