Left to Survive v6.4.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo)

Last Updated on Mar 06, 2024
Zombie Apocalypse has arrived! Play epic zombie shooter online and fight for your survival!
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Mar 06, 2024
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Left to Survive MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo)

Download The Latest APK Version of Left to Survive MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Ammo Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of gaming, behold “Ephemeral Exodus,” a visceral undead annihilation experience crafted by LPC. The game unfolds within a diminutive hamlet, once a serene haven, now ensnared by malevolent entities.

Within this beleaguered village, four survivors linger, their numbers dwindling as three succumb to the relentless onslaught. Lucy, a resilient woman, stands as the lone sentinel against encroaching darkness.

Your survival hinges on enduring the maleficent siege and plotting an escape from this once-tranquil enclave. The narrative unfurls with riveting intricacy, introducing a myriad of captivating personas on your odyssey.

At the game’s inception, the onus lies on you to elect your avatar from the dynamic duo of Jack and Lucy. The game’s interface boasts simplicity, yet its aesthetic allure captivates with a resplendent visual tapestry.

Embark on a journey where character personalization takes center stage. As you traverse the game’s labyrinth, an avenue of skill and aptitude enhancement unfolds before you.

Vanquishing zombies and monstrous adversaries rewards you with superior armaments and fortifications. Myriad facets beckon, facilitating your evolution skills to refine, character attributes to augment, inventory expenses to amplify, and more.

The gaming odyssey delineates two distinctive pathways Survival and Free Play. In the crucible of Survival, sundry challenges beckon: the eradication of zombies and the accomplishment of sundry objectives.

Meanwhile, Free Play extends an invitation to traverse uncharted realms, uncovering enigmatic territories. The narrative thread impels you to traverse the expanse, undertaking missions that culminate in objective fruition.

Features of Left to Survive MOD APK

Collect weapons and fight against other survivors

Amidst the gaming realm, enthusiasts find themselves amassing an arsenal of weaponry, protective gear, and sundry implements from diverse classifications. Engage in mortal combat with fellow survivors amidst the crucible of reality, reaping coveted rewards for vanquishing the undead menace. Establish a bastion of fortitude, poised for both player-versus-player skirmishes and incursions orchestrated by airborne apparatus.

Acquire an array of firearms, defensive attire, and augmentative assets, engaging in confrontations with resilient survivors. Erect the edifice of your sanctuary, enhance armaments, and wage war against the corporeal remnants of the living deceased in this grandiose spectacle of kinetic fervor.

Build your base and explore new places

As the lone survivor amidst the remnants of humanity, you find yourself compelled to erect a haven for the multitudes that have endured the apocalypse. Confronting the relentless onslaught of the undead, you must staunchly defend against adversarial incursions.

Fear not, for the construction of an impressive bastion, adorned with an array of remarkable accouterments, lies within your grasp. Within this virtual realm, you wield the power to traverse uncharted territories and embark on daring escapades.

This is not merely a saga of the zombie apocalypse; it morphs into a visceral zombie shooter game, demanding your resilience in combating the undead hordes to ensure your survival.

Use weapons and special equipment

Immerse yourself in a gripping narrative where an arsenal of diverse armaments becomes your stalwart companion against the relentless zombie onslaught. Discover firearms, grenades, medical kits, close-quarter melee weapons, and even commandeer a helicopter for added tactical advantage.

Utilize the monetary spoils garnered within the game to procure novel items, expanding your arsenal of destruction. Employ weaponry and specialized gear to vanquish the zombie horde, racking up points to endure the apocalyptic onslaught.

Leverage special equipment to fortify your character’s prowess. Ascend the ladder of improvement by enhancing your weaponry, fortifying your health, and bolstering your armor. Transform your visage with distinct attires and hats, allowing for a personalized and formidable presence in the face of the zombie apocalypse.

Unlock characters with unique skills

Embark on this enthralling gameplay, where a myriad of characters await your unlocking, each bestowed with distinctive skills and abilities. Every character possesses a unique array of weaponry and talents, deployable in diverse manners to navigate the challenges at hand.

Picture this utilizing a sniper rifle to dispatch zombies from afar or wielding a flamethrower to incinerate the undead menace. A quartet of characters, each with their exclusive perks, graces your gameplay, offering flexibility to choose the optimal persona for every scenario. Dabble with all four characters, exploiting their specialized advantages.

Moreover, revels in the capacity to customize each character’s appearance by adorning them in different attire, ensuring a visual manifestation as unique as their skills.


Navigate the treacherous terrain of the zombie apocalypse armed with a diverse arsenal of weaponry. Amass, enhance and outfit an assortment of firearms – from guns and rifles to shotguns and pistols – to eradicate the undead menace. Engage zombies from myriad vantage points, strategically utilizing walls and objects as shields against their relentless assaults.

Forge a formidable bastion to shield against the encroaching horde. Utilize walls, fences, and other impediments to fortify your sanctuary and repel adversaries. Enhance the security of your haven by incorporating defenses, ensuring the safeguarding of your populace.

Elevate the stature of your refuge through continuous upgrades, introducing additional amenities to augment security. Construct a secure chamber, repository, and armory to fortify the protection of your people. Safeguard your haven and its inhabitants with cunningly placed traps, turrets, and other ingenious mechanisms.

In the immersive gameplay, procure and wield a comprehensive array of weapons to fend off the impending peril. Garner diverse weapon types and employ them adeptly in quelling the zombie threat while concurrently shielding your stronghold.

Engage in PvP skirmishes and daring helicopter raids, pitting your survival skills against fellow players. Strive for existence in intense PvP confrontations and helicopter sorties, wielding your preferred firearms and showcasing your ultimate combat prowess.

Immerse yourself in tournaments, showcasing your marksmanship. Participate in a riveting zombie shooting tournament, proving your mettle in PvP clashes. In the unforgiving landscape of Left to Survive, compete with peers to determine the apex survivor.

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What's new

UPDATE 6.0.0
Hero Evolution system REINVENTED!
-Upgrade heroes step-by-step!
-Decide what to level up first: perks or HP.

Active Abilities GET MORE POWERFUL!
Active abilities upgrade with every 10 level-ups of the hero.

New event
Reset any hero and get back all XP boosts you've spent.

NEW PvP map
Mysterious NEW Hero
A terrifying Siren
No one can resist her deadly song.
IMPROVED Event Rating System
Division into rating groups will be added.
Prizes get more valuable.

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Unlimited Ammo


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