Live or die: Survival Pro MOD APK 0.3.478 (Unlimited Everything)

Last Updated on Jan 23, 2023
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Live or die: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Games is a post apocalypse game about survival with zombie and items. The game combines elements of RPG, survival simulator, shooting games and action. Started last day on earth, days gone zombies apocalypse. Survive and explore the open world games, build and upgrade your shelter, build base defense, build a motorcycle, gather resourses, craft, complete zombies apocalypse quest, kill mutant and left to survive. Follow the rules of survie and try to survive in a post apocalypse shooter game.
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Jan 23, 2023
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Live or Die: Survival Pro MOD APK (Unlimited Everything)

Download The Latest APK Version of Live or Die: Survival Pro MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Everything Available download Yours Now.

Survivor, we are glad you are not dead! Even the apocalypse came after we least expected it, survivor, all we are left with is barbarous survival… The virus epidemic wiped out nearly the whole population leaving nothing but lifeless wasteland where every survivor is made to struggle for survival from zombies. The weapon murdered turned others into lifeless zombies. However, you aren’t the sole survivor! Some folks are also battling for survival from dead. We are already spread too narrow in this apocalypse that will assist you, but we will provide you knowledge essential to live from the lifeless wasteland. The battle for survival will be barbarous. Survive, research, and pass your article apocalypse survival narrative from 1 survivor to the next! Simply take this survival routine, will the apocalypse spare one!

Survival protocol:

– Each survivor has to rely upon himself at the apocalypse! Evolve your self, evolve into construction, evolve into crafting, evolve into utilizing weapon and armor, evolve in murdering dead zombies. Every single day you live dead zombies from the lifeless wasteland of this apocalypse makes you cleverer, every mile that you outrun dead zombies makes you quicker, every head you burst to bits makes you more powerful, survivor. Evolve, craft, and construct, research, collect resources — learn how to live, fight for survival! You have to evolve to live one of the zombies!

– The very best survivor will wind up dead surrounded by the apocalypse zombies with no suitable armor and weapon. Every time you evolve you will unlock more patterns for crafting new armor and weapon. Discover what matches your own survival — punch zombies, cut zombies, pierce zombies, crush zombies, take zombies, place zombies on fire, blow off zombies up! Make the nearly dead zombies much deader and endure. Crafting and construction are your most important sources for success in this harsh apocalypse!

– Regardless of how successful you’re with your weapon, archery, or just how tough the armor is that’ll still break to survive the apocalypse. The lifeless apocalypse wasteland is a brutal place for survival, and begin building your shelter against zombies! Building walls and updating them, construction blocks, crafting unpickable locks all is useful to defend you in the lifeless zombies. Start building your shield to keep you protected from zombies from the apocalypse. Survive the afternoon in the lifeless wasteland, endure the night at a comfortable bed.

– You want tools for building your shield and crafting armor and weapon to endure. Research and scavenge the lifeless wasteland to assemble whatever you are able to survivor. All sources are vital to your survival from zombies! You will want them for construction, upgrading, and crafting. Zombies will attempt to ruin your shield and flip yet another breathing survivor to a deceased survivor. Do not wait, survivor, research, and scavenge the deceased wasteland! Survive!

– Be cautious! The planet is presently a brutal dead wasteland filled with harmful dead zombies. Zombies dropped their intellect however gained in power, pace and ferocity. They’ll attempt to finish your survival and you’ll have to evolve and struggle them to endure. Update your armor and weapons, survivor, begin crafting the ideal gear, and plan to investigate and fight for the survival from the apocalypse.

– Lots of people we getting prepared to get an apocalypse ahead of time, too bad a lot of these turned to zombies in the long run. Nevertheless, they left the deceased wasteland filled with places to research and receive exceptional resources. Survive and search for deserted labs, military bases, bunkers. Research them until every other troll beats it. When he can, you always have the option to hunt for his shield and rob him of the way of survival… Break the shield and lifeless zombies will finish up.

– Immerse yourself within this lifeless wasteland of this apocalypse, finish quests and receive exceptional rewards. Make anything and everything to endure!


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MOD Features

  1. Infinite Coins
  2. Infinite Energy
  3. Infinite Points
  4. Infinite Resurrection Drones
  5. Level 100
  6. Not hungry
  7. Much money
  8. You are immortal
  9. No Hunger
  10. No thirst


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