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After surviving a plane crash, you must collect resources to craft weapons and tools, build facilities and houses to withstand the elements of this strange island. Battle through various natural environments like fiery volcanoes, freezing glaciers, etc. and difficult obstacles such as mutant zombies, militias, wild creatures, etc. Do everything you can to get yourself home.
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Volcano Force
Apr 24, 2023
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Download The Latest APK Version of LOST in Blue MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with MOD MENU Available download Yours Now.

Lost in Blue MOD APK is a survival adventure game. The main character is a young man who lost his way in the blue forest.

The player will explore the entire forest and solve the puzzles to survive. In Lost in Blue, the player will face different situations and challenges.

In order to save himself, the player needs to find the way back to civilization. To make sure that he will not die, he must overcome the obstacles in the forest.

In the game, you will see many beautiful scenes. The scenery will make you feel like you are in the forest. Besides, Lost in Blue has an interesting storyline. The game is full of suspense and mystery.

Lost in Blue MOD APK is a simple and fun game. However, the player needs to think about the situation before making a move. You should not rely on luck. There is a puzzle at each level.

The player must solve the puzzles to complete each task. Although the game is easy to play, it is challenging to solve the puzzles.

You can use the hint button to guide you in solving the puzzle. The game will let you feel the adventure of a real explorer.

Blue has been taken to the castle. Now she must find the way out of the castle. She can only use the magic that she has. She can use magic to cast spells on the walls and floors of the castle.

In the LOST in Blue MOD APK, You can use magic to make objects disappear and reappear. Blue has a lot of magic power, so you will have to be careful when you use the magic.

The castle is full of monsters and traps. The monsters are not the weak ones. They can even absorb your magic.

You need to use your own strength to solve the puzzles. There is a huge library in the castle, but you need to search for the keys that unlock the books.

Features of LOST in BLUE MOD APK

Explore the island and battle through the wild terrain and hostile animals

In LOST in Blue MOD APK Explore the island and battle through the wild terrain and hostile animals. Collect resources and build tools and shelters to withstand the elements of this strange island.

There are several different areas on the island. Each area has its own flora and fauna. There are also several different animals, which can be either friendly or hostile.

Some of these animals will attack you if they feel threatened. There are also a number of enemies who will try to kill you. You’ll have to use all your skills and intelligence to survive.

Unlock more than 30 weapons, equipment, and armor to survive the island

An island is a mysterious place. You will discover the mysteries of the island in LOST in BLUE MOD APK. In order to survive the island, you will need to equip yourself with a variety of tools and weapons to defeat enemies and survive.

As you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock more than 30 weapons, equipment, and armor for you to use in your fight against the island’s deadly inhabitants.

Graphics and sounds of LOST 

LOST in Blue’s 3D graphics are truly amazing. Every character is unique in its shape and rhythmic movement. The battles are very realistic, short, and dramatic. The scene unfolding in front of your eyes is amazing because it’s so beautiful.

It must be the abandoned island scene, where all the beauty is found. In LOST in Blue MOD APK You can explore many places: the forest, the mountains, the sea, and the underground. Each scene is vividly rendered with 3D effects.

It is also a highlight. Although the background music is soft, it makes me feel like the sky before storms.

The background is light and highlights every character’s activities: picking up items, fighting enemies, building, making weaponry, walking in quiet spaces, and so on. They all feel very real.


LOST in BLUE MOD APK is a survival game that follows the adventures of a group of survivors stranded on a mysterious island.

You start out with only a backpack and a knife. You need to scavenge the island and build shelters, tools, and weapons to help you survive.

It takes place on a mysterious island that has been isolated from the outside world for a very long time. An island is a strange place, full of dangers. It is a place where nature and human beings fight each other.

As you go along, you will meet many different types of monsters. Some are deadly, some are cute. But you have to be careful with them because they can kill you. Some of them are harmless, but some of them can kill you if you don’t know how to deal with them.

You will need to use your imagination to survive on this island. In LOST in Blue, There are many things you can do to survive, such as mining, hunting, fishing, building a shelter, crafting weapons, gathering resources, making tools, and many other things.

You will need to gather resources and craft items to create useful tools and weapons to help you survive on the island. You will also need to build shelters and other things to protect yourself from the dangers on the island.

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What's new

1.112 Version Update

1. Implemented a daily limit to mount capturing.
2. Added new capturable epic mount to the Volcano Ridge.
3. Added new skills to the Training Station.
4. Optimized rewards display for certain contents.

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