Liquify Walls v1.4.0 MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 02, 2024
Liquify Walls transforms your home screen into an artistic canvas.
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Musaib Mir
Feb 02, 2024
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Liquify Walls MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Liquify Walls MOD APK. An Android Personalization App comes with a Paid Unlocked MOD Available to download.

In the realm of wall transformation, behold an application poised to revolutionize your perception. Boasting an avant-garde design, this innovation promises a novel aesthetic for your dwelling. Unleashing a myriad of effects, it bestows an unparalleled uniqueness upon your living space.

From the instant of installation, a metamorphic visual feast unfolds, rendering your walls a canvas of distinction. Expand the spatial horizons of your abode through the strategic deployment of this remarkable application. Watch as your mundane walls transmute into veritable works of art.

This groundbreaking tool not only elevates your living quarters but extends its transformative influence to your culinary domain. Infusing your kitchen with the same enchanting effects imparts an arresting vibrancy to the space. Witness the walls metamorphose into a vivid spectacle, transcending the mundane and manifesting as true masterpieces in their own right.

Features of Liquify Walls MOD APK 

 New wallpapers every week

In our weekly content refresh, we enhance our repository of top-tier visual backgrounds. Continually introducing novel additions while concurrently revitalizing the pre-existing ones.

The recently curated compilation encompasses visuals of diverse dimensions and configurations. Should your preferences lean towards specificity, you can fine-tune the assortment by selecting from high, moderate, or low-resolution visual backdrops.

To gain a preemptive glimpse into our avant-garde collection, subscribing to our newsletter guarantees instantaneous notifications upon the release of each distinctive background.

Acquiring these aesthetic enhancements can be effortlessly executed either through the application’s direct download feature or by archiving them into your gallery, with the added option of seamless sharing through electronic mail.

 Create and save your wallpapers

This application empowers you to craft and store personalized wallpapers tailored for your home screen.

Each wallpaper undergoes meticulous optimization to seamlessly align with the specifications of your device.

Explore a diverse array of over 100 distinct wallpapers, spanning from serene nature scenes to captivating landscapes, dynamic cityscapes, abstract visual narratives, and beyond.

The process of creating your unique wallpaper is effortlessly executed by either handpicking from our extensive library or capturing an image from your gallery.

Customize the background hue, incorporate a border, and then archive the modified picture as a novel wallpaper creation.

Facilitate social sharing by disseminating your customized wallpaper across various social networks, and simultaneously safeguard a copy on your device.

Manage your collection effortlessly by perusing your saved wallpapers within your profile, or seamlessly import them from other applications to enhance your device aesthetics.

 Share your favorites with friends

Within this personalized application, you can infuse your cherished photos and captivating GIFs into not only your home screen but also your lock screen and notification settings.

Once your preferred photos and GIFs grace your home screen, an array of customization options becomes available. Enhance them by incorporating text, stickers, and a spectrum of colors. The added flexibility allows you to modify the wallpaper’s hue, subsequently establishing it as your default wallpaper.

Additionally, the capability to share your treasured photos and GIFs with friends is seamlessly integrated, fostering a communal sharing experience.

 Browse through our gallery of beautiful wallpapers

This application empowers you to fashion your exclusive wallpapers effortlessly. Simply peruse our assortment of exquisite wallpapers, each boasting a high-resolution 1080p image, ensuring a visually stunning backdrop with every download.

Ensuring ample storage for your newfound wallpaper creativity, we provide the option to download the entire gallery as a singular file.

Each wallpaper is accompanied by a preview, offering a glimpse of its appearance on your device. If content with the preview, a simple ‘Save’ tap suffices. For those inclined to make adjustments, a quick ‘Edit’ tap allows for customization.

Should the preview not meet expectations, a ‘Cancel’ tap grants the freedom to select an alternative wallpaper.

The chosen wallpaper seamlessly integrates into your device, gracing your home screen with the selected visual aesthetic.

 Enjoy the latest wallpapers in the best possible quality

In the realm of artistic expression, catering to enthusiasts of art, design, and architecture, emerges a distinctive platform. This innovative application stands as a conduit for those yearning to manifest their creative inclinations through novel avenues. Within the confines of this app, one can craft original masterpieces and seamlessly share them within the vibrant community.

This application unfolds its offerings in the form of superior, high-resolution wallpapers, designed to elevate your leisurely pursuits to unparalleled heights. The dynamic nature of its content ensures a continual refresh, assuring you’re abreast of the latest visual delights. Timely notifications herald the arrival of fresh wallpapers, positioning you at the forefront of aesthetic exploration.


Liquify Walls operates under a paradigm of absolute accessibility, offering a completely gratuitous experience. The demarcation between our complimentary and premium iterations lies solely in the expansive array of features that the latter unveils.

Opting for the premium tier bestows upon you the privilege to unleash supplementary functionalities. This includes the capability to archive cherished wallpapers directly onto your SD card, affording you unprecedented control over customization.

Moreover, the premium version grants you the power to tailor your wallpapers according to your preferences, amplifying the scope of your creative influence. As a testament to our commitment to longevity, the option to download your curated wallpapers indefinitely from your account remains at your disposal.

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What's new

• Maintenance Update.
• Many New Wallpapers Added!
• Wallpapers are cloud based, refresh the app
from time to time to get new walls :)

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